Billionaires 🏆

Billionaires 🏆

P.S. This is another heavy hither. You might wanna read "Spiritual Journey" first and then come back to this article afterwards.


Just sayin... 😅


This is a Season 4. You will not understand the plot unless you read the "Spiritual Journey."


P.P.S. Listen... I don't hate rich fucks.

All am trying to do in this article... is to teach you how to become one.

I am rich myself... baby xdd


Not that kinda of way... 😅

Normal... Chill...

Full of unconditional love and real EMPATHY...

type of way... 😅


Rich Fuck

Rich Fucks

They know a lot.

A lot of them are "spiritual." They have their own tarot readers and astrologers. They have their own psychics and spiritual leaders.

They don't know everything. They know usually just a little bit, but some of them know quite a lot. You can not make a billion dollars just with luck.

The secret societies will teach a little bit about the Vibrations, Frequencies, and Manifestation. They usually won't tell you 100% of everything, like I am trying to tell you here...

in this BLOG 🔥🔥🔥


P.S. How money actually really works! 🤑

Coincidence of wants... 

"The love of money is a root of all evil."


P.P.S. If you want to be a successful trader, you have to finish the first 2 levels in...

Spiritual Journey.

Otherwise, the downturn market will fuck with you emotionally. You still have to feel shit, but you have to be indifferent towards your emotions and you have to fully trust the strategy that you have chosen to trade with.


Important Video !!!


Vibrations and Frequencies

You might have heard that nothing really can touch you on a microscopic level. That is because between all electrons is a space. Electrons are constantly traveling they don't stop.


The fact that they never stop creates a vibration.


If you train certain parts of your body (chakras), you can learn how to "control" the electrons within your body.

You can learn how to make electrons within you vibrate in a certain way.


"Control" might be a strong word, because we are talking about tiny little particles. 


If you are far far away from the electron that you are trying to affect, you can change the vibration of that particular electron by sending out the right frequency.

An idea (thought) is just a bunch of electrons traveling throughout your neurons (brain).


So how to affect all of the electrons within your body for your own benefit? 


Work Out Gang !!!



Long term you want to stay at the highest vibrations possible. Long term you want to be the happiest person that ever lived.

High vibrations are often described as feelings of joy, happiness, uncontrollable laughter, and obviously unconditional love. 💖

That is why I don't shut the fck up about unconditional love here. It is for your own benefit:)))


That is what the rich fcks mean when they say optimization.


Optimization means that you are trying all day to stay at the highest vibrations possible (positive emotions). You can do that by taking care of your meat vehicle and taking care of your soul as well. You can do that by working on yourself.

Like for example going to the gym and going to the sauna and meditation and stuff like that. (If you don't like the word meditation. You can just call it silent prayer. Same thing different name)


"Books save lives. So keep reading"


Important Video!


Hyper work out gang !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hyper Optimization

Please don't be weird fcks about this. Yes long term you are supposed to be happy...



Short term you have to feel shit! Short term you should go into the deepest depths of your heart. You should feel every tear and every sad emotion you ever felt. In other words, you should open your heart's chakra fully.

Your life is not supposed to turn into an endless list of chores. Keep it fun. Everyone who goes to the gym regularly, will tell you, that you need to have a day off. You need to relax


Just Chill the fuck out!


Important Video!


Listen! No matter how much optimization you will do, you will never be able to run away from your shadows.

You have to face your shadows (bad memories). Otherwise, you will be emotionally stuck for the rest of your life.


P.S. You should try to eat healthy.




Just because Jesus did not eat and drink for 40 days does NOT mean you should starve yourself to death. Yes, fasting is trendy now, but in 5 years it might be out of fashion.

I personally think you should not go more than 24 hours without any input of calories. Also if you go too long without water you will start to hallucinate.




Jesus probably went on a solo camping trip. He wanted to chill, isolate, and meditate. And after years gone by, it became an exaggerated urban legend.

You cannot survive that long without water and food. It is not possible.


Please STOP with the crazy diets.

We (Humans) are omnivores. Just fucking eat normally. Drink water normally. At the end of the day, calories are just fuel for the meat vehicle.

It doesn't matter as much as you think.


Of course, if you can stay away from fast, processed foods, that is always a plus.


Eat Healthy !!! also... be careful the Ozempic's side effect might be weakening the function of the "God's most amazing pill" 😅


Also, detox from social media is always a good thing to do:)))


Sometimes it can be a rollercoaster xdd 


Law of assumption 💸💸💸

Calling it a law is a fat stretcher. It is kinda just like a mindset.


Pls remember it is not about overspending at all !!!


Somewhere along your life's journey, you experienced real poverty. Which created a trauma memory (shadow) that then created a deep fear of money within you.

You have to let go of that fear...

That is very easy to say 😅 but how do you do that you may ask?

To be honest with you, I am only like 36.90% certain on how I did it


so... (Prayer for financial breakthrough)


Just try the mighty and all knowingly GUGU (Google)


Super Important Video!




