Spirit Realm

Spirit Realm

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The third and last part of the spiritual trilogy... 😅


If you haven't read the previous parts I would strongly recommend you to do so first, and then you can come back to this one later...

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1) Spiritual Journey


2) Symbolism


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P.S. This information does work with any religion but does not work with atheism...


Also, I have to be honest most of this knowledge I have received through downloads...


I don't have a third-party source for most of these claims here so... 😅


Take in what resonates and leave out stuff that doesn't feel right to you...


After all, this is not a fcking textbook xddddddd 



Spirit Realm

The Spirit realm is not a place. It is not anything 3D. It is hard to imagine, but that is the truth. When someone dies their soul doesn't leave, it just leaves the body and sort of changes form into non-physical. But souls never really leave. There is no place to leave into. 

The spirit realm is made out of God's energy which is omnipresent. Spirits like souls are part of God's energy, but they have separated and formed their own identities.


Astral realm

In between our alive state and the spirit realm (dead) is the astral realm. When you go into deep sleep, your soul leaves the body temporarily and goes into the astral realm. Most people are not capable of having any control while being there, but that doesn't mean their souls are not going into the astral realm. Everyone's soul goes there temporarily.

You can gain more control as a soul in the astral realm first by just realizing you are there and then trying to influence the projection that you are seeing and feeling. (We call that lucid dreaming)

But as you get more experienced you can also leave the astral realm and travel around as a soul without a body. (We call that astral projecting or astral traveling)


(Remote viewing is technically one of the options that you can choose to do while you are astral traveling but it is not the only one thing that you can choose to do)


Some people are capable of leaving their body while just being in meditation. This type of meditation when your soul leaves the body and goes into the astral realm is called transcendent meditation. 

But you have to be very skilled in order to learn that. That is not easy to do.


When you intake a very very strong psychoactive hallucinogens like ayahuasca for example. You poison your body so hard that the soul leaves the body and goes into the astral realm.

In rare cases, you can poison yourself so hard that you even die temporarily and your soul leaves into the spirit realm. In which case you have what is called a near-death experience.



Parallel universes

Parallel universe == Parallel timeline; 

Joe #32 is me right now. In this moment. In our timeline.

Joe Spirit is my higher self. It exists as a form of energy in the spirit realm. 


There is an infinite amount of parallel universes (parallel timelines)

Each timeline has a Joe that has his unique soul. 


Soul is a type of energy that has been separated from a spirit in order to fill in the body. Spirit is a part of God's energy. Which means we are all one at the end of the day.


Each timeline (parallel universe) is happening to the spirit as a human experience. Spirit (your higher self) is experiencing these parallel lives all at once. In that sense, it might seem like life is just an illusion. In that sense, it might seem like we are in a simulation that is happening to the spirit but...

There is a big enough distinction between soul and spirit which makes this life truly unique. You have to understand that your soul chose this human experience (life) in order to experience this amazing 3D reality.



You can cause a timeline to split...

If you start your spiritual journey and you start getting rid of shadows and doing the well-needed spiritual work, eventually you will be able to shift into your highest timeline. You will be able to make our universe split into two.

There will be the old timeline where you remain the same version of yourself and a completely new parallel timeline where you are reaching your highest potential at any given moment. Your highest timeline.


I was suggested through downloads that not every minor decision that we make can split timelines. Also, each new timeline has a unique soul. Basically, your soul furthermore splits.


Also as the picture down below shows...

Yes, our timeline is furthermore splitting but also there are other preexisting parallel timelines (universes) that are also splitting. The number of parallel timelines (universes) is literally infinite.



Free will

Imagine driving down the highway.

You are going fast.

All of a sudden your car breaks down. 


Each part of the car is made out of material.

Each material is made out of molecules.

Each molecule is made out of atoms.


The modern-day physics tells us that if given enough data we are able to calculate the probability in which the car breaks down.

We are able to calculate the probability of the car breaking down yesterday.

We are able to calculate the probability of the car breaking down today.

We are able to calculate the probability of the car breaking down tomorrow.


The important point that I am trying to make is that whether the car breaks down yesterday, today or tomorrow, we (human beings) do not have control over that at all. Almost everything outside of ourselves falls into the category of no free will.


What you have control over is how will you emotionally react to each given situation.



If you are driving down the highway and your car breaks down, you have a choice to make. You can overreact and start smashing the car out of anger.

You can start being overall anxious. Worrying about the future.

Or you can try to stay calm and cool. Maybe joke about it.


You have to understand neither one of these responses is right or wrong.

Also, neither one of these responses will change anything.

Whatever vibration (emotion) you choose to embody will not change the outcome of that situation. A lot of day-to-day stuff happening in our lives are out of our control. It is only up to you how you will choose to perceive them.


We are very emotional creatures. There is no doubt about it.

If you have an opinion about something or someone. If you have an opinion about, let's say, Trump or Biden. All you have is an emotion. You have a feeling that describes how that person makes you feel.

If you have an opinion about the situation happing in the world. You just have a feeling that describes how that situation makes you feel.

Yes facts don't care about your feelings, but we do. We care about our own feelings. We care about the feelings of our loved ones. And we care about the opinions and feelings of others.

That is just part of being a human being.


My point is that the line between thought and emotion is almost non-existent.


P.S. Imagine that you wake up. It is the morning. You have a choice to make.

1) Do I make myself coffee??

2) Do I make myself tea??

3) Do I just wing it without a morning hot beverage??


This is what I call a minor decision.

This type of decision does NOT make the timeline to split. Meaning...

There are no 3 timelines for each decision.

