Spiritual Journey ❤️ [Important]

Spiritual Journey ❤️ [Important]

Welcome, if you are here, that means you have already taken...

your first step on your spiritual journey.



There are several extremely important steps that you have to take, before you even start being truly spiritual otherwise, you might accidentally invite evil entities into your heart. ❤️


1) Healing

First, you have to get rid of all of the baggage. You have to get rid of all of the trauma from the past. How can anyone do that, you may ask?


Through introspection.


You have to relive all of those traumatic moments in your life. Feel all of the horrible feelings in your heart. And then you have to allow your mind to forgive.

Forgive all of those other people who made and allowed those traumatic experiences to happen. Forgive god for creating these experiences in your life. Forgive yourself.


Important prayer!


Healing your soul can be extremely painful. Especially if you are battling child abuse from your past. It is perfectly normal for a grown man to cry. 💔

Remember. After you are done healing your soul. Your entire life gets much easier. And it is mostly just fun after that.


It is easier said than done. If you are struggling with this step of the process, then you should contact a professional. (Psychologist)

(Be careful they are not all good at their job)

Trying to numb your heart with drugs will only prolong the unnecessary suffering.


2) Stabilizing

After you are done with healing, you have to stabilize your emotions, so that you don't become emotionally wracked. 

In a spiritual community, we would say, that you have to stabilize the vibrational flow between your heart's chakra and your mind's chakra.




Healing your Ego

What we call "ego" today is what Jung originally called "super-ego." Let's just roll with "ego" for now and hope it sticks. Let's see where it goes... 😅

Ego is the first layer of the onion. It is the version of you that you put into the world. It is created by your beliefs, memories... 

and long-term vibrational states (long-term emotions).




Memories are just you remembering how you felt at the time when the event took place. In the spiritual community we call it shadows, but all it is...

just really fucked up memories.

Shadows are your PTSD, trauma, and extremely bad memories from childhood.


If you won't heal your shadows, you will create feelings of shame, guilt and fear that are stored underneath your Ego.


Important Video (Click here


After you address and heal your bad suppressed memories, you will get rid of the feelings of shame, guilt, and hopefully all your fears.


Important Video! (Click here)


If you properly heal your shadows and get rid of shame and guilt...

You will start to transform...

You will start creating a new Ego. The new better version of you that is seen by others.

It is a sort of never-ending process, but if you just get rid of the worst traumatic shadows first, you will experience a big shift in your life for the better. 

The most important part of this step is to start truly love yourself.


If you really love yourself, NOT a single negative comment can ever get to you. You love yourself despite all the flaws and imperfections because you realize God wanted you to be that way...

This is how it truly feels like... 💖


Healing your shadows == Level 1 (Healing);

Creating a new better Ego == Level 2 (Stabilizing);


Every shadow you defeat causes an Ego death and new better Ego rebirths. Again and again and again...

Healing is a process that never really ends, but every time you do it, your life gets better and better so... it actually feels amazing to be honest xdddd xoxo




don't be a little beta bitch and do the shadow work !!!


P.S. The last look in the mirror is the most important one. Every time you brush your teeth, before you leave the mirror, create a pose that is Instagram-worthy. Do not leave the mirror unless you feel 100% like you are the most beautiful person that has ever lived.

Do it every single day and you will be surprised by the results. I know this easy powerful mind trick thanks to Ily :)))


Dr. Richard Wadsworth


If you do not want to use the word beautiful, you can just say: "I am the most amazing human being that ever lived and I will have an amazing day today."

Even though it not might be true... every day, still these types of positive affirmations work. Especially if you do them daily.

Yes, it is an ego boost. No doubt about it, but if done with love in your heart, it is a form of Holy ritual. Yes, you will feel ridiculous the first 50 days, but then you will start to see results.

Do NOT just repeat stuff. Dance. Giggle. Have fun with it.


P.P.S. Don't forget to forgive all your enemies. Nothing annoys them more than seeing you move on and them still being stuck in their grudge. (Thanxoxo)


Score extremely high in Conscientiousness?? (OCEAN) xdddddddd

I gotcha covered baby!

(P.S. As my home brother Jordan Peterson always says. Writing is an amazing way to organize your thoughts. Write down your feelings. Write down your bad memories (shadows) and how they made you feel.

Write down your best memories and why are you grateful. Just write whatever you want and in which ever way you feel like it. At least that is what I do here in the BLOG)


Please Listen! Shadow work is not about destroying old bad memories and filling them with positive energy. That won't work. What you have to do is shine light on your shadows.