Holy Witchcraft

If you want to become a real Witch !!! (or a Witcher?? xdddddd)


Then I have the perfect game for you...


Potions: A Curious Tale


(Live Action Trailer - behind the scenes)


P.S. Looking back at it... 😅


This blog article should have been called...

"Holy Witchcraft and a little bit about Money too."




Just because someone can talk to spirits does NOT mean they are a Necromancer xdd Anyone can do that. I am literally teaching you how in Spiritual Journey level 4.

Hecate (Artemis) is a Goddess (777) of fertility, childbirth, and the moon. She is a mother figure. 


baby xdd




Btw... Pagans (Satanists) worship Lilith (666) or Lucifer (Evil light).


P.S. Listen! All of the cinnamon put here... and there... And cut the lemon 7 times. That doesn't do anything. You have to understand those are all objects in 3D. It does not matter in the spirit realm.


spiritual guides


Spiritual Guides

Even if you are completely asleep, you still have Spiritual guides. You usually have dead human souls from 3rd density watching after you. It could literally be your dead grandpa protecting you from the Spiritual Realm (Heaven).

Usually, we call them "ancestors." It could just be even like the soul of a great great great grandma that you never met.

You have to understand being a soul is not that much fun. If you don't wanna reincarnate, you just kinda like...

hang out and chill out and shit...


P.S. Listen! NOT all of your ancestors are good. Not all your ancestors are trying to help you. That is why you have to sometimes fire even your natural (3rd density) spirit guide.

Genghis Khan (Chinggis Khan) the most evil human being that has ever lived (debatable) has fathered the most children in history, as estimates range between 1,000 and 3,000.

Doing Ancestor alters is a little bit weird...

You don't even know if you are honoring good ancestors or the bad ones.


The first strong spiritual guide that I worked with was Hecate.

She is spirit from a 7th density.

Right now I already work with more than just one spiritual guide.

(Poseidon, Athena etc. etc.)

You have to understand that "Hecate" is just a "human" name that we gave her, and that she responds to. Those beings from the 7th density are more than just our little human mythology stories.


If you want to work with Hecate (Artemis), you have to do 2 things...


How to talk to spiritual guides...


P.S. Listen! You don't have to become like Hecate that is a little bit extra... 😅

I just go with the natural Holy flow. Yall kinda a little too extra. You have to understand they are all spirits.

They don't really care about anything in 3D. (Candles, objects, etc, etc)

Yall do u. What ever works for yall good for yall. idc.


1) First, you have to swear that everything you ever learn you will only use for Holy stuff. 

(Joe's Oath - more like Hecate's Oath to be honest)

If you start doing unholy stuff, she will fire you. (Hardcore unholy stuff) She will break the soul contract between you and her. Spiritual guides can do that.

They have a FREE will too...


You get an infinite amount of second chances, but you will never be allowed to work with her again. You would have to work with a different Holy spiritual guide.


2) You have to show commitment and discipline daily.

I negotiated and I have to do 10 push-ups daily. That is it. It is usually like a 5-minute exercise that you choose. After like 8 pm, she starts reminding me. But if you forget to do it...

It is not the end of the world.


Also, I should probably warn you...


Hecate has a tiny little spiritual beef with the lovely lady from 6th density (Lilith)


so... 😅


You might get psychically attacked.


Don't worry. Don't be such a weak ass pussaysay. Psychic attacks are part of the game. They make it more fun. More exciting. xdd


P.S. "Spiritual guides" and "Spirit guides" mean the same thing.

Doesn't really matter.


I try to differentiate between the term "density" (dead) and the term "dimension" (alive). So that you clearly know what the fuck is dead and what the fuck is alive right away.

But you will find out that in most sources they are interchangeable.


There is a difference between a soul and a spirit. You have both. You have a soul within your body and you also have a spirit (your higher self) that lives in a spirit realm already. No matter what happens there is always a version of you (your higher self) in the spirit realm.

In other words you can never really die.

(But more on that later)


Combining superpowers 

If you hold hands before dinner and pray. You are doing a type of witchcraft on the side of the Holy. We (the Holy spiritual community) can be sometimes kinda weird about this... 😅 (In a good way ofc)




It does NOT matter at all if you own a Vajajayyy or a PEE PEE. We are talking about supernatural energy here. It has nothing to do with the 3D body.

All of that energy comes from your soul. Your soul has 2 types of energy streams (Light + Dark). 

This type of prayer (Manifestation technique) works using the dark holy energy.


P.S. That is why we (Christians) hold our hands... Btw xoxo

If you have nothing, but love for the other people you hold hands with, all of your prayers are more likely to come true. Because you are combining your Dark Holy energy.



Joe Dispenza's meditation

Yes, it works but...


First, you have to finish level 1 and level 2 in "Spiritual Journey."

