What is a Soul? ✨

What is a Soul? ✨

The soul is everything except your physical body. We are NOT human beings with spiritual experiences. We are spiritual beings with human experiences.

The symbol for the soul is a pentagram. If a pentagram is pointing upwards, that means it is a good soul. That is why some sheriff's deputies have it as their badge = a pentagram pointing upwards. It is a symbol for the fact, that they are good souls, that are here to protect us.



Satanism is an ancient occult practice. Being a Satanist means that you participate in savage rituals that have been practiced for thousands of years by secret Satanic cults.

In recent history, they don't hide anymore and they can be seen in much of our modern music.


P.S. Paganism (Satanism) has origins in Judaism. That does NOT mean that there is something wrong with Judaism.

You have to understand that all of the Western religions have some kind of ties back to Judaism.

Christianity is basically Judaism and the New Testament. Islam is Judaism and Christianity and the teachings of Mohamed.


For example, Satanists might use a menorah during their rituals. That does NOT mean that Judaism is evil. As a matter of fact.

It is literally the opposite...


The true Judaism is a very beautiful religion full of love. ❤️


The menorah is a candle holder. It is a 3D object. In a 3D world. Only we (humans) have created special meaning behind it.

What ever menorah means to you. That is the truth. You are an amazing soul full of unconditional love ❤️ and you can choose the meaning behind 3D things.


I just wanna put this out there before yall get crazy ideas 😅

U know how y'all can be... sometimes 😅 Me too Btw xdd


P.P.S. Since we are at it. The deep state also pushes a certain type of propaganda story abusing Judaism. (Click here)


P.P.P.S. The only reason why there are so many Jews in California and in Brooklyn is because in the 1920s they were trying to escape the Pogroms.

They were trying to run away from the insane amount of racism that there was in Europe at that time.


You know like... the same way people are racist against Muslims now.


California (Hollywood) was the number one place to be in at that time. Now it is Texas (Austin). The ones that had money went to Cali and the ones that had less money (at that time) stayed in Brooklyn.


That is it.


Don't overthink it.


Satanic Rituals

The goal of a ritual is to turn your soul upside down. Turn your soul to the devil. Turn your soul 180 degrees. That is why pentagram pointing down is the symbol for the devil/satan.

This could only be done by dehumanizing the soul in any shape or form. Rituals involve disturbing acts.

If you will be participating in satanic rituals, what will start to happen, is that you will reject your natural spirit guide and you will turn your soul towards evil entities.




If you are sacrificing animals. Goats, cats, puppies.

We don't do that. On the side of the Holy, we do NOT sacrifice anything. 


do NOT do that... ever !!!


Yes, you are serving that, but you are not serving that to God. You are serving that to the evil spiritual guides (demons)...

Especially if you do that during a full moon.

You are inviting them in. Willingly.


Yes, they might give you what you prayed for fast but...

They will attach to you and destroy your life.

(Because you invited them)


❌ If you are sacrificing your beloved 3D objects that is a huge red flag. 

I do NOT have to burn the books that I love... ever!


You are on the side of evil and you don't even know it... 

please !!! STOP !!!


Who are evil entities?

Spiritual guides will guide you. Meaning you still have free will. Evil entities will push you around. They will possess you. They will take control of your body.

They don't live in our 3D world... 

They need us to produce low vibrational energy (negative emotions)


They need to create negative emotions in people. They do it through music, fear, and wars. We are containers filled with fuel for them. This fuel can be transferred through frequencies.


The price for working with evil spiritual guides (demons) is always the same. Every single time. You make a prayer (manifestation). Something you want. And you get it fast. In exchange, the demon will attach to you and you now have to feed him/her.

In other words, you create a Faust-like soul contract.

Most of you are not even aware that is what you did, you dumies

The only true difference is...

how the demon will destroy your life.

That may vary... 😅


The demons will then try to make you do evil rituals. Ideally during a full moon. The more evil rituals, the more control they will have over you. They will start to slowly possess you. Take full control over your body. In the extreme cases, when they take over, you will stop remembering what you did during that time you were possessed.