You have to acknowledge your mistakes from the past and flaws and accept them. Fully accept yourself for who you have become. Good and bad. And start loving yourself with all of it. Good and bad.


Accepting who you are == NOT judging yourself;


Just be more optimistic about life in general.


Be more like Sarah. True Boss Bitch xoxo





I am against any form of physical punishment.

Kids have their own unique soul. It doesn't matter what parenting style you choose they will always develop in their own unique way. By using physical punishment as a form of parenting, you can only hurt this process.

There is NO excuse for an adult hitting a child.


With that being said don't be over-protecting helicopter parents either.

Just be normal pls.


If you want to find out more about parenting, I would personally recommend you the work of Gabor Maté. Also, shout out to my homeboy Aaron Maté for his journalistic work. I guess greatness runs in the family xddddd




Healing and starting to truly love yourself are the most important steps.

Everything else is extra... 🦄


Please consider donating to Nya Marquez in order to pay...

for her medical bill. (Click here)




3) Opening chakras

This part is very individualistic. Some people have already probably explored different types of supernatural energy flows and opened their chakras (body parts) a little bit.


For example. If you are a man. And you like to go to the gym. The energy that is gained during exercise and the amazing feeling afterward is connected to the sacral chakra. 🧡 And the energy that flows trough sacral chakra.


The sacral chakra is also connected to our reproductive system. The aggressive energy you experience during a hard workout comes from sacral chakra as well. If you will engage in self-pleasure too much. You might exhaust the sacral chakra's energy flow and then you don't feel like going to the gym that day.

That is why many gym experts (pill brozzz) advise you, to do the workout at the beginning of the day, so that you have enough energy to do it properly.


What opening chakras mean is that, you should have your important body parts in vibrational synchronicity. How can someone do that, you may ask?

Some body parts you should exercise through workouts. Some body parts like your mind and heart you have to exercise through introspective meditation.


A heavy workout is a form of meditation. Especially if you do not listen to music at all. Be extremely careful what type of music you listen to during a workout.

During the workout, you are opening one of your chakras and tapping into the energy flow from within. If you will listen to Satanic music, it will affect your life negatively. 

You should try to exercise your body parts (chakras) routinely.

Although I struggle with this part myself. 


4) Embracing

This is where the fun begins. 😅

You can decide to embrace the guidance from what I call a "Holy Spiritual Guide." They will guide you through out your spiritual journey.

If you want to do that, you have to make a soul contract. Contract between you and your holy spirit guide. (Spiritual lawyer)


You have free will. You can always fire your spiritual lawyer (Holy or evil)

and hire a different one.


1) You have to first create a mental image in your head. If you don't like what you see. If the image doesn't look holy.

2) You can just tell that spiritual guide that they have no longer power over your life and that no matter how hard they try, you will never listen again.

That will work for 100% of Holy spiritual guides.


3) If that does not help... Create 4 mirrors around the demon and start pressing them closer and closer together. The goal is to trap the demon inside those mirrors.


Mirrors reflect light so you are trapping that demon forever. If you do this correctly, you should have a mental image of a black box (mirrors are reflecting inside).

Inside of that box should be your trapped demon. Now start pressing down the black box. You should see your hand holding a small box. Now open a small portal of light and shave the box into the portal and leave it there.


You have to understand everything is energy. Even demons are. You are creating a portal into the quantum field (Source energy) and you are dissolving the demon (and the box) into just pure energy. You are giving it back to the source.


After you are done destroying the box. Close the portal.


You should feel empty head space. Like something just left your mind. Pitch black.

Congratulations, you got rid of your first demon. 🎉




This approach may not work for everybody.

You can also try to live in high vibrations 24/7. Have inner peace 24/7. And you will basically make the demon starve to death.

That is kinda hard to do since we are humans and we feel all emotions all the time.

This will get rid of the weakest demons. Won't work for all of them. Especially if you were channeling an stronger evil spiritual guide (demon) (666) for a long time. Those are really hard to get rid of. But it is possible.

All is possible.


You can ask the higher power for help. (God, Allah, El, Jesus, Universe, Creator)

If you ask nicely and genuinely from the bottom of your heart, the higher power will always help.


If you feel like the demon is still too much for you. Try to find help from someone  who is more experienced and is on the side of the Holy.


