Vatican Corp.

Vatican Corp.

I don't know who needs to hear this but...

There is nothing wrong with being a homosexual.


People don't choose to be gay.


pls STOP being weird about this...

It's a little bit too much...




Vatican corp.

Let's be real here for a moment.

The amount, of cases related to sexual abuse and sexual exploitation, is just undeniable at this point.

I think there should be a serious investigation into the Catholic church based in the Vatican.

We need to hold them accountable for the alleged crimes against children of God (us).


P.S. It is probably time to lift up the celibacy ban for priests and nuns.





You do NOT have to be obedient to the Vatican corporation in order to be a true Christian.

In order to be a true Christian all you have to do is...

let Jesus within your heart. ❤️

Invite him or her in.

That is it.

That is all you have to do.


P.S. Did y'all hear the news??


Jesus has a merch now!


Get your own by clicking here!





Jesus is not a man.

Jesus is not a woman.

Jesus does not have a skin color.

✝️ Jesus is a metaphor. 

(The word "Jesus" means a lot of different things for a lot of different people. Whatever it means to you that is the truth. You are a co-creator of the entire Universe)


Metaphor for awakening and enlightenment.


Jesus is literally within every one of us. All you have to do is embrace him or her.


Jesus Christ is a type of higher consciousness that we all can achieve. If you read carefully enough, I am literally telling you how you can do that. We all need to do that. We all need to become more like Jesus so that we can evolve!

P.S. The last part about mushrooms and ayahuasca... 😅 

You can achieve enlightenment 100% sober...

I think it is actually better to do it sober... Btw

I will write an entire BLOG article about... 

drugs vs. spirituality soon


Gay Church


Listen carefully!

Jesus was a great dude. Great amazing dude truly, but... he was a normal regular person! The faith thing... is all about you baby! xoxo


It is all about you putting yourself first! It is all about you putting your needs first! It is all about you caring and helping yourself first!


You have to understand that your soul is a tiny little part of God. When you are going within...

you are following God. (Allah, El, Jesus, Universe, Creator)

It is kinda the same thing... 😅


Obviously... all done in a Holy way! (I am telling you for FREE how to do that here in this BLOG)


And then after that maybe... maybe you can start to help others to be enlightened as well... but that is an advanced step that not everyone has to do!


Btw... Jesus loved Homosexuals. He loved all people equally.

Just for the record.

I don't know who (Vatican) told you to hate gay people but pls STOP.

Little bit too much in 2k24.



Wait, I just remembered one of the viral TikToks... 😅

You cannot pray your way out of being Gay xdddddddd

Your soul literally wanted to have that experience. Your soul literally chose to be Gay before incarnation. You cannot change that by praying xddddd


Also, sending your kids into New-age concentration camps will not make them straight either. 

But it will make them abandon you for sure xdddddd


Just sayin... 😅😅😅


You can start your path to enlightenment by reading "Spiritual Journey."



Christian Mass

In the beginning...

It is NOT about shame and guilt. You are just supposed to remember your sins (mistakes) in order to learn from them. God created us perfect in his own image. God wanted us to be this way. 


Christian mass is a ritual. It is a ritual on the side of the Holy! There are reasons why we do certain things the way we do them.


For example, the thurible is supposed to clean your mind chakra from evil low vibrations (emotions) through the sense of smell. If you have mind chakra and heart chakra in sync, it will clean both.

When a priest puts up the body of Christ. The sound that is played. That is a healing sound. It is supposed to clean your mind chakra from evil low vibrations (emotions) through the sense of Hearing.

If you have mind chakra and heart chakra in sync, it will clean both. I can actually feel it working. Especially the sound one kinda works for me.

That is why we (Roman Catholics) do that.


There is nothing wrong with doing it the modern way. As a matter of fact, it might be more fun. Nothing hits as hard as a good solid Black gospel.

(But let's not forget to stay humble. We do not want to preach water and drink wine. Let's be honest about our blessings, but let's not forget why we have them. We help people reconnect with God and because of that, we are blessed. But we need to stay grounded, grateful and humble)


Já neříkám, že musíme zavádět nějaké novoty. Jen bychom mohli hrát trošičku rychleji. Někdy je to fakt strašně unylé... #HezkyČesky

Všem vám moc děkuji:)




P.S. Hell is not real in the 3D world. It was created by corporations to make you live in fear. It was created to make you submissive and obedient.

Why would a God who has nothing but unconditional love and forgiveness create a place for punishments only?

Does not make any sense!

Hell is within. Hell is when you operate long-term on low vibrations. It means that hell is when you feel fear, shame, and guilt long term.

Heaven is within. Heaven is when you operate long-term on higher vibrations. It means that heaven is when you feel joy, happiness, and unconditional love long term.