Otherwise, the first thing that will pop up in your head will be the emotion you felt when you were hurt in the past.

You can never really have a truly empty mind unless you heal at least a little bit. 

Guys, you have to do the shadow work. Am sorry. No way around it.


In the spiritual community, we call it the "Source energy"

but if you wanna be scientific about it, you can call it the quantum field.

Same thing. Different name.

Rock has a Source energy (Quantum field) within. Human (Alive being) has a God's energy (soul) and a Source energy both within. When you are meditating. And you are trying to talk to yourself inside your head, you are operating inside of the God's energy (soul).


Pitch Black. (Eigengrau) Inside your head. (Don't overthink it)


Basically, the Joe Dispenza's meditation is a type of morning routine that you do in order to start your day with high vibrations (positive emotions).

You can do positive affirmations in front of a mirror or you can do this type of meditation but...

You should definitely have something... you know like...

"Make your own bed type of thing."


If the first thing you do in the morning. Is that you open your phone and start to watch extremely low vibrational videos, well... 😅

You are basically hoping to get spiritually attacked (by demons) The first like 30 minutes after you wake up. The fog you are feeling is your soul adjusting back to being inside your body. You are extra vulnerable at that time. If you will keep feeding your soul low vibrations, it will negatively affect your life.

(With that being said I am not perfect either. The first thing I do (sometimes) is open and scroll TikTok. But at least I have curated my FYP from low vibrations)


I personally just take my dog for a really long walk and I talk to myself inside my head. I usually think about what to write next. (Kinda like Cindy)

That makes me really happyIf I am deep in the woods, I just talk out loud. You can also talk to Gaia or trees. (I don't really like it when they talk back... creeps me out till this day... 😅)

(More about mother nature later)


Some of us are much better at being organized and some of us are more messy. That depends a lot on your personality (OCEAN)

But it is no secret that having a little bit of rules and discipline makes life much easier.


Dr. Joe Dispenza (website)


Working with your vibrations (emotions) in order to manifest your desired reality uses Light Holy energy.


new me


My daily Holy ritual 

Don't get discouraged by the words "occult," "Holy, or "ritual." We are talking about like...

dancing in front of a mirror while you brushing your teeth type of ritual...

Basically expert-level tricks from psychology on how to trick your brain...

(subconsciousness usually)

Don't overthink it.


All I do is that I sit in front of a laptop in a very pretty room (cool setup). And I drink an insane amount of coffee. And I have headphones on with 0 music. (Meditative state)

(Sometimes I will put on background noise xddddd from my YT playlist)

And I write.

I call it Holy dark energy flow.


(P.S. See... Even my homeboy Jeff follows my advice.

Be more like Jeff and take my well-intentioned advice to your heart ❤️

Thanx Jeff:))))

Btw... Wondering is my second name xdddddd


Everything happens so naturally on the side of the Holy, that I didn't even know my Spiritual guide was Hecate... 😅

I only started this BLOG to bring awareness about Palestinians. I didn't know it would get this spiritual out of nowhere... 😅

I just kept writing and writing and started becoming more and more spiritual. I was literally told about Hecate like 2 maybe 3 weeks back max... 😅




Sleep Manifestation

When you go to sleep, your soul leaves the body and goes into the Astral Realm. The Astral Realm is a place between our 3D world and the Spiritual Realm (Heaven).

You are literally in between Earth and Heaven while you sleep. You just don't remember it most of the time.

Here is where manifesting gets fun xdd


Because your soul is a tiny little part of God. It is very powerful. Your soul uses both Light and Dark energies. That is why Manifestations during sleep tend to be more powerful.




You do not need to know, how to do Lucid dreaming in order to make your prayers (manifestations) come true.

All you have to do is heal your biggest shadows, and you can start changing your world for the better.


I personally write into my Notebook things that I want to come true. And then before I go to sleep I read it.




You have to understand that it is not about how you write it. Or what you write. It is all about the vibration (emotion) that you are falling asleep with. You do not have to write at all.

You can just even listen to your favorite song and imagine what amazing things will happen. And it might actually come true.

Once your soul leaves into the Astral Realm, it leaves taking with the last vibration (emotion) you felt.


P.S. That is why we (Christians) are supposed to pray right before going to bed. Because your prayers might actually come true.


P.P.S. Listen very carefully. Ayahuasca and DMT will poison your body so fcking hard that your soul temporarily leaves the body and goes straight to the Astral Realm.

You can even die... temporarily...

I am not a fun police. Do whatever you want with your life. But it is much better and safer to just do it all sober. (I will explain all later)


If you are a regular daily gardener (ZaZaholin)

it is probably time to go on a little tea break...


If you are a true Mary Jane appreciator, I have the perfect movie for you xddddd


Occasionally is cool. But long-term daily?

It is not good for you, and you know it.


Also... when you like... sleep and stuff.