That is the main difference between the side of evil and the side of the Holy.

Everything happens so naturally on the side of the Holy that...

A lot of the Christian creators here...

have no idea they are communicating with Holy spirits.


Pls don't freak out... 😅

My Holy spirit guides just tell your Holy spirit guides to create videos for me...

Not a big deal. Totally normal stuff... 😅


All of us on the side of the Holy, we just go with the natural Holy flow. We don't have to do shit. It is all happening naturally. No sacrifices. No one forces us into anything.

Just sayin...


Evil spiritual guides (demons) examples

If you create a thought in your head.

"I want to go viral. I don't care what it takes. I just wanna be seen by millions."

And you thought about it a lot how to do it. And you go to sleep with this thought.

You made it to be a prayer. And this type of prayer might get answered by succubi. All of the super viral thirst traps male and female on socials are usually created with the help of succubi. (I can see in the eyes if it is the demon or the person btw)


Succubi are probably the weakest fcking demons I could think of.

Super easy to get rid of.


All you have to do is try to find depth within your personality. Try to find depth within your character. Try to find a depth within your heart. And it will just leave you alone. It will starve to death.


If you have any form of addiction.

You most likely have a demon attachment as well.

For example... If you have a gambling addiction that you cannot get rid of. If you can imagine this addiction as a demon and then trap it and dissolve it back into the Quantum field (source energy). Then you may beat the addiction forever.

Those evil thoughts may never come back.

Obviously... If you have a drug addiction. Especially, drug addiction that has physical symptoms (Alcohol, hard substances), you need help from real professionals (doctors).


Prayer for breaking addiction...


(Obviously. You can drink sometimes. If you know how to. If you have it under control. Which most of you don't xddddd btw... If you keep blacking out, that is your brain literally shutting off. Because you drink too much. You have to lower the dosage. You dumb fcking lovely people)


Most treatments out there are basically trying to make you stay in the high vibrations (positive emotions) long enough so that you starve those demons out. But they have a low success rate. Once people come back to their lives, they go back to their old low vibrational lives. Back to their old bad habits.


Btw... that is why I don't publicly shame anyone here.

Y'all are on the side of evil and don't even know about it. 😅


Probably like 96.30% of the people on the side of evil, do NOT know that they have the demons (evil spiritual guides) attached to them.

You have to sit the fck down and start negotiating...

with your (evil) spiritual guides...


Listen! Even if you think you are super Holy, it is always good to create an image inside your head. Just to be sure.




Group A - Mainstream population (asleep)

The majority population is still "asleep." This means you haven't done the proper healing of your bad memories (shadows) and you are not spiritual at all.

Yes, you may get spiritually attacked but you may also get spiritually protected by your ancestors. But nothing super crazy. Normal life stuff.


For example... If you develop an alcohol addiction. If you drink every night. Hoping to drink the pain away. You will develop what I call "demon attachment." Basically, you have a little devil sitting on your shoulder telling you to drink and drink, more and more. 


That still doesn't mean you are possessed.


The demon has NO control over you. Yes, it is telling you to do stuff but you are still 100% in control (on a spiritual level). You can theoretically stop whenever you want.

(Well when it comes to alcohol. If you have real severe addiction you will also experience withdrawal symptoms. Specifically with alcohol, these symptoms can be life-ending. You have to contact your doctor if you want to do cold turkey)


Alcoholism looks different for each and every one of us.



Yes, the fact that traditional media glorifies the nightlife lifestyle does not help. Of course, having fun with friends is not the end of the world. Look it's just you kinda have to know when enough is enough.

When the parting and having fun turns into a habit, that is usually too late. Somewhere along the line, it is important to set up strong personal healthy boundaries.

I would personally discourage anyone from gambling. It is really hard to get rid of a gambling addiction. And I have nothing but love and support for anyone who is struggling.


Btw... Just because you are still asleep (Muggle) does NOT mean you don't have superpowers. You just have to heal first and then you can unlock them.




We are talking about like extra-special intuition type of shit.

I am sorry to burst your bubble but...


You might never really be able to shoot spider webs from your tiny little dick hole.