It means you are optimistic about life in general. ❤️


P.P.S. Obviously... You can have tattoos all you want. But be careful what you put on your body.

Do NOT tattoo a Satan, Devil, or Evil eye, etc., etc. You will be like a magnet for evil energy... 



P.P.P.S. Send this to your religious friend. Make him Wake Up!


For the love of God, stop shitting on people online! Just because they don't believe in Jesus, that doesn't mean they are wrong.


(Buddha was just as enlightened as Jesus was... BTW)


Just because they believe in Allah or El or anything else, that does not mean they are wrong. They are all right as well as you are. They are all sons and daughters of God as well as you are.



Sex before marriage 

Of course, it is beautiful if you can save yourself before marriage, but it is not a requirement. I don't think daddy Jesus would be mad if you had a little bit of fun before settling down... 😅


With that being said...


That doesn't mean you should go and become a cumdumpster.


Just be normal. Be responsible. Don't be too extreme.


But you can date a little bit. See where it goes.


You never know... 😅


Who is going to be the one.





I would personally recommend you to be very careful who you are going to marry. That goes both for women and men. Once you start having kids...


Divorce is unbelievably hard on kids.


It is truly a hard thing to process at a young age.


Be responsible!




(Elohim is a Hebrew word for "gods" (plural) It stirred up a little bit of controversy because in recent years it has been found in numerous ancient texts)


Now Listen!


I am not the first guy to receive "messages" (downloads) from spiritual guides. As a matter of fact, a lot of content creators featured here do as well. We all have spiritual guides, but most of the general public doesn't listen to their advice. 

All of the ancient spiritual books and texts (Bible, Torah, Quran, Kabbalah teachings, Sumerian tablets, The Egyptian stuff etc. etc.) They all have been written by people who were influenced by spiritual guides. 

The people writing these spiritual teachings all around the world have been receiving channeled messages (downloads) from Holy spiritual guides. Sometimes even from evil spiritual guides (demons) and very occasionally from aliens (Elohim)

As we are evolving as a society we should try to recognize what thoughts and ideas are created by the evil spiritual guides (demons) we should try to only teach stuff that will uplift people instead of putting them down.


Like for example the idea of "hating faggots"


Even though it is stated in the bible, I personally believe that idea has been created by an evil spiritual guide (demon) It clearly contradicts all of the teachings that Jesus stood for. Jesus stood for unconditional love for all people regardless of their sexual orientation.


The original Bible has been like 144 million books altogether, and throughout time a lot of them have been removed. Usually, because the teachings in them did not have any wisdom from the higher power (God, Allah, El, David, Universe, Creator, Jesus etc. etc.) And because they didn't contain any wisdom, the pastors and preachers would not use those stories.

So those types of stories that were wisdomless (wisdom-empty) would be forgotten. Occasionally some stories must have been taken out because they clearly contradicted the teachings of unconditional love that Jesus had for all of us.


Heaven !!!


There is NO heaven... 😅


After Life !!!


There is an after life !!!


What I mean by there is NO heaven is that there is no 3D place. Everything is energy. Your soul is just an energy. Your soul is a tiny little part of God's energy.

When you fcking die.

When anybody fcking dies, you can just measure the Joules (J) leaving the body.

Allegedly US deepstate scientists have been able to measure this.


(P.S. 99.99% of you asleep peasants will never achieve enough level of enlightenment in order to make your soul leave a screenshot behind. But other than that...

Everything else happens the same. Jesus didn't open the gates of heaven. The gates have been always opened for all of us. All of our souls go into the same afterlife regardless of your skin color, or your sexual orientation, or your gender, or your religious background)


This might be very hard to wrap your human brain around, but the spirit realm (more on that later) The Spirit realm is not physical. It is all just energy.

People when they clinically die and then come back all see a little bit different things. That is because again the afterlife (spirit realm) is all just energy. There is no physical place.


One thing is usually the same. There is one recurring theme. And that is when u die you see people walking towards you to welcome you. Some of them you may recognize (ancestors)

That is usually your soul's family.

You have to understand those are not people. Those are souls. They only take a temporary visual form of humans just to welcome you. They temporarily look like humans just so that you won't freak the fck out while transitioning from dimension into density, but souls are way more than just some human beings.

If an alien dies. He or she will see aliens walking towards her/him.



I hate to break it to u...

but there is no fcking in the afterlife... 😅


There is no human body so...

there is no need to procreate so...

there is no need to be fcking... 😅


That is probably also one of the main reasons why souls chose to reincarnate anyway...

Just to experience how it feels to be fcking... 😅




Find yourself some of that juiced-up little...

backdoor puss

You raging horny little faggots...


and enjoy your life:))))




Jesus is the King


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