You go into the Astral Real only when you are in the deepest form of sleep (REM sleep). REM sleep is for most people around 3 AM or 4 AM. Something like that. Obviously, if you have a normal schedule and don't do night shifts.

If your Spiritual Guides really love you, they will give you advices xoxo

If you like practice, you can start to Astral project from trans-meditation. (Remote viewing and stuff like that)


Guys, you have to heal first. Otherwise, they will just replay your bad memories (shadows) in different ways... 😅 So that you learn something about yourself.


P.P.P.S. I personally had a lot of success with this technique (sleep prayer) but...




It is not perfect. It cannot stop wars. (Tried)

Only capable, strong leaders can do that.


Dream castle xoxo 

Why is God not listening?

First of all, God does NOT listen to shit!

You have to understand that God is a type of energy that is present in everything that is alive. Rock only has Source energy (Quantum field) within. Human has God's energy (Soul) and Source energy within.

Even fcking Hitler, the most evil human being that ever existed (debatable), had a tiny little part of God (soul) within him.

God does NOT listen to shit...


That doesn't mean God forgot about you... 😅


So who does listen?


Your Spiritual guides. It doesn't matter if they are on the side of evil or Holy. They are the ones who listen to your prayers and try to help you achieve your goals.


There are several reasons why your prayers are not coming true:


1) You are way too fcking delusional.


Yes, delulu is the solulu 



The more fcking delusional you will be, the more fcking time and work will it take to accomplish those goals.

That is just how life works in general.

This shit is not a biblical miracles or something...

You know that book is written in symbolism, right? Those things did not 100% happened the way they are written, you know that right?


Please for the love of God try to be reasonable! All of the fcking YouTubers making videos like "I traveled 1 million countries with nothing but 5 bucks and a pair of scissors that I both exchanged for 2 new beeee-em-double-uuuuuus."

(Can someone please, check if the young black lady who made this little mistake is safe back in the United States? We spend 800 billion on defense. We have satellites that can see your birthmarks. It shouldn't be that hard to find her and make sure she gets back home safely)

You have to understand all of those idiots have fuck you YT money. If anything does not go according to the perfect plan. They will just ditch the whole thing and just pay their way back into the safety and comfort of their home. They always have money for plan B, even for plan C...

and even for plan 🍆


(To be honest with y'all... 😅

I am super extra delulu too xdd)

(The secret trick is to be at least 60% reasonable and 40% delulu xdddddd)


P.S. Listen! You should have a balance between hard work and rest. If you are following your true life's passion, this should be extra easy. (Ikigai)


If you write down in your dream journal that you want to be a doctor one day.

(Please make sure it is what you want to do with your life. Not someone else's wish)

Yes, your spiritual team will do the maximum to help you accomplish that, but you still have to do the 6+ years of education.

That is just... life...


baby xdd




2) You do NOT have enough good karma.


Karma is more complicated than just being on a good list or a naughty list.

There is a good karma and bad karma. (You probably heard)

You can do karma swaps =stealing good karma.

Also, your soul carries a good or bad karma, even after death.




You cannot do horrible fuckery and expect that you will manifest your dream life. That is not how this shit works. You might get some of that sweat little cash, but within you will be torn apart.

(The Universe's money is basically karma)


3) Divine timing.




I am not going to lie to you guys. The side of Evil sees results much much faster. That is the whole fuckery around joining evil. You get blessings NOW and you pay the price later.

Kinda like predatory credit cards... 😅


Usually, on the side of the Holy, you sort of have to prove that you are worthy of the blessings. Also sometimes it is not meant to be right away.

It takes time. Trust the higher power!


Important Video !!!


Also, "happy surprise" is one of the emotions most sought after by the soul. Your spiritual guides know that. So that is why it is always a little bit different than what you wished for.


P.S. Also, some days are better like 11.11. or 11.1. (Manifestation portals)


The Love letter Method

And the whisper method...

It is a form of psychic attack. You are trying to implement thoughts into someone else's psyche (mind). I consider this practice to be on the side of evil.

It is a type of sleep prayer, but it gets answered by an evil spiritual guide (demon). Also, it is pretty advanced stuff, so you will attract a pretty strong demon. It might be hard to get rid of that kind of demon. I can see it in your eyes. Those are not weak demons btw.

I would personally recommend you never use this method. I am not judging you, I am just trying to help you. This particular method is way more dangerous than you realize.


You have to understand it can only work if the targeted person spiritually accepts that.




They have to be at least already thinking about you. Otherwise, it just won't work. So you are basically creating a soul contract between you and a demon for a person who is thinking about you anyway. It will be hard for you to break that soul contract, especially since you created it so willingly.


Is it worth it? Probably NOT...


If it is meant to be. It will happen. If it is not meant to be. Just let it go. Okay.

(It is not the end of the world tho. You can fix that. Just destroy the demon)


P.S. If you are teaching people how to make Faust-like prayers...

Maybe, don't??

You are ruining people's lives.


