P.S. All of this is pretty advanced esoteric (hidden) knowledge. It has been hidden from the mainstream for a reason.


But I believe in brutal honesty only. 😈


1) First read Spiritual Journey.

2) After that, you can come back here.


I am serious. This is some really fcking advanced shit. 🖤




You do not have to believe any of this. You can go back to being a sleep... 


I am already awakened. I am doing me.

fck yall, piss ☮️



Please remember that all symbols are just pretty drawings. They do not have any meaning on their own. We (as human beings) are amazing spiritual beings full of unconditional love.

We create meaning behind those pretty drawings. Not the other way around. If any of the symbols mean something different to you, that is completely fine.

What ever the symbol or symbols mean to you, that is the truth for you. You are literally creating the truth behind those symbols. Not the other way around.




Chakras are an extremely important part of spirituality. You can find them in every single religion around the world if you look closely enough.

The same way every religion talks about big flood, the same way every religion talks about chakras and the energy stream that flows through them. 

Chakras are basically body parts. Doesn't matter if you believe any of this stuff, you are a spiritual being. You have a soul within your body.

If you understand your body parts through spirituality, you will be able to achieve what you have always dreamed about.


💛 Solar Plexus chakra is basically your gut feeling. If you go on a first date then the butterflies that you feel inside your stomach are caused by the energy stream that flows trough Solar Plexus chakra.

It is the release of cortisol. Yes, the hormone of stress. It does more than just stress. It basically makes you hyper-aware. It makes you hyper-focus. Control is truly a strong word, but if you learn how to maintain it, you might never have panic attacks ever again.

It is a hormone so you don't have to do anything to open this chakra. You can feel a heat coming from the stomach area and the area of the lower sternum. It is associated with intuition because basically, stress comes when something is outside of the ordinary.


P.S. Being nervous and being excited are two identical feelings. The only difference is one is experienced by an optimist and the other one by a pessimist...

Take a guess xoxo


(Yes there are exceptions to every rule and yes,

you can never be 100% always an optimist)


💚 The heart chakra is extremely important. You really need to have your heart's chakra in sync with your mind. Otherwise...

you won't feel shit.

We often desync these two chakras by taking drugs. I will write a separate blog article about the effects of drugs on spirituality soon.

Listen to your heart you will find your own truth.


💙 If you fully develop your throat chakra, you might be able to speak elegantly like Obama does during his speeches. Being a good spokesman is a skill set that can be learned.

However, the way we often present ourselves is predominantly affected by our personality traits. (OCEAN)


💜 Third eye chakra 

All I did to open my third eye was that I sit straight on a solid chair. Closed my eyes. (I didn't play any music) If you did level 1 and level 2 properly (from the "Spiritual Journey") your head should be clear.


Important Video !!!


1) Sit straight. Breathe. And focus on the blood flow of your brain. It switches between the right hemisphere to the left.

You should feel pulsation from right to left. (PUM-PUM. PUM-PUM. PUM-PUM. PUM-PUM. PUM-PUM.) Over and over again and again.


2) Start imagining that they both work together. That they are not separated, but they work in complete harmony.

You will stop feeling the blood flow. Instead, your entire brain will start to hurt. It can actually hurt quite a lot if you are powerful because that is the chakra's energy.


3) Imagine that the entire energy of the brain is moving forward. Imagine that the entire energy of the brain is focusing into one tiny little spot in between your eyes.


Took me all like 5 to 10 minutes... I think

Super easy:)


If you do this properly your Third eye chakra will open. You will "see" for the first time in your entire life. You will see things for what they truly are.

It is not always fun... Just sayin 😅


You can do this even if you are completely blind. It is not about sight. It is about your brain power.


This is why the people in India wear the little dot in between their eyes. It is the symbol for the Third eye chakra. It is a symbol for someone who has a lot of wisdom.


The universe meditation is amazing as well. At least you will touch...

some fcking grass for once xdd


I am only like 36.90% certain 😅 about the physiological explanation behind this chakra, but I am sure you will find something online.


Important Video (Click here)


🎀 (Halo) Crown chakra is a next level shit. 

First, you have to start a spiritual journey. 1) Heal yourself from past trauma. 2) Fully love yourself unconditionally. 3) Resync your heart chakra with your mind. 4) Open your third eye. 5) After that you can start to activate your crown chakra.




I love you xoxo


We are all literally experiencing the same shiveringes.


Wait till you get the "full heart chakra opening" download.

Felt like a heart attack almost... 😅


Guys, if you wanna be truly balanced you kinda have to "work out" all of the chakras. Not just the cool ones... 😅

Having a root chakra (grounding) in balance is very important. Makes you less easy to be psychically attack.



