Polyamory 💓

Polyamory 💓

I personally believe, that you cannot enjoy the main dish properly, if you keep stuffing yourself with side dishes. 


Relationships 💕

It is extremely hard to maintain relationships. I am talking about both Partnerships and Friendships. It takes a lot of effort to sync up two souls on a vibrational level. That is why people say: "Marriage is a lot of work"

Making it more than two souls = going poly is way harder. It can be done, but it is extremely hard. Sometimes it works only for a short period and then people grow their indifferences.


P.S. Btw at the end of the day it is your choice and your life.

I am only sharing my overall opinion.

Romantic love is mysterious and unpredictable...

If you want to share this beautiful feeling with multiple people in your life.

Who am I to judge?




Marriage 💍

Marriage is a legal contract in 3D world between two souls (traditionally Man and Woman) versus The owner. The marriage contract was created for population control. Historically, "the owner" was the Monarch or Aristocrat who owned the land on which the goyim was living. Today "the owner" is the government.

This contract has rules and rights. One of the typical rights is that the person you fuck with, gets all your stuff if you die. That is quite recent. In history, most of the stuff belonged to the Monarch.


Nowadays you can create your own rules and rights with the help of the prenuptial agreement.


Only we as humans have put deeper meaning behind this contract. We created the meaning of love behind this contract not the legal system. Because we are amazing spiritual beings full of unconditional love. ❤️

There is no real reason why homosexuals should not be married. Only the Corporation of mainstream religion did "cast a spell" on people. To make them think that marriage can only be between man and woman.


Homosexuality 🦄

I have heard an interesting explanation from the spiritual community, for why some people are attracted to the same gender as they were born. 

If you were born as a man and you are attracted to other men, then in your previous life you have been a woman. Your previous life, your soul was trapped in a woman's body, and now it is trapped in a man's body. But you might still "remember" a little bit, and that is that you are attracted to men still (Gayholin = Faggin around) That also could theoretically explain why some people feel like they are in the wrong body.


I am not saying that this is 100% the truth. I don't know what is the truth. No one does. But I feel like it is a nice way to think about it


We are sometimes very slow to adapt to the "Change." Remember, those who adapt the fastest, live the longest. There might be a lot more "Change" to come.

You don't want to be left behind.

Change is a healthy sign of growth.


Faggiiiez Bum-Bum holin'


P.S. Jesus was a hippie-hobo. Do you really think, that he would write in his secret diary, that he hates faggots. Probably NOT.


Don't forget that Gay people come in all different shapes and sizes xdddddddd


P.P.S. This is a truly amazing song. 🌈


Yea... 😅


Btw, our spiritual Holy community has true gay icons too xoxo


With all of this being said, we also cannot forget to talk about what is a healthy gay relationship and what is not. We have to be open and honest.

In reality, it doesn't matter if you are straight or gay. There are just healthy relationships and unhealthy ones. And we need to be able to talk about both so that we protect the younger generation by raising awareness.


Leader xoxo


Spiritual Leaders 🌹

P.S. If you love new age spiritual community and wanna show it.


Then I have the perfect wear for ya xoxo


There is 0 difference between someone who calls themselves "Spiritual Leaders" or priests and the general population. If you think that the Crypto community is full of scammers, wait till you find out about the scammers in the spiritual community.

The same way the evil entities "demons" suck out your energy. Some "Spiritual Leaders" do it too.


Basically, the only spiritual leader you should trust is me. 😅


Like I said, there is absolutely no difference between a so-called spiritual leader and a normal average human being. 

Anyone who tells you something different is a fake fuck.


P.S. Btw, there is an insane amount of weird cults around LA and around California. Pls, be careful who you trust. Just because someone has a kundalini in their stage name, does not mean they are on the side of the Holy !!!

Even if someone read all of the holy texts in the world (Bible, Torah, Quran, Kabbalah teachings, Sumerian tablets, The Egyptian stuff etc. etc.) That still doesn't mean they are on the side of the Holy. Remember spiritual gifts are neutral. All of the spiritual gifts that are within you are neutral...

And the Evil goes for the ego first!


In order to get rid of weird controlling fucks and energy-sucking vampires, you have to set up strong boundaries. Have a strong sense of self-worth.


P.P.S. Also there is an insane amount of fake accounts !!! Be extra careful !!!


The spiritual leader goes through the same spiritual journey as everybody else. There are temptations along the way, like for everybody else.

One of the temptations for spiritual leaders is to turn the following into a sex cult. (Slutholin) Happens way more often than you might think. 😅 #ExclusiveClubOnly


I am a simple man. Ordinary Joe. 😅


So basically, if I turn this movement into a sex cult by "accident" and you join. Shame on you. Your fault. I warned you. I gave you a heads-up.


Now that we are clear.


Who wants to suck this PeePee??? Female applications only. Whoever sucks it the most, gets to heaven the fastest. You know the drill. 🤣🤣🤣


If you want to learn even more, then you can start your spiritual journey today!


P.S. Listen very carefully. Frequencies spread out like waves. We are kinda like sort of getting the same downloads.

(Especially from the aliens from 5th dimension)


The evil side is allowed to send their messages too. You have to understand that is perfectly allowed. All within the rules of life. 

The evil side will do maximum to put you off the right path. For example, they will try to inflate your ego. Trying to tell you that you are better than others.


I literally started my spiritual journey watching a video from...

Teal Swan about shadow work.


I know that since the release of the Netflix documentary the public opinion...

little bit shifted.


I just want you to know that I like her and that I consider her to be like... 

77.70% on the side of Holy... 😅


(Well looking into her eyes more like 96.30% Holy but... I just kinda wanted to be a little bit more dramatic... I guess... 😅)


P.P.S. Since we are all so honest here...


I started writing this entire BLOG article as a response to...

Teal Swan's video called "Polyamory." 🤣🤣🤣




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