I would NOT be telling you about this, but...

I need you to learn how to protect yourself.

(Also you need to understand why it is so dangerous to use this method)


If someone is trying to implement thoughts inside your head psychically, your third eye will open as a warning.

You will feel the sensation in between your eyes. That is basically your spiritual guides warning you.

But the thoughts still might come inside your head.


If you don't have your third eye open yet...

you are fucked... okay... 😅

You can never be 100% sure which thoughts are your own.


I literally told yall how to open your third eye step by step...

so just do it... okay... 😅


There are basically 2 types of psychic attacks:

1) Evil spiritual guides (demons)

2) Humans working with evil spiritual guides (demons)


P.S. I know that the depth of the information in this BLOG can be a little bit overwhelming, but...

I don't believe in secrets


Just get over it.



I have personally found this technique to be the most effective.

Usually when I open my Aura field. When I make it so that it is really big. Then at some point, I need to close it back in... 😅 

I will close my eyes and say to myself...

"I am calling back all my energy"

And then I imagine all of the light energy coming back into my body. It is coming back usually thought the third eye chakra or heart chakra.


Then I will say to myself...

"And I am creating a shield around my body"

And then I imagine light coming from one of my chakras (usually the third eye) creating a very tight bubble around my body.


Evil eye

When we say someone placed an evil eye on you. What we mean is that someone cursed you. Someone hexed you. Someone sent (Doesn't have to be human. Could be an evil spiritual guide) a low vibrational energy at you. (Satan's energy)

You might feel like out of nowhere you have these insanely dark negative thoughts and you don't know why. Usually, you are a very optimistic person, and now all of a sudden you have these surprisingly negative thoughts. (There might be other symptoms as well)


There are several different techniques how to remove an evil eye. They are all in the video that is in the headline of this segment. I will not go over all of them. What helped me was to ask for help through prayer...


"I ask all my spiritual guides. All my archangels that are listening and I am asking God to help me remove all negative energy that is inside of me."


And then I imagined a beam of light coming down from heaven and filling me with light energy and radiating light energy through me.


Listen very carefully!


There is no fcking point in sugar coding it. Just say what the fck you want in your prayers. Just say it straight. Exactly what the fck you want. Straight up.


P.S. You might also start sweating a lot. (Unusual amount) That is just your body getting rid of the toxic Satan's energy.

Just remember.

If you put on a hoodie that is full of "Satan's energy sweat." The bad thoughts will come back... 😅

(Personal experience)




If you take spirituality seriously and go... really deep in... 😈🥵

You need a good protection xdd

The kind of protection that will not get penetrated... easily... 😅


Your own little safe space

Some of the experiences with the supernatural could be occasionally slightly out of the ordinary, so It is better to have your own space that you feel safe and protected in.

The space that we spend a lot of time in has an impact on us. The way that space looks has an impact on us as well.


I personally have a big fat juiced-up bible right next to my laptop.


It doesn't do shit.


It doesn't do any special magic tricks. It is just a 3D object. It doesn't do shit. But in my mind it makes me feel safer when I look at it. It works a little bit like a placebo effect. But that doesn't mean it is not working.

Everything spiritual is happening in your mind. That is where you listen to your higher self. Where you try to communicate with your spiritual guides.

Your mind is where it's at.


(P.S. Now listen!

Some people tend to use candles, burning smelly sticks or sage etc. etc.

You have to open your window and have proper circulation of fresh air.

All of this stuff burns oxygen and produces carbon dioxide. If you don't have proper fresh air circulation you will suffocate to death. It is kinda like passive smoking.

I like candles too sometimes. But I will always make sure to put them near a open window so that the hot air goes from the candle straight outside.

Just sayin)


I also have a 50cm long statue of an angel right next to my bed.


Looks cool.






Future Telling 🔮

First of all, everything I have ever done you can do too. I haven't done anything special. All I did was that I started my spiritual journey. Finished all the steps. Embrace the guidance from team Holy and also worked and practice my chakras.


You can do that too. 🏆


Creating an obtainable picture of the future is unique.

Not everyone can do that.

There are over 9 billion people. There have to be millions of people who can learn how to read the future, but I think that this ability must be agreed on before life.


Meaning: there are several different life paths you can choose from as you shift from long-term vibrations to long-term vibrations and on one of these paths you agreed prior to become the future teller as a service for humanity.


Tarot cards reading


Tarot Cards Reading

First of all tarot cards are all symbols. The readings are all done in symbolism.

Second of all, there are infinite amounts of possibilities. No one knows the future. Because anything can happen. You have a true Free Will.

The tarot readers will try to show you one of the possible future outcomes. They will create an obtainable reasonable image, and then you can try to manifest that future through your actions.


But remember, anything can happen.


The readers on the side of the Holy will show you the best possible future. If you stay in High vibrations, you can achieve that future for yourself.