Your soul's supernatural energy

Light means Masculine. Dark means Feminine.

Kundalini means energy. Kundalini awakening means that you are aware of your souls energy streams (Light and Dark) and that you are using them properly. 

In the middle is a point of balance. True neutrality. If you are not spiritual at all, that is basically where you are right now.


P.S. I just have been told through download that Hecate is an example of a Dark Holy Goddess.


Basically you decide in your head that you want help from the Spiritual Guide. You can choose either a Holy spiritual guide or an Evil spiritual guide. And they will sort of help you and teach you how to access the energy that is coming from your soul.

Please Remember: The guides will sort of enable you to start accessing your true potential.




All of the energy is your own energy. That energy comes from within you. That is your soul's energy. If you open all chakras and practice them, you will be able to basically access way more energy.

Anyone can do this.

I would personally recommend you to choose the side of Holy! You will have a much better and easier life, but it is all up to you:)))




Sometimes the Spiritual Guides from the side of Evil. They will pretend like they are good. They will pretend like they want only good things for you.


You have to create a visual representation inside your head. So that you know for sure which side they are on.

(Spiritual Journey Level 4)

You can sort of just like switch sides if you wanna... 😅


I am writing this, because I have seen some of yall using evil energy and it seemed like you didn't know that you were on the side of evil 😅


During a full moon, our psychic abilities strengthen. That is true for both sides of the Holy and the Evil. If your spiritual guide is on the side of Evil, he or she might want you to do a ritual during a full moon. (Humming or dancing inside a circle)

❌ Just so you know, it sounds like a pretty big red flag to me. No one is telling me to do shit during a full moon.

You should consider firing that kind of spiritual guide.


How do I know that I won't have to do shit during a full moon?


I asked... 😅

You can just sort of like... talk to them. Try it and see where it goes xdd




Light (Masculine) energy is the type of energy that is coming from your chakras. It is more like a stream.

It is literally kinda like a dog because if you practice it you can sort of call this energy on command.




All of your chakras vibrate. (Not just heart) All of your body parts vibrate.

You are basically a small radio tower.


As you vibrate you send out a frequency. 

(You don't have to do all that. Just inner peace! Zen flow! You know)

If you are not spiritual at all, your signal is not really strong (decibels) and you will only affect the area of approximately 6 feet (2 meters) around you.

We call this field around you an Aura field.

Every single human being has chakras (body parts). Every single human being vibrates (feels emotions). Every single human being has an Aura field.


You can change the way you vibrate by changing your emotions at the given time, but also long term. 

If someone is really really happy, we say: "Oh he/she is shining." "He/she is full of light." But all that is... is just you feeling super happy and spreading this happiness around you through frequencies.

If someone vibrates super super high long-term, we say oh that person is enlightened (like Jesus was) but all that is you being extremely happy for life long-term.


Again... temporarily you have to feel shit


low vibrations == bad emotions (shame, fear, guilt);

High vibrations == good emotions (joy, happiness, unconditional love);




In order to increase your Aura field's reach (put out more decibels), all you have to do is become a better and better version of yourself. (On the side of Holy)


Short term you can extend your Aura field and fill in entire Stadiums, Theaters, and Chapels. (Short term meaning few hours)

When I do it... 😅

Several things tend to happen...


When I extend my Aura field and start putting out some solid fcking decibels... Any who is inside of that field and has opened their chakra there is an instant connection between our chakras.


Do NOT worry...


I am only sending out the highest frequencies of unconditional love:))) If you sync up with my frequency you will be able to take my energy and you can sing like you have never sung before.


If you are at least a little bit of a good singer you have to open your throat chakra every time you sing.

If you really love playing your instrument, you will open your heart chakra every time you play, but not all musicians do.

I usually start by increasing the strength (more decibels) from the solar plexus chakra or mind chakra. After a little bit, I can do it from the heart. ❤️

You have to play really well for my heart to open. Open meaning like start to send out more and more decibels.


Now here is where it gets funny xdd


If I open my heart chakra and create a big Aura field and you connect with me...

I will be able to feel your emotions and you will be able to...

feel mine... 😅 




I am not judging you xddd I used to play Fluet for 9 years and I absolutely fcking hated it.

I can NOT play a single note now xdddd


On the side of Evil, The musician that uses Evil energy opens their chakras. In other words, they extend their Aura field and connect with the chakras of the audience.

But the difference is that the evil spiritual guides (demons) will come and will start to suck out the energy out of the audience's chakras.


Don't worry xddddddd


Your soul has an endless amount of this type of supernatural energy. You will just feel extra tired after a satanic show.