I know... 😭😭😭


It would be truly amazing xddddddd


Holy Avengers


Holy Avengers

Assemble... xddddddddddddddd

If you have done a decent amount of healing. And you naturally started to be more spiritual. And you started to work with the spiritual guides on the side of the Holy. Sometimes even without knowing that is what you are doing... 😅

I consider you to be a Holy Avenger !!!


If you wanna be more old-school and call your spiritual guides, angels or "message from the Holy Spirit" totally cool. Don't worry, I know what you are talking about:)


If you are a Holy Avenger, that means you are on a little bit more advanced spiritual level. That means you have a little bit more supernatural energy within. That means your Aura field might be a little bit bigger without you even knowing it.

Therefore, you might get more spiritually attacked by evil spiritual guides (demons) than the general public (group A)... 😅

Spiritual (psychic) attacks are avoidable if you know how to protect yourself.

At least most of them... 😅


Also, you should try to train your inner peace (Zen flow) daily. It makes you more emotionally resilient not just to spiritual attacks but to bad life events in general.

It makes you more high vibrational (positive emotions) in the long term.


Group C

The side of evil... 

Sometimes people just start totally good. On the right path. On the side of Holy, but then life happens. Not everything always goes as smoothly as we wish it would. And that is when the evil spiritual guide (demon) might try to attach themselves to you. Then she/he will keep feeding you a bad thoughts that will lead you to experience low vibrational states (bad emotions).


Still doesn't mean you are possessed.


Maybe you started practicing some of the spiritual stuff without being properly healed first. That is also when the demon can easily attach to you at some point.


Still doesn't mean you are possessed tho. 


Maybe you started doing the demon magic. Maybe you started doing some of the spells (Love Letter Method) without fully knowing what you are actually doing. That is when you have 100% demon attachment. When you do that you are creating Faust-like contract between you and evil spiritual guide (demon). The spell will never work unless the demon attaches to you.


That still doesn't mean you are possessed by a demon.


If you wanna get possessed by a demon...

You would really have to go balls deep...

You would have to go Aleister Crowley or Anton LaVey on this shit.


You would have to willingly perform many and many satanic rituals in order to really fully give up your soul into the hands of the evil spiritual guide (demon). Don't worry, that will most likely never happen to you:)

Unless you wanna completely ruin your life,

I would personally recommend you...

not to do that... 😅

But it is up to you. Hey. It is your life. You do you.


Satanist made voluntary decision?

Yes, same way if you want to embrace your natural spiritual guide. It must be a conscious decision. In the same way, if you really want to turn your soul to the evil entities you have to make a conscious decision.

Yes, no one is forced into Satanism. They all join willingly. They are usually offered luxury lavish lifestyles and fame in exchange for their soul.

But trust me it is NOT worth it at all!


Important (Click here)


Now if you want to learn how to fight against the Evil Entities (Daemons), then read the article called "Spiritual Journey."


Why would God create evil entities?

If there were only good choices. If there were only natural positive spiritual guides, there would be no Free will.


P.S. The devil (Satan) does not really exist in like a 3D type of way... Satanists worship Lucifer or Lilith. (Real beings)

Just so u know... 😅 (good to know)


Satan's energy == low evil frequencies (emotions);


These frequencies could be sent at you to form "bad thoughts" inside your head. But don't worry. Once you start meditating and properly listening to yourself. It will be easy for you to recognize which thoughts are your own and which ones are sent by someone else.


God sometimes gives the heaviest burdens to her/his strongest soldiers. We need all to have more EMPATHY with each other ❤️




P.P.S. Listen. You did NOT meet satan. That is not possible. He is not real... 😅


You met an evil spiritual guide (demon) from 6th density.

You know. You can ask for their name... 😅

Doesn't matter if it is a spiritual guide on the side of evil or the side of the Holy they all have human names that they go by. As a matter of fact, you should always ask what their name is during meditation when you create a mental image. You can then google that name and if it is like a God of war. Or a samurai of war. Or angel of death. Or something like that, it means they are on the side of evil.