There is only one timeline where one of these 3 thoughts wins.


The thought of having coffee. The thought of having tea. And the thought of having no hot beverage at all. They all collapse into one singular thought that manifests into our reality.


This hypothesis was made by Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff that...

All of these 3 possibilities collapse into one actuality.


I believe that this not only proves that not every minor decision causes timelines to spilt but more importantly it is actually proof of us having a FREE WILL.


P.P.S. Also I believe that free will is not binary.

Meaning that there is no free will YES or free will NO.

There is a lot that comes to us making decisions.

For example, coffee can cause a person to have an addiction. Which makes that person more likely to choose coffee instead of anything else in the first place. In that sense, he/she may not have as much choice as she/he thinks.



Your highest timeline

P.S. I have been suggested by the supernatural that there are not as many timeline splits in one person's life as there are dots on the graph above, but I wanted to make it look pretty... 😅

Also, the picture of the tree is a reference to the Tree of Life

I just didn't want you to miss it... 😅




This is where it gets fun... 😅


Imagine that you have just finished high school.

You have a life-changing decision to make.

You can go to a community college or you can decide to go to a big UNI in a different state that is more expensive but looks much better on a CV.


Even though one of these choices may seem like a bigger step and more exciting choice to make we can never really say which decision is the wrong one and which one is the right one for you to make. 

Only time can tell... 😅


I believe that is the type of decision I call a "big life-changing" type of decision that can split timelines. Meaning that both of these scenarios are happening. There are literally 2 separate universes. In one you have decided to go to the community college. And there is another different universe where you have chosen to go to the big UNI.

Both happening simultaneously.


The idea behind "your highest timeline" in our Holy spiritual community is that...


By making the effort to do small little steps every day in order to be happy. 

Will lead you to living long-term in the highest vibrations (emotions) of...

happiness, joy, laughter, unconditional love ❤️

You will always make the best decisions in your life that will eventually lead you to your highest potential in life and achieving all your goals and dreams.


But you have to understand that no one can ever tell you what decision is best for you to make. To find out what the best decision for you is at any given moment...

You have to look deep in your heart to find the answer ❤️


Now with all of this being said...


Again !!!


Yes long term you want to live in the highest vibrations, but short term you have to allow yourself to experience all of the range of emotions that there is. Feel all of the tears and all of the lows as well as the highs. The worst thing you can do to yourself is trying to suppress your emotions. That could cause you to develop new shadows.


Also, it is never too late to start walking with God. It is never too late to start your spiritual journey. Work on your shadows. Try to heal yourself.

It is never too late to try to become the best version of yourself.


Physical space in time does NOT really exist

I believe that the Schrödinger's quantum superposition suggests that our physical space does not exist in time. Our physical space only exists in the present moment.

Let me explain... 😅


Whether the electron spins clockwise or counterclockwise only materializes into physical reality after being observed by the observer. Before that, both states of the electron exist only as quantum possibilities.

The state of physical being only exists in the present moment.

Physical matter does not exist in time.


All of the quantum possibilities collapse into one physical actuality that only exists in the present moment.

Yes, I believe that some quantum possibilities may have the chance to split into actual separate parallel timelines (parallel universes) but that is rare.

Most of the quantum possibilities just simply collapse into one actual present reality.



Time travel...

Joe #1 is 22 years old. In this present moment.

He lives in a different parallel timeline (parallel universe)


Joe #32 is me right now. In this present moment. In our timeline.


Joe #3 is 44 years old. In this present moment.

He lives in a different parallel timeline (parallel universe)


Time travel is NOT possible.

The physical space does NOT exist in time. It only exists in the present moment.

Therefore there is simply nowhere to travel to.

I believe you cannot travel into the past and I believe you cannot travel into the future either. The only thing that exists as our physical reality is this present moment.


I might be able to visit the other parallel timelines (parallel universe).

For example, I might be able to visit parallel timelines where the big bang happened a little bit later than in our timeline. Therefore, I am younger in this timeline. I am only 22 years old.

But that is a completely different physical universe that is only happening in a state of the present moment as well as our timeline is only happening in the state of the present moment.

Both of these parallel timelines are happening simultaneously. But both of these timelines (universes) only exist in the state of the present moment.


These parallel universes differ from one to another. If I visit the version of this particular timeline (Joe #1)

I may not even recognize my town. I may not recognize my family. I may not recognize myself. That is because of the insane amount of quantum possibilities, the ones that actually materialized into existence. 

Those may have been so different from those that materialized in our own timeline that I won't be able to recognize myself.


The exact same obviously applies to the timeline Joe #3. Where the Big Bang happened a little bit earlier than in our universe so I am a little bit older than I am in our timeline that we currently live in.

With that being said... Again...

From the insane amount of quantum possibilities the ones that have materialized in the timeline Joe #3. Those may have been so different from those that materialized in our own timeline that I won't be able to recognize myself.


Traveling into the Future... 

You may have heard scientists say that if you travel near a black hole the time appears to be slowing down to the point that if you then come back to earth, everyone else except you and your copilots will age faster. 

You may have also heard that if you travel in a train near the speed of light and then be able to run forward, you would technically temporarily travel faster than the speed of light and again. After you would come back from this lovely trip. Everyone else except you would age faster than you.

Therefore, in both of these instances, it might appear like you have traveled into the future but that is not what actually happened. All that happened is that you have temporarily slowed down time for yourself and have been able to age slower than everybody else.


I truly believe that traveling in time is not possible.

Including traveling into the future as well as traveling into the past.




Thank you for reading this far... 🥰

You deserve a cookie... 🍪

I love you ❤️


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