The problem is that if you listen to satanic music long term the Evil Spiritual Guide (=demon) will attach to you. If you don't get rid of the demon...

it will destroy your life.


P.S. The Christan Mass is an ancient ritual on the side of the Holy... my chakras usually open automatically.


P.P.S. Music's frequency is NOT the same as your chakra's frequency, because...

it also depends on the musician's intentions hidden behind the art piece.


P.P.P.S. If you wanna get rid of the demon that is attached to you. And you feel like it is too much for you to handle alone. All you have to do is ask nicely the higher power (God, Allah, El, Jesus, Universe, Creator) for help,

and they will always listen:)))

Or you can use the techniques in "Spiritual Journey" level 4 and fire the demon (evil spiritual guide) yourself.


The word "Jesus" is a powerful spell that calls your inner light Holy energy to activate. Yes, the higher power will help you a little bit, but it is you shining your inner light on the demon. It is you destroying the demon.


It has always been you baby xoxo


Again, the spiritual guide will sort of help you realize your power. Your true potential, but the Light is coming from within. You are the light from within. You are a goddess (within). You are a god (within).


I am from a Christian background, so I use the word "Jesus" But you can use any word. Mohamed, David, God, Allah, El, Jesus, Universe, Creator, you can even use nonsensical words... as long as you believe, the inner light will come.


👑 Dark (feminine) energy is more like a flow. It is usually depicted in books as a black cat. You can not whistle at cats. You can not just access this dark creative flow on command. You have to sort of like go with the flow xdd 

It kinda has its own mood. In a good way xdd

The dark energy is way more powerful. Doesn't matter if it is holy or evil.

It literally creates life.


I use both...






this website colors


pls don't be fcking retarded... u can wear the color red... it is just a sayin...


I know I talk a lot about Jesus here, but 96.30% of this website was created using Dark holy energy (Feminine). The feminine energy is more creative.

I tapped into the stream of dark energy that flows through me while I was creating this website and I think you can clearly feel it.

If you want to be truly successful in any given field, I would personally recommend you to try fully awaken both sides of your energy stream.

I like the color red, but we all know that: "Devil wears Prada." "Devil wears red shoes." That is why, when I was creating this website, I chose the color pink. Because it clearly shows that I am fully trying to embrace the side of "Holy." 


one eye pyramid 


Secret Societies

If you join, they will teach you a little bit of truth. Especially if you join the secret societies that are on the side of Evil. They will tell you enough to make you interested, but they will never tell you the whole truth.

They are all cults. Occult means hidden and cults literally mean "hidden clubs."


You will be surprised, but a lot of them are actually on the side of the Holy. For example, Freemasons literally started as a school for geometry and bible readings. =Side of Holy.


A lot of secret societies use "hidden" symbols. They are kinda boring. Once you know them and understand them, all the fun disappears.

They only use it because once you are a member you have an "inside joke" with the other members.

It can be especially fun when it is an old society so that you go through 100 years old pictures of generals and they are doing the thingy with their hand. That you have been told by other members is super cool. xoxo

P.S. I understand almost all of them now. You can ask me about any one of them if you wanna.


Holy Trinity

The founding fathers were obsessed with Christianity. They didn't give a shit about Hollywood.

Hollywood or Illuminati didn't even exist back then.


P.S. Gratitude - Important Video


They are trying to claim it as their symbol, but it is a symbol of the holy trinity. The eye is a reference to the creator (God).


God vs. Source (am not gonna lie i am a little bit confused as well as u are)

Surrendering meaning like... in a positive way...


You have to allow a certain amount of "bad" things to happen to you... because those are just lessons that you need to take and learn from them.

Surrendering means that no matter how many bad things happen to you. Some higher power out there has your back. You can call this higher power: Jesus, God, Allah, El, Universe, Creator, etc.

You are surrendering by giving a little bit of power over your life to the hands of the "higher power." 

(Pls don't be retarded... you still have to do the dishes and pay bills. You cannot ask the higher power to do chores for you.)


Surrendering == mind shift;


Surrendering can help your mind to shift from mid-level vibrations into high-level vibrations.


Just have a little bit of faith... okay xdd

Faith that all will work out in your favor!


Ultra Holy Video (Click here)


The holy trinity is the most important symbol of them all. It is literally everywhere. That is because we live in a 3D world.




All the possible angles are pointing inwards.

The only way to evolve as humans together is to find unconditional love within our hearts. ❤️




P.S. You get one extra, just because you read this far:))))


The Great Awakening 144 000


 2/3 Completed...

(More on that later) 😅😅😅




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