The side of evil... u know 😅


Yes, you can ask how to make more money. But remember the message will be in symbols. You have to come up with your own idea. Cards can never show you a manual on how to be rich.

I would show you my readings, but I am super creeped out about how accurate they were. And how personal they were. And I do not want to talk about it... 😅


Listen! The Real Cards reader will connect with their spiritual guides and they will talk to your spiritual guides.

So it is basically kinda like private channeling. The cards are just like...

for the Future teller to understand the message better, but some people don't use cards at all. 

Doesn't really matter how you do it, as long as you feel the "message" coming in.


Don't waste the reader's time. Be respectful. xddddddd

It might take a while to connect with the spirits.


Pls... be careful not all tarot card readers have spiritual guides on the side of the Holy. Be careful who you trust.

If you feel like they are too chaotic... that is a bad sign...

Go with your gut on this one.


Please don't spend all your money on tarot cards readings hoping it will solve all your life's issues. That is not how that works. Please don't be retarded.


Also if you start following some of the readers. They do free collective (multiple people) readings. You have to resonate with the reading. They will say something "I see this..." or "I feel that..." If you don't resonate with the reading, it is not for you.

If you do not like the collective reading you just saw. You can just spiritually reject it. (Just say to yourself "This is NOT my reality")

You can also spiritually claim the reading. ("This is my reality")


If you want to learn how to read the cards...

(side of the Holy - this one is made by Vanessa)

then click here.


Tarot cards reading works using dark Holy energy. Also there is an insane amount of fake accounts !!! Be extra careful !!!


Soul records


Akashic records

Don't overthink it. Instead of reading from cards, you are basically reading from the other person's soul directly. Magic ✨ You are tapping into the God's (Soul) energy. It is different than the Source energy (Quantum field).

You can find more than just past lives there. There is a lot of stuff to be found.

If you have the ability to read from cards, you can learn how to read from souls, but it requires a lot of work and training.


Don't overthink it. Everyone can read from their own soul. Everyone can enter their own Akashic record. But if you want to learn how to enter other people's souls you first have to be super Holy. (Spiritual lvl 200) And then you get a download (Energy input). Which will then allow you to read other people.

All of the gifts (superpowers) are already inside of you. You just have to become more and more Holy and you will be able to unlock them. It might be something else than future telling tho.


Listen! Two months ago I didn't believe any of this shit. I was literally a Macho Finance Bro. And now look at me what a spiritual grow I did xddddd

I am not doing any soul reading anytime soon.

That is what am trying to say. 😅


Should you get an Akashic record reading???


Meena Sheikh - Learn how to read your own Akashic records


It is a very intimate experience.

I know only a few people who can do that I didn't want to recommend anyone that I was not 100% sure about.


EMDR is literally a fcking technique that will put you to hypnotherapeutic sleep. EMDR is literally just a fcking hypnotherapy with a new name. New branding I guess.


Is that some kind of a stupid LA thing that you just have to reinvent new names for every fcking thing out there? You guys just discovered Amerika. Columbus would be proud. 

Btw... Can we talk about the fact that LA is full of fake insane people? The level of evil energy is unprecedented. It is not just Miami yall need to find Jesus as well.

Of course, there are some amazing souls as well:)))


During hypnotherapy, you are accessing your subconsciousness. In other words, you are accessing your own Akashic record. Basically, you don't need a reader to read from your soul you can just read yourself.

For like 96.30% of you. The first thing you will get access to will just be your bad memories (shadows). Because yall ain't heal properly. You might even be able to play the memories kinda almost like a video inside your own head.


If you don't like the eye movement thingy (EMDR)

If you have a hard time accessing your own Akashic record...

Just ask Melisa. She will put you fcking night night in seconds.


Native Americans


Past Lives

Yall keep talking about it, but am not 100% sure yall know what the fck that actually really means. Yes, there are few people here and there for whom this is their first life as a human, but most of us have had previous incarnations as humans before. Maybe even 10, 20, 50 previous lives as a human being.


Your soul is not tided down to a gender or skin color.


Just because you are black right now. Does not mean you could not have been white your previous life. You are not your skin color. You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

Just because you are white right now. Does not mean you could not have been black your previous life. You are not your skin color. You are a spiritual being having a human experience.


Once you realize this. All of the racism and "cultural appropriation" becomes even more extra pathetic. Just enjoy all of the cultures. All you have to do is just not be extreme.

Do not do black face ofc but if you wanna eat African food and stuff. Who gives a fuck.

You actually care what kinda of costume people wear during Halloween?? You guys are fcking losers.


Basically, after you heal most of your own shadows you might be shown one of your previous lives. But it is usually the life that you carry a shadow from. We sometimes call it ancestor's wounds, etc. etc.

Basically, you have done something wrong in your previous life. You got a lot of bad karma for it. And now you are carrying that bad karma. So you will be shown a little bit about the life and then you will be given a lesson. So that you can break free from this particular shadow.

