Frequencies is extremely important.

It is a form of mass communication between the artist and the audience through frequencies. 


Especially the 432hz frequency is extremely important. 

Because it speaks directly to your soul.


That is why some songs, you just cannot get outside of your head.


What ever you will feed your soul will affect your life.



432 Hz frequency is also extremely useful for propaganda. If you want people to believe something, tell it to their souls directly, and they will be way more likely to believe everything you say.


But listen...


It doesn't work like magic in Harry Potter or anything even close to that. A strong independent mind can easily recognize what thoughts originated within and which ones did not.



Reiki healing

(The power of light energy)

Reiki is a form of healing where the enlightened Holy healer temporarily extends their Aura field in order to send out healing frequencies from their heart or other chakras.


Yes, I believe that praying over someone's well-being can heal them from their illness. Yes, I believe it is theoretically possible to heal with nothing but listening to the right frequency.




There is no real science yet supporting any of this. Unless the US deep state decides to publish any of its official research in this field...


Pls don't be retarded.

What I am trying to say is that there are always so many scammers trying to sell you snake oil (alternative medicine) so...

Please don't fall for it. 


The real medicine

Yes, miracles do happen but that is rare.

That is why it is called a miracle.

Sometimes God intended for things to happen a certain way.


Doctors and nurses study years and years in order to be able to help you when you need it. They are trying their absolute best day in and day out.

They save lives every day.




Souls can manifest effortlessly and instantly. We are souls having a human experience. Our souls felt so extremely bored, that they wanted a challenge and they decided to be born as human beings on planet Earth.

That is also why, many of the manifesting videos on my YouTube playlist, are in 432hz frequency. This particular frequency should help you to manifest with ease.


We (as human beings) do not have the ability to manifest instantly. We can generate ideas of what we want and generate the following ideas, "how to get what we want."

But we cannot manifest instantly. (More on that in Rich Fucks)


You have to understand it doesn't work like magic in fairy tales. There are a lot of limits to what you can do and what is outside of the possibilities.

Your wishes have to be 60% and more realistic. Meaning that it would happen anyway even if you didn't wish for it. You should think of it more in terms of steering a wheel instead of actually manifesting from nothing.


You are welcome xoxo


P.S. You can check out the main Playlist by clicking here.

In the playlist on YouTube, you will find a Music that is for example 888 Hz + 8 Hz.

That is specifically, for astral projecting (sleeping) and the 8 Hz is for grounding (root chakra). It is better to be grounded during Astral Projecting so that you have a pleasant experience.




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