Conspiracy Theories 🤔

Conspiracy Theories 🤔



yea... this one is heavy xdd








Conspiracy theories are supposed to be fun and lighthearted

You are not supposed to storm a pizza place because you saw a video online.

The best job of keeping it light does AJ and HeckleFish from The Why Files YouTube channel.


P.S. The Vatican's archives are just a big library. Every time something like the Miami mall's accident happens one of the Vatican's priests will make a written record of what happened and some context as well I guess.

Look! These supernatural, paranormal stories are extremely hard to believe. And also how can we know that story from 15th century is actually true or not. Yes it was recorded by a priest, but you know how stories are. People exaggerate and stories tend to turn into urban legends.

Vatican is not trying to gate keep these stories particularly. People just naturally lose interest and start paying attention to something else.


Have you ever seen the show Hoarders?? That is basically your answer to "why."

The Vatican's archive is just hard to believe stories on soooooo old paper that if you look at it for too long it will disintegrate.

Don't overthink it. It is not that big of deal xdddddddd 😅


Fake Online Fucks 

Governments have literally been using agents to go on chatting, forums and spread misinformation for ages.

Since the first computers were purchased and used by the public, there have already been agents waiting to write propaganda emails xdddddd

Since the little incident around the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, people have become aware of governments using agents (teams of humans) to create fake accounts and change the public's perception online.


Obviously, corporations use this method too...


To be honest. I have bought a fake social media (IG) following for my previous businesses too... 😅


Reddit + 4chan

For the love of God... stop believing every fcking stranger online. Yes, stories on Reddit are interesting and fun, but most of them are probably fcking fake.

Young aspiring novel authors will just go on Reddit to basically train their writing skills.




Too good to be True!

If it sounds too good to be true. It probably is. Just sayin.


Maybe?? 🤔


You should not believe every fcking retarded thing you read or see online. Especially if it comes from a stranger. (Including me... 😅) That kind of stranger online most likely does NOT have good intentions in their heart. (I actually try every day to have nothing but Holy good intentions in my heart. At least I try... 😅)






Just because there is a lot of disinformation online, doesn't me that we should all listen to donor-backed creeps. (Media, Politicians, etc. etc.)

Trying to force you to submit a government photo ID in order to use social media is super extra creepy. Just because a few fcking idiots believe everything they find online. That doesn't mean that we all have to live in a North Korea type of environment.


Jews do NOT rule the world !!!


Although... 😅


It is a little bit more complicated. 


The deep state realized that they could not tell everything to everyone, because people just cannot handle it. If you are not born psychopath or sociopath, you cannot be told the whole story.

According to the latest research psychopathy and sociopathy have NOTHING to do with your personality (OCEAN).

If you are a psychopath or sociopath = all it really means is that the part of the brain that is responsible for feeling emotions is completely inactive.


Psychopaths are born with the emotional center turned off. (Literally since birth)


Being a sociopath means that you had a big head trauma and due to this accident part of your brain is dysfunctional.






This is new information to the mainstream. It is not new to the deep state.

Just because someone is born without emotions does not mean they are evil. Actually, what it means is that you cannot be either. You cannot be Holy and you cannot be evil.

You don't have the capacity to judge whether the intentions are holy or evil. Because you don't feel any emotions. Because you do not have any intuition.

It makes these people perfect for service. Because they will do any task regardless.


I know this. The deep state members know this. Yall the last one to find out... 😅


Up to like 80% of Navy Seals (approximately) are either psychopaths or sociopaths. Because they are perfect at following orders. I can tell you which one is which just by looking into their eyes.

(Almost always) 

(Because sociopaths usually have some emotions still turned on)


Again... just because you don't feel any emotions does not make you a bad person!


All those horrors (They lie) are just meant to keep you low vibrational. They are not based on truth. Psychopathy is around 1% of the population (approximately). There are 332 million people in the United States.

1% means there are a 3 million psychopaths. Yes, a lot of them are in prison, but a lot of them live perfectly fine lives. Just like you do. They just don't feel any emotions.


P.S. Some people in the spiritual community believe that psychopaths have no soul which is why they don't feel any emotions, but I have literally seen several of them describe out-of-body experiences.

You can only experience "out-of-body experience" if you have something more than just a body... 😅

This obviously leads me to believe that every single human being has at least one soul within.

The "psychopathy" thingy...

is just a meat vehicle (body) issue. You can kinda like think of your body as a car. With the right gear and tools, it is fixable.


Again... I know this. The deep state knows this. Yall the last one to find out. 😅


P.P.S. If you want to manipulate people, you have to create a cord between you and the person that you are trying to manipulate. Cord means that there is an invisible energetic connection between you and the person you are trying to manipulate. The problem is that the cords go both ways. Without you realizing it. You are being manipulated back.


Lying and manipulating are two different things.


Lying means that your heart vibrates at a certain vibration and your mind vibrates at a different one. Your heart always tells the truth. If you want to lie, you have to hold the lie within your mind while feeling the truth within your heart. Even if you are lying to yourself it feels uncomfortable because the truth is burning within you.


Psychopaths are amazing at lying because their heart vibrates (truth). Their mind vibrates (lie), but because the part of the brain that is supposed to feel emotions is turned off, they don't feel the lie (or the truth).


They don't ever feel like they are lying. 


Again... With all of this being said just because someone doesn't feel any emotions doesn't mean they are a bad person.