(Once you are done healing your own shadows you can start healing the shadows from your past lives. How fun... 😅)

You can also access your Akashic records (soul) from a deep deep meditation. That is how I have been able to do it.


I was shown a life where I was a native american.

(I then asked if our tribe was from Arizona and we were not. I could not think of any other state or country. I could probably never name all 56 states xddd I am actually pretty bad in geography myself. If I research anything I make sure to google that place just in case... 😅)

I also had to overcome the feeling of having a 2 important decisions and being indecisive about them. Because in my previous life as a native American I struggled with this lesson a lot.


So far I have been shown 2 previous lives. The second one I was a woman.

(I was burned alive as a witch during the middle ages. I think in Europe. But it was a huge misunderstanding... 😅 They used to burn everybody)

(Me tryna convince the fellow commoners that I ain't no witch xdddddd)

(RIP me xdddddd

I hope I had the tightest juiciest little...

"God's greatest gift to humanity" 💦

in all of the 7 kingdoms... 😅)


I am dead serious your soul doesn't care if you have a tiny little hose or a birthing hole. From a soul's perspective, none of this matters. Your soul can literally switch up the next life.


I understand it is very important to raise our voice when some group is being mistreated in an unfair way. (Policemen are just trying their best. At the end of the day they are just people too)




If you keep nonstop complaining about being black. And how hard it is being black. It is kinda annoying. I fully understand that surviving PJs is much harder than being raised in the suburbs, but maybe your soul just wanted the extra challenge this time. Maybe your soul ain't no bitch.


If you keep nonstop complaining about being white male. Nonstop whining about how the whole world is against you. It is kinda annoying. There are over 333 billion Pussaysay including the alien ones, and you are telling me not a single one wants to reply to your DMs.

Something is not adding up. You have to figure this shit out.

(You kinda like have to put yourself out there. If Connor can do it. So can you:))))


If you ever leave at least your home town for a few days. You will realize that the people around the world are pretty much the same. Yes, they have different cultures and foods and some traditions but their hearts beat the same.

The life is everywhere kinda like same. You still have to pay bills and shit. They just might kinda like look a little bit different and speak different languages, but all of the everyday stuff is the same.


Can we just please all agree to stop caring so much about the other people's skin color and reproductive system and instead...

try to enjoy the little bit of time that we have here on this beautiful planet !!!

Thank you:)))


P.S. If you go through a life full of struggles and hardship, your soul may get to choose an easier life after that. We (Holy spiritual community) call this easier life...


a "resting life"


The truth is that of course we all go through struggles. But in reality, the people who live in war zones go through much harder lives than others.

That doesn't mean you should feel shame for being successful. It is just a great reminder to be grateful for what you have in life and appreciate it.


How to live a little bit easier life !!!


Holy Avenger's Oath 

P.S. We (Akashic record readers) are professionals and...

we keep our client's secrets 100% private.


Meaning: You will shut the fck up about certain barbaric-like memories from past lives ofc. They tend to be sealed for a reason.

Keep it PG-13.


I am not talking about one person or several people. I mean this in general as a principal. As a codex. As an oath.

Doctors swear that they will always try as much as they can to protect other peoples lives.




Joe's Oath... 😅


(Place your right hand on your heart... or bible)


"I swear I have nothing but pure, holy intentions in my heart.

I swear I will use my spiritual gifts for nothing more than the overall good of humanity.

I swear I will serve the higher power (God, Allah, El, Jesus, Universe, Creator) and I will try to help others to see the truth and brighten their day."

Akashic record readers:

"And I swear that I will keep my client's secrets between me, them, and the higher power (God, Allah, El, Jesus, Universe, Creator)"




The number #1 reason... why you didn't make this fcking BLOG 🔥🔥🔥

The number #2 reason... keep it fun. I do not want to scare people. PG-13.

The number #3... oversharing... 1 information = 1 video !!!

The number #4... You are fucking evil, and your evil guides are attacking people

The reason number #5... have to keep it tight and pretty xdd VIP only xdd





For all my Lightworkers 

Not a single one of yall lives in a 5th dimension. It is not possible. You wouldn't be able to see other people. 😅😅😅


"Dimension" is a real term from physics.

You cannot just throw it around like...

that... 😅


If that happened by accident, the greys would just come back down and put you back into the 3rd dimension. (More on that later)

Yall have to wait for all the rest of the...

humans to go with you. 😅


Probably like 96.30% of y'all have shifted into your highest timeline. This means you have been living in the high vibrations (emotions) for so long you have manifested for yourself the brightest possible future.


How does it feel?

How do you know that you have done that?


You have been doing what you truly love. You have been following your highest life's passion for a while. And you didn't care what others thought about you because you felt absolutely amazing doing it.




P.S. We cannot all be painters... find your own fcking passion xdd

Find your Ikigai. xddddddddddd


You obviously have to pay bills. We all do. Just find a Hobby that you like and do it.