(They might not like... tell you tell you. They might like... send you a video. You know what I mean. They will like... suggested stuff with like the synchronicities and shit)


Astral projection is just an ability that anyone can learn. Doesn't matter if you are on the side of evil or the side of the Holy. You can think of astral projection as scuba diving. Anyone can learn it. But do you really like to scuba dive??? xdddddd




Empathy! ❤️

Please, WAKE UP! It's not about Left vs. Right. It's not about Deep State vs. Outsiders. It's about humans together! We have to save humanity together!

Most Satanists regret ever joining. Yes, they made the voluntary decision to join, but once you are in, you cannot leave. You lose the ability to have a free will. And many of them retrospectively regret the decision. 


We need to set their souls free! We need to set all of our souls free! ❤️


How do we do that?

God is about to put on a little bit of a show... no spoilers 😅


By raising our consciousness. We all need to be more awakened!

To achieve Jesus Christ level of awakening.

To achieve Jesus Christ consciousness.

In order to be "awakened" all you have to do is truly 100% love yourself. You can do that by completing the first 2 levels in the spiritual journey.

How many awaken positive souls do we need?


According to the rumors 144 000 positive souls. We have me. So we only need 143 000 more:) (NOT a math error. There are other people waking up not just me)

Btw... If we will play the numbers game I am calling dibs on number 32 😅


P.S. I love you. You have very beautiful Holy eyes, but I think the "144 000" is just a symbol. It may not even mean the number of people. It is just a symbol. Whatever it means to you that is what it is.

Let's not overthink this.




Soul purpose

P.S. You may find out... 😅

That we (The holy spiritual community) do NOT have one single definition of what the soul's purpose in life is. If you feel like some of the stuff sounds a little bit contradictory...

That is because every one of us might have a little bit of a different understanding of what it actually is. We usually go with heart and experience. Analytics and logic are pretty useless when it comes to souls.




What we call in a spiritual community "soul purpose" or "soul path" is NOT a job or career. You have to look at it from the perspective of souls.

For example...


Your soul in a previous life had an extremely hard time speaking up. Maybe even fear of authorities.

So this time your soul decided to reincarnate as an introvert and slowly over your whole lifetime. Your soul wants to learn how to truly be able to speak up for them self.


Idk... stuff like that... you know what I mean.


Souls do NOT hate capitalism. Souls do NOT love capitalism. They just simply don't care at all. 


Life Path Story! (Always trust your heart)


Keisha - Website !!!


Yes, "experiencing creativity" and experiencing how it really feels like to allow the creative dark energy to flow through you that could be your soul purpose. But it is NOT the only one out there.

Actually, part of the "spiritual fun" is trying to find out why your soul decided to come here in the first place.

Life's mission activation spell.


Don't forget you always have a FREE WILL !!!


Advanced spiritual concept...


(P.S. Again! Spiritual Awakening is not about jobs at all. Your life's purpose is not about a job at all. Souls don't care about jobs or money or anything like that. It is about finding out how to be as happy as humanly possible every single day. It is about finding out what makes you happy and trying to focus on that.

For example, like collecting stamps or LEGO sets or walking your dog. It absolutely doesn't matter what job you do.

Am just sayin.

And of course, if you are on an advanced level like you are. If you have done the shadow work. You can decide to help others awaken, but that is just a bonus. That is not a mandatory step... 😅)


Multiple souls

Don't overthink it. Yes, theoretically you can have multiple souls within your own body. It is kinda extremely rare and no it is not you. (Most likely)

I know what you are thinking right now...




First of all, there doesn't seem to be any correlation between a person who has a multiple souls within and some who suffers with schizophrenia.

Second of all, yes our ancestors believed that someone born with a schizophrenia was a special magical person. So they would usually make them to be the Shaman.


Our ancestors also made a hole in the ground and shit in it. And only the ones with OCD would wipe. Wiping was NOT a common practice back then.


so................... Maybe??


We don't have to do everything like the way our ancestors did. Maybe?? We could allow a certain amount of progress.


We have a fcking medicine NOW !!!

Pls take your meds...

That is what I am trying to say :)))






P.S. Please allow Mozart to clean your mind.


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