FULL MOON - November 27th 2023

FULL MOON - November 27th 2023

Full Moon is exceptionally powerful.

There is just no question about it. 

But trust me. A lot of people will be paying very close attention to what will be happening in 3 days.

And so should you.

If you want to fully understand what will be happening on November 27th 2023 then watch Anastasias video on YouTube.


Full Moon


The Full moon from October 28th till November 27th was about learning. Y'all should have done your spiritual homework.

The Full moon from November 27th till December 26th is about transformation.


P.P.S. Everyone who ever worked in an Emergency room knows that Full Moon shifts are the worst. Am I right?? Xdd


Astrology and Zodiac Signs

When I was hardcoreassin all of this information during the "study" full moon, I didn't pay attention too much to astrology.


but... xddddddddd


Don't you worry baby a little bit is coming... xoxo


Something keeps happening all the time. Very confusing but I will try soon...



Birth Chart

A birth chart is what your soul is shown before reincarnation. The soul lists between birth charts until it finds a human experience (life) that the soul wants to experience. In your birth chart, you can find out more about your life purpose, etc. etc.


Gaaaaalz and Guyyyyyz listen carefully !!!


It is all written from the perspective of the soul. There is not a single word about what career you should take or what job best fits you. What is written in your chart is like...

"Your soul wanted to overcome the feelings of jealousy. So you will feel jealous a lot until you learn your karmic lesson. If you achieve your purpose and you transmute all of the negative feelings of jealousy...

Be light! Be happy for the rest of your life! Etc. etc."


At least that is more of the overall vibe of what a birth chart kinda is. It is not a textbook guideline on how to live your life. Please be normal and take these things with fun and lightheartedness.

In many ways, astrology and zodiac signs tend to be the equivalency of conspiracy theories for women. Please again, I would love to emphasize. Do not take these things too seriously. It should be HAHA and giggles...

It should not dictate your life.


The reason why we don't show anyone our birth chart is that it serves as a spiritual identifier. You all are probably familiar with for example string of hair that is used in voodoo as a spiritual identifier. Birth charts can be used similarly as well.

If someone wants to send an evil eye on you. Hex you. It could be much easier done if you have a spiritual identifier of the person that you are trying to influence.


Now with all of this being said... 😅


Do NOT worry! It doesn't work the way it is shown in the Hollywood movies. Those are just movies. In real life, the best you can do is implement thoughts into someone's head. Like for example the "Love letter method" that I talk about in the article called Billionaires.

I am also trying to teach you how to get rid of these psychic attacks in the same article, so don't forget to check it out there.


If you have any size of a following, I would personally advise you to NEVER show your birth chart publicly. You never know... 😅


Btw... I don't know who (Vatican) told you that zodiac signs are demonic but...

they are NOT !!!


Since we are already speaking of... 😅😅😅



The Vatican corp.

P.S. I have to be honest I haven't seen the entire lecture...

but so far it seems very very interesting...

Click here !!!


If you are born grotesquely rich and am talking at least a blue blooded European royal (There are more than just the British ones) allegedly the Vatican's astrology department will do your birth chart for you.

In exchange for undisclosed amount of money of course... 😅

Now just because your insanely rich paps calls the Jesus's hotline to ask for a snapshot of the sky the moment you were born, does not make you evil. Actually, someone may argue it is quite the opposite.


The Vatican corp. has several of these fun little shadowy gigs that they are not always 100% upfront about per say... 😅


Funny how the turnings are tabling xdddddd Aren't they?? Aren't they xddddddd


(It is just a rumor. I am not sure how much of that is actually true. But it is a fun little rumor out there so...

I wanted to include it in... 😅

I would personally recommend you to be appropriately skeptical when approaching any rumors regarding the Vatican or the Royal families)




Since the big news I have already prayed for the well being of the princess.

I would love nothing more than if you could join me...


Pray for the global peace.

Pray for unconditional love.

Pray for the early recovery of Kate's health.





Spiritually advanced astrology community

(If you do not resonate with this part of the article. Maybe it is not for you xoxo)


P.S. Me going into new moon's energy xddddddddd


P.P.S. Numerology is also a very interesting part of esoteric teachings. For example, freemasons started as a school for future architects so...

They love numbers and shapes... 😅

But also I would emphasize not to allow numbers to rule over your life.


First of all, what happened to hello?? Meaning... 

You never explain any of the terms that you are using. Wtf does "retrograde" mean. Wtf, do you mean by "houses" etc. etc. You are literally using your own language. You have developed "terms" that are only specific to astrology. If you want to appeal to a broader audience, you have to explain some of these terms more coherently.

By sharing more and more information, you are not losing on anything. Quite the opposite. You are introducing more and more new people to the world of astrology.

(It would create broader interest for the astrology as a whole)


Second of all, you don't know shit.

None of you know shit compare to the Vatican's astrologers so maybe stop shitting on each other and rather help each other learn new information.

STOP hating on each other. If the other person doesn't know the stuff that you know...

be normal and say... "Hey, maybe it is this way." "I have learned this." etc. etc.


Third of all. If you want to use Astrology to make short-term future predictions...


Listen !!!


The tarot cards or the astrology and zodiac signs only work as a tool. They are only supposed to help you while channeling your spiritual guides. You have to deepen your relationship with your spiritual guides and that way you will be able to make predictions that are way more accurate.


What is actually happening is that...


You are connected with the client's frequency. You are connecting with clients Aura field. Which will tell you what vibration (emotional state) do they operate long-term. The better you can feel the client's vibrational state, the more accurate your predictions will be.

(There are infinite amounts of possibilities so it doesn't always work out)


Also, try to think of it as more of a "message from your spiritual guides"

"what do you need to hear" and less of a "predictions" per say.


What you need to do is sit with yourself. Pay close attention to your own vibrations (emotions) Pay close attention to your heart. The more you do that. The more you understand your own vibrations the better you will be at noticing other people's vibrations.


Fourth of all !!! For the love of God don't be fcking retarded.

All of this spiritual stuff. All of the zodiac signs and all of the astrology is supposed to be fun. You cannot allow it to take over your life.


What is next??


If the cards or zodiac signs say...


You should storm the capitol, would you do it??


Probably not.


so... 😅


You know xddddd


Take a fcking chill pill and chill the fck out !!!




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