Join an amateur hockey team or start the cooking class you always wanted to try.

You never know how far it can go... (Get a Profi Photo)


You can 100% do fitness content and still be a good Christian. (Hell is not real btw) It can all be done according to God! Just don't fall for the trap created by the Succubus (Insta Slutholin) and you are good to go...




Don't overthink it...

just feels absolutely amazing...

okay? xdd


Nikol, I love you with all my heart. ❤️

I have literally been following you for a while now:)))

Listen! Very carefully!


First of all... you have to understand that your soul is a tiny little part of God. When you are going within...

you are following God. (Allah, El, Jesus, Universe, Creator)

It is kinda the same thing... 😅

(The Vatican is not the answer but...

true Christianity kinda works for me... 😅

just sayin)


Every single piece of information online about spirituality has been created by the side of the Holy and by the side of evil as well. The side of evil will try to put you off track.


I have an insane amount of intuition.


I can look into people's eyes and I see which side they are on right away. I feel their emotions. I feel their intentions behind their eyes.

If you know someone's intentions you basically know what they are thinking.



I didn't know yall could not do that too 😅

No one told me.

No wonder yall cling on to such a fcking bums xdddd


Some of yall keep reposting such evil-minded lovely people that...

(You would be surprised how many self-proclaimed awakened people have never done the real shadow work and have demon attachments because of that)

I figure out... 😅

This might be a unique ability xdd


All am doing is picking out the information created by the side of the Holy and writing it down. All you have to do is...

fcking like... read it... or something... like... idk 😅

It is 100% for FREE... and always will be...


If you are a Lightworker (Holy Avenger) =u know who u are... 😅

You have to learn how to cut cords with energy-sucking vampires.




You should let go of people who are trying to drag you down into low vibrations (emotions). Please... listen... 


You need to learn how to say "NO" to people calmly and respectfully.

You have to learn how to rebuke curses that other people throw at you. All is done verbally. Verbal curse is a form of energy that you have to calmly and respectfully decline. Takes a while to master...

Specially, the calm and respectful part... 😅


If you want to learn more in-depth tactics, ask Angel not me...


Don't worry you will find better friends xdddd

Friends sometimes come into your life...

and then expire...

like condoms...

you know 😅


Please if you have good friends. Just be friends... 😅 xdddddddddddddd

(Just come clean guys xdddddddd)

That does NOT mean you should go hide in the mountains and never talk to anyone else ever.

Quite the opposite...


A lot of people will start to seek your wisdom. Just go with the Holy flow and tell them...

what you know and what you FEEL !!!


Don't overthink it. 


Y'all are amazing!





Holy Avengers 

Akashic record readers:

Thanx, ThanxThanx, Thanx,

Special Thank you:

Thanx, ThanxThanx, Thanx,

Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx,

Thanx, Thanx, ThanxThanx,

Holy Tarot Cards Readers: 


ThanxThanxThanxThanxThanx, Thanx,

ThanxThanxThanxThanxThanx, Thanx,

ThanxThanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx,

Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx,

Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx,

Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx,

Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx,


Holy Avengers:

Thanx, ThanxThanx, ThanxThanx, ThanxThanx, ThanxThanx, ThanxThanx, ThanxThanx, ThanxThanx, ThanxThanx, ThanxThanxThanxThanxThanxThanx, ThanxThanx, ThanxThanx, ThanxThanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, Thanx, ThanxThanx, Thanx,

and many others:)))

If you feel like getting overbooked. It is time to raise prices. xoxo

Stay humble and grateful. Evil never sleeps...

and will go for your ego first.


Late Xmas Party!



The picture is from a book called "Druhá derivace touhy"

Author: Tomáš Sedláček

Yes, it is true... I know most of this because of reading !!! xddddddddd


I think... It is called... Red Library... Btw... 😅


If you like books too. Like we do. We also have a giveaway... 


The Reckoning: A Book of Poetry and Prose (by Ashley Kester - Website)


The Blueprint: A Channeled Theory of Consciousness (by Ashley Kester)


I'm Starting to Worry About This Black Box of Doom (by Jason Pargin)


New Happy !!! (by Stephanie Harrison)


good point... 😅


How to make videos?

1) First of all, join the TikTok's beta creator program. You can make extra money.

2) Videos should be longer than 1 minute so that you are eligible for the program and probably shorter than 3 minutes. (pls keep the yapholin low)

Irah has very beautiful videos that are straight to the point:)


Listen! (Update)


I know that most of us kinda operate with the dark holy (feminine) energy. We kinda go with the flow, rather than making plans. But we also could do better.

When you feel like a new idea is coming in. When you feel the dark holy energy coming. Take a piece of paper and start writing down words, phrases, and drawings. Yes, most of my notes look more like drawings than actual notes.

It can look like the picture from the book:)

Hope that helps someone.

Just sayin:)))


Thank you so much for your work! ❤️

You mean the world to me:)

I love you.


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