Cast a Spell 🧙

Cast a Spell 🧙

The word "spell" comes from the word spelling. Casting spells means: Creating a sequence of words (sentences) that will affect people's brains.

When you are casting a spell, you are trying to change the mass population's view on something through the use of words.

In other words...


casting a spell means creating propaganda. 🧙‍♀️





There are different types of propaganda, not just government propaganda. For example, I am trying to propagate the MERCH that I created. 

The words that I use in the product's description are there to sell more MERCH. The words and sentences are there to implement thoughts into people's brains that they want to buy my MERCH.


That is the ultimate goal of propaganda. To implement thoughts into people's brains. (To affect their mind chakra)



Legacy Media dying 😅


or is it?? 


Let's talk about it, shall we?? xddddddd


Have you ever heard the saying "Time is money"


Well... attention is just time that you pay to a particular thing.

You can PAY attention to a book you are reading. You can pay attention to your kids while playing hide and seek, or you can pay attention to your scroll feed while your brain is slowly melting until it melts completely and starts bleeding out of your ears.

Or maybe even you can pay attention to the breathtaking information written in a wise unfiltered BLOG, that you are glad you have found on the internet... 😅




The possibilities are endless.


That is also my point.


Today there are more and more options when it comes to spending your time. Before the internet, cable news and newspapers had almost a monopoly on the information that gets delivered to you.

Today there is way way more completion for your attention and if the old-school legacy media wants to stay in business they have to adapt to the online ecosystem.


P.S. Of course let's not forget that some of the most influential people today started as journalists for the legacy media like Matt Taibbi, Michael Shellenberger or...

poet, intellectual, journalist...

and the most handsome little nurse Jason Calacanis xdddddddddd 😅



Landing pages

If you want someone to stop mindlessly scrolling on social media and instead you want them to read your online magazine. You have to come up with a good enough hook that will steal their attention away from whatever they are doing and make them start paying attention to your article. In marketing, we call this first web page or first article that the person sees...


"landing page"


There are different types of landing pages for different audiences. If the person is clicking on a paid ad, the landing page must be quick to the point because the visitor's patience is very small. If you compare it to an organic post. People tend to spend more time after clicking on an organic post rather than on a paid one.



Targeted audience

For example, beauty products and make-ups are for women. If you want to round ads for beauty stores, the audience you will target with your ads will be women almost up to 96.30% 😅

You can ofc argue that the gay community and drag community buy makeup too, but the vast majority of beauty products sold are sold to women so...

If you are selling beauty products, you better know your customers. You better speak the same marketing language otherwise they will buy beauty products from someone else.


In the same way, social media like TikTok, Snapchat, and Bereal are known for having younger audiences, the legacy media tend to have older generations as their major audience.


Introducing the "loneliness epidemic" type of articles...


Imagine for a second that you are running an online magazine. You know that your magazine is mostly read by older generations. You need as many eyeballs on your website as possible to make as much money as possible.

We as human beings are hard-wired to respond stronger to negative emotions rather than positive ones. That is why all of the videos and articles have "Armageddon" in their title.


"Nuclear war in 7 seconds? You dead or dead??"

"Everyone will die in 2012. Watch this video or die."

"The end is near, the Mayen calendar ends in 2012."


(If your prophecies of total destruction don't work out. Try a decade later?? 😅)


P.S. The truth is that no one knows what the future holds for us. So people throughout history thought that the end is near all the time.

Kinda like we do... 😅


People use these headlines because all of these doomsday titles have a much higher click through rate. It is actually part of true awakening to try to choose every day the positive emotions over the negative ones. That includes NOT paying attention to the constant endless stream of "last day on earth" type of distractions.


Back to being a CEO of an online magazine...

Now if you know all of this. And you know that you need to make money by making as many people as possible read your online magazine. Wouldn't you write articles like...


"Loneliness is the number one killer in America"

"Be lonely. Be dead."

"Loneliness epidemic. You lonely?? You dead !! "


I can imagine these types of articles would do really well on for example Facebook where the demographic is a little bit older now, so it hits all the right criteria to go viral. (These types of articles are probably not for Google searches. They are most like created for social media as a landing page)

The truth is that we all feel lonely sometimes. You can be young at a party surrounded by your classmates and you could feel so lonely like you have never felt before or you can be hiking alone in the woods and feel in the best company ever because you are surrounded by feelings of happiness...

and unconditional love ❤️


Loneliness is part of the human experience that we all signed up for. We all have to deal with a variety of emotions. Good and bad.


(P.S. It is true that people as they age report spending more time alone but especially in Europe people also report increased levels of happiness as they age.

It is mainly because of lower levels of stress reported. Also because kids usually left the house. They are less worried. They have way more free time for their hobbies. etc etc.

People as they age stop caring about materialistic achievements as much. They start to look more towards family, community, and overall more meaningful experiences.


It could be just an intentional or an unintentional misunderstanding of the data. It all depends on how you ask the questions of the participants and also how you then interpret the data collected.


Politicians intentionally misinterpret the data in order to support their own narratives. Happens all the time.

It is a cute little tactic in the world of politics that I only truly understood when I worked in the statistical office.


One of our Czech politicians once famously said...

"I do not believe any data from polls unless I fabricate them myself."

what a fcking legend... 😅)


Don't get me wrong, the "loneliness is the end of the world" type of article might as well be just the front end (landing page) of a funnel for some new antidepressant pills or some weight loss sugar pills (mostly placebo)


We don't know...