P.S. You can trap a spiritual guide kinda like this. (Click here) Do not let the spiritual guide trick you. Do not release him or her unless you are 100% sure that is what you want to do.

Negotiate! 💯


There are different techniques how to imagine your spiritual guide. One of the commonly known ones is to imagine a dragon. I am from a Christian background so I just imagine an angel.

Or you can also imagine Gods from Greek mythology or Egyptian gods or even just animals.

If you see something disturbing. It is time to fire that kind of spiritual guide and switch to the side of Holy xoxo


You can also reject the "Holy spiritual guide" and you can embrace the evil spiritual guides (demons). You might do that by agreeing to a "Faust-like" type of soul contract. 


Be extremely careful what you wish for. The evil spiritual guide will try to turn your pentagram (soul) upside down. "Turn your soul to the devil." Because by doing so, you will lose control.

If you turn your soul completely 180 degrees, you will lose the ability to terminate any soul contracts. The evil spiritual guide will posses you. You can no longer fire the evil spiritual lawyer. You will lose free will.


Also, you will lose the ability to have dreams.


But don't worry about it...

you would have to take it to the absolute extreme in order to lose your soul completely.

Listen, 99.9% of average people will never face this issue in their life.


P.S. Just because someone (Human) uses evil energy does not mean that they are evil themselves. A lot of the time they are victims of a bad series of events that happened in their life. We need more EMPATHY !!! ❤️

It's not about Left vs. Right. It's not about Deep State vs. Outsiders. It's about humans together! We have to save humanity together!


P.P.S. If you skip Healing and Stabilizing, you will most likely attract the Spiritual Guides from the side of evil (Demons). Working with your chakras is the same for both sides...




I am trying to teach you how to join the side of the Holy, but in the end, it is only your choice which one you pick. 

Btw... u can never go back to being asleep.

You can only switch sides. Especially if you unlock some spiritual gifts such as future reading or the ability to channel. (Superpowers)

(You just started Astral projecting (remote viewing to be specific) and saw a evil spiritual guide (demon) from 4th Density. Yes, they are tall, but they are the weakest. Much much weaker than you are.... If you show NO fear it will disappear)




Also, it was the same type of demons that temporarily appeared in Miami's mall...

Basically, Miami lovely people are super greedy and temporarily manifested a demon "into flesh." Into our 3rd Dimensional reality. Trust me. This won't fcking happen in a Utah's mall.

Don't forget to find Jesus (Within your heart)

It is a little bit more complicated. I will explain later.

It won't all fit in one blog article... 😅


If you are a ghost hunter, you might find a vibrational anomaly in the place where the portal was opened. (Not where they exited) If you are an exorcist, it is time to pay a visit. Try to fully close the portal.



Listen carefully!


When you are in the beginning working with your chakras and sort of starting to be spiritual, that is when the evil spiritual guides (demons) attack you the most. Because you are the most vulnerable...


Don't worry... Chill... Take a chillpill xoxo 😅


You just need to learn how to protect yourself. (Billionaires) Also, it gets much easier as your spiritual powers start to grow.


Ashley, I love you with all my heart. I know how hard it can be. I just wanna help. Btw... welcome to side of Holy xdddd

If you wanna throw away your HP books...

Just send them to me instead 😅


Thanx baby!





If you decide to hire one of the "Spiritual lawyers," the other ones are allowed to advertise themselves to you. The evil side might be extra sneaky about this. They will do it through what our Christian ancestors called "temptations."

Throughout your spiritual journey, you will be faced with lessons. (Struggles) Behind every lesson, there is a message from your Spiritual Guide. Something you should learn about yourself.

Patience, Gratitude, Love for others, etc., etc. Especially if you want to work with the stronger Holy spiritual guides they will test you first.


How to overcome life lessons. (Guide)


You will also be faced with temptations at every step of the way. Temptations are basically "Faust-like" offers (ADS) from the evil spiritual guides (demons).

"If you reject your Holy spiritual guide, we will allow you to do this, or we will allow you to become that."


Your spiritual journey ends with death. That is when your soul is set free to do whatever she or he desires. 👻

I don't know who needs to hear this, but suicide is NEVER the answer. You will leave your loved ones behind heartbroken


You didn't know any of this a few seconds ago. Why should learning new information mean, that something changes?

You can believe this or you can just dismiss this altogether. IDC xdd

Don't be a beta bitch. Life goes on regardless xoxo



When anyone other than a human being from planet Earth, creates an idea (thought) inside your head, we call it a "download." By we, I mean members of the spiritual community.