First of all, you have to understand maintaining a lie is extremely hard. You don't have to be hardcore spiritual like I am to pick up on what is a lie and what is not. Eventually, the truth always comes out. That is why lying is not a good manipulation technique.

That is the truth... 😅


Contradictory to popular belief, almost all of the politicians and CEOs are people with emotions. They are not psychopaths. That is because people can smell BS miles away, and if you are trying to run for public office and you are campaigning, people will eventually sniff you out.


Look, it is not easy to live without emotions when 99% of the entire society has emotions. There are not that many jobs that you can do without having any emotions. In a lot of jobs like waiter, nurse, etc. etc....

You need emotions.

We need more empathy and more awareness.

Again... Just because someone doesn't feel any emotions doesn't mean they are a bad person!


So... how does it ties to Judaism?

The deep state knows that the whole story is way too much. Especially if you have emotions. So what story do you tell people who work for you?

Christianity is a little bit too mainstream. Islam is the one that we are all supposed to hate. So they abuse Judaism. (It is not the only religious group that the US deep state takes advantage of... 😅)


It is the Truth.


All of the "Jews" that supposedly run things. Those are all just foot soldiers. Low-level tier deep state members. They haven't been told shit.

I know even one name. She or he converted to Judaism just so he or she could get ahead in their little career. The foot soldiers are deeply motivated by money and prestige (greed). They are the true meaning of the word goyim.

They are just greedy and completely blind to what is really going on.


The true inner inner layer is not Jewish (a little bit) at all xoxo


Why I am telling you all of this? I would never. But the fcking goyim. The fcking foot soldiers are blocking any meaningful peace within the middle east.

There is a huge disconnect between the inner inner layer and the goyim. The real inner layer of the deep state knows that Israel is just a proxy.

The fcking goyim think that it is something more...

I wanted the Peace Yesterday




Right Now! 


Will do as well.






(P.S. Fake gurus and fake pastors abuse, religion all the time to gain financial means. Why do you think governments would be any different?


Grow up...


Governments all around the world push certain religious narratives to gain control over people. Ever heard about theocratic dictatorships?


Most people are kinda aware of the Jewish foot soldiers because they operate in Hollywood. (And sometimes the celebrities will talk) That is just thanx to all of the Jewish immigrants from the 1920s. Since then, Hollywood has been always Jewish. And some of these Jews (Not all of them) started double dippin and started working with the 3 letter agencies.


The world of Billionaires is not as big as you might think... 😅


Jews do NOT rule the world...


Politics is a very complex chess game with many many many different groups of interest.


For example...


AIPAC (Jewish think tank), Republican Party, Democratic Party, Military-industrial complex, National rifle association (Lobby group), Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Supreme Court, Pentagon, Pharmaceutical lobby (Big pharma), The White House, Bureaucrats in DC, 3 letter agencies, Hollywood, Legacy media


The baby formula lobby... That is just disgusting !!!


Those are just a few famous examples of different groups of interest that have different levels of political "power" (or in some cases, we are only talking about political influence)

Together, they try to influence knowingly (or sometimes unknowingly) the US culture by participating in the broad complex game that we call politics.


Yes, the relationship between Israel and the United States is very unhealthy but this could only change from the bottom up. It could only change by awakening the American Zionists (radical Christians and radical Jews)

They would have to STOP believing all of the nonsensical fairy tales that have been whispered into their ears since early childhood. And they would have to start focusing on the true core of their respected religions. Which is unconditional love for all people. (Including Muslims)




Kabbalah is originally a Jewish word and means...

"to receive"

To receive knowledge from your teacher in school. To receive knowledge from a higher power (God, Allah, El, David, Universe, Creator, Jesus etc. etc.)

The word "Kabbalah" itself has a deeper meaning. It is supposed to remind you to be humble and open-minded. Basically, it means...

You are never smart enough. You should be always ready "to receive" more knowledge and wisdom from the higher power.


Kabbalah teachings are occult esoteric hidden spiritual teachings. Kabbalah teachings are basically a way how to become enlightened Jewish style. Basically, everything am teaching you here in the BLOG 🔥🔥🔥 for free...

Kabbalah teachings are the Jewish version of that.


I would love to write more about (shit on) other world religions as well in the future but for now am only well-read enough to criticize Christianity (The BLOG article called "Vatican Corp.")


George Soros

George Soros and his long-term business partner Stanley Druckenmiller are both legends on Wall Street. They first appeared in the public eye when they were able to benefit from the crash of the British pound in September 1992. Like a every good story, only half of it is actually true... 😅

There is a myth going around that they caused the crash. That is simply not true. The crash of the British pound would happen anyway they just have been able to find a way how to benefit from it financially.


George was born as a Hungarian Jew in 1930. Hungary didn't do any holocaust shit, but they would deport all Jews to Germany...

for free... 😅

He only survived because they pretended to be Christians. He has a lot of trauma from childhood because even before the war. All of Europe would be extra racist against Jews (Pogroms) They would put Jews in jail for no reason etc etc.

He basically feels a lot of sympathy for the black community and other minorities and wants to make sure that no one is put behind bars for no reason. He uses his money (lobby) to influence the politics in DC and other cities as well to push diversity, inclusion etc. etc. (All perfectly legal... btw)


P.S. Big shout out to my homeboy Nicholas Winton who saved hundreds of innocent kids from going into concentration camps. He did it by organizing rescue trains and plains from