We can never tell the intentions and motives behind these articles because...



Sponsored Articles

All of the ads that you see normally on the sides of articles. All of the banners and stuff like that. They pay approximately 30 times less than YouTube ad revenue share program.

Which means if YouTube pays you 3000 dollars for the ads that run on your video while people played it. With the same amount of people reading your article, you will earn approximately 100 dollars.

The best way to make sure you can pay your employees and keep the business at flow is still till this day, cable TV subscriptions. But if you are not a TV if you are just a newspaper physical or digital, that is a different story.


Introducing... sponsored articles 😅


Y'all probably know the Forbes 30 under 30. Some of y'all may also know that if you want to be on that list, all you have to do is just pay money. Pay Forbes money and they will include you on that list.

For example, Sam Bankman Fraud and other scammers like him would pay for fluff pieces like these in order to build up legitimacy and a good reputation.


Now most of the articles that someone paid for are usually just big ads. Product placements. The same way influencers have to disclose all their partnerships the same way online news outlets and magazines should disclose who payed for the article. #PaidSponsorship #Ad


Also the same way 3 letter agencies have budgets for movies the same way they have budgets for media. That is also one way how they try to influence TV news and written news. Through money.

With that being said, it is not just the US, literally governments all over the globe try to influence the media in varies ways. Happens basically nonstop... 😅


Look !!! The math is just not mathing on this one...


If you are a media corp. online, you almost cannot survive without sponsored partnerships with corporations or other groups of interest. Let alone make a profit.

What am trying to say is that you should always ask yourself...

"Why would someone want me to know this??"

"Who benefits from me knowing this information??"

Don't be too paranoid either. It is usually just some fcking retarded corp. trying to sell you some fcking garbage that you don't need.

Don't overthink it.


P.S. Listen! It is hard being a journalist today.

You live in a tiny little shoe box. You have to write about shitty products that you don't care about so that maybe you could afford groceries. So what they sell their opinion.


"Good for them."


"Get the bag." 💰💰💰


"Don't hate the player hate the game."


But I just want you to know that whatever you are reading...

Someone had to pay for it. In some shape or form. Someone had to pay for the person's time who wrote it. Just keep that in mind that is all... 😅


Btw... the same goes for the regular TV news. Most of the advertising is done by big pharma. That is why it would be very hard to find any news broadcasting TV that would criticize the big pharma in any meaningful way... 😅

Just sayin





Btw... almost all of the images here were created by AI... !!!!!!!!!!! this is cool tho


(P.S. Shout out to


P.P.S. As the AI is getting harder and harder to recognize the content that is starting to win on socials is a more raw type of content.


Now for real.


The generation this and generation that. That is all just another cute way how to divide us. The technology is advancing fast for all of us. Doesn't matter if you are old or young. It is hard to keep up for all of us.

Ask any programmer. (Do this step only if their social battery is fully charged xddddddddd) Any programmer will tell you that by the time they graduated, the technology has advanced enough that the information that they learned in UNI was already outdated. Etc Etc...


When the first ever movie came out. It was a train leaving a station and it was only like few minutes long. When they first aired it for the first time in the theater, people would run away from the theater thinking that a train was about to hit them.

One day that will be you. One day you will be part of the older generation and everything will seem new and too many technologies and stuff... 😅

Or maybe it is you already now.


My point is that instead of creating division between us we should have empathy for each other and we should try to help each other navigate the world that we are all co-creating together ❤️


Government propaganda

Governments use propaganda to maintain control over the mass population.

For example, every time Palestinians die, the mainstream media calls it "civilian casualties." Because tourists can be civilians. Anyone other than the person in uniform is considered a civilian.


Mainstream media is trying to cast a spell on us. 🧙


Every time I write about Palestinians I try to use words like "citizens" or "country of Palestine." So that everyone knows that the land belongs to them!


Behavior control

If you are very skillful at casting spells and changing people's perceptions about things, you can try to change their behavior too. You can try to stop people from questioning the authority. 



Also... Some artist try to implement the idea into people's brains to act crazy during concerts, so that the evil entities (demons) can come and suck out the energy that flows through people's chakras. (More on that later.)



I want to sell more of my shit. I have the intention to sell more of my shit.

Behind every propaganda, you have to find the real intention first, and then you will easily understand what the creator of the propaganda piece wanted you to do or think.

Every single day you see propaganda. Every single day you see ads from corporations trying to make you buy their products. You can see the propaganda (ADS) on TV, on social media, and in your newspaper, basically everywhere.


Most of the government propaganda is just fluff pieces trying to make you feel more love towards your nationality. Trying to make you love the country you live in more...

Trying to make you love more the government within the country that you live in.

For example, standing up during school class every day to look and sing at a national flag... might be 😅 a type of propaganda


Listen up!


There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a patriotWe make fun of the US patriots, but the honest truth is that every single country on planet Earth puts out fluff propaganda.

As a matter of fact, the fluff propaganda created by CCP China or Kim Jong Un from North Korea, is ten million times more intense.


Now 🧚 


If you want to know even more. Then click here! But I am warning you, once you learn this. You can never unlearn this.


P.S. I am obviously trying to cast spells as well. xdd

#shadowwizardmoneygang we love casting spells 💥


"Propaganda is Art. Art of changing people's minds by using nothing else but words."

(Well governments especially, use absolutely everything they can.

Not just words.

I guess, I just felt kinda like poetic or something... 😅)




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