Downloads are extremely foggy. Also for some fcking unknown reason to me. The Spiritual Guides will first put you through a series of tests. 

They will basically test you, and unless you have nothing, but unconditional love in your heart, they will not work with you. It is their business rule.


BTW... Spiritual Guides have their own Free Will.


That is why all of the people who claim to have been talking with god or archangels or you name it. They are always super lovey-dovey hippie types of half hobos.


That is because like I said, if you have any evil intentions in your heart, the Spiritual Guides just will not fuck with you. (I mean the Holy ones.)

If you start hurting other people by creating a sex-cultlike following or other unholy stuff. That clearly shows you do not have unconditional love in your heart. You will stop receiving blessings.


The Holy Spiritual Guides will NEVER terminate the contract between you and them. They will give you an infinite amount of second chances, but you have to acknowledge your mistakes and heal from them.


P.S. This is kinda how it feels like for me. Since I have embraced the guidance from the side of the Holy. (Click here)


P.P.S. If you are not sure how to receive Downloads, check out this FREE masterclass!


Channeling (Prophecies)

P.S. What we call in new age spirituality "Channeled messages" is the exact same thing our Christian ancestors called "prophecies."


You are receiving messages from someone else than human. It is usually done telepathically.


(It works a little bit differently for each and every one of us)


You can channel aliens. Aliens are real beings living in the same world as we do. They are born the same way we do. They live their lives similarly as we do. And they die the same way we do.

(How tf does he know?? That I have written in a 4-steps. That is just beyond me... 😅)

tf fr fr xddddddd


Or you can channel a message from a Spiritual Guides. 


Spiritual Guides are fcking "dead" ...okay... They live in what we call Spiritual Realm or what our Christian ancestors called heaven. (More on that later.)

Most of the messages that I have seen are for the "collective."

=meaning: They are done in symbolism for way more than just a one person. They are done for several hundreds if not thousands of people at a time.


Downloads are messages for you. What you need to know. Channelings are messages for you + others.


(Listen... sometimes even tho you are on the side of the Holy, you get messages from the side of evil. If it is like an extra dark message or just sometimes like you accidentally channel one of the evil spiritual guides... Just be careful)


Why is all of this Hidden? 🤔

There are several reasons. The main one is to protect you ALL.

So that you do not go storm the supermarkets and buy out all the toilet paper, like yall did at the beginning of the pandemic.

There is also one more reason why none of this is taught in school. 


The reason is Greed.


If they do not tell you, they make more money.


flower of life

The Truth

This symbol is called the "flower of life" and it represents many different things to many people. One of the meanings is that "we are co-creators of the universe." God is real. If you want to call him Allah, El, or any other name that is totally up to you.

Each center of the flower represents one person. The field of Aura that is coming from within you, changes the world around you. We all together have the power to truly change things. If you put out positive frequency, it will affect people around you.


You have to strengthen your inner dialog so that you can recognize "bad thoughts" from "good thoughts." You can easily do that through meditation, but there are other ways as well. 

You have to go through all of the first 3 steps that are written in this article. The last fourth step "Contracts between you and non-humans" you do not have to worry about that. That is not important in order to be "awakened."

Otherwise, they will be able to control your behavior.


Who are "they" ???

Corporations use this knowledge in order to...

sell more stuff.


Governments use this knowledge in order to... 

control the population.


Corporations and Governments are nothing else,

but a few rich fucks working together.


Evil spiritual guides just want to fck with you for fun. They have a kinda twisted sense of humor. Do not ask me why. Ask God why, he made them that way xdd 


Life is changing fast. Let's adapt faster. 😅


Don't forget to spread out High Frequencies (Positive Emotions) You can do that by finding unconditional love in your heart. "Find a Jesus within your heart."


P.S. What should you do with your life?? I don't know. Just try to live the best version of yourself I guess. I will try the same xdd 


My job is done:)))


I was just supposed to tell you, what the other powerful shadow wizards (deep state) did not tell you.




for reading this far... most people do not even read anymore...

can u believe that?? xoxo


I know all of this thanks to the work of Dr. Robert J. Gilbert. You can watch an interview that he has done with Danica Patrick.

Special thanks to the work of Dr. Steven M. GreerDavid IckeDavid WilcockAlex JonesBilly Carson and many others.



I would love to encourage you to start your spiritual journey today!

Take back control over your life.


Next Step 😈 (You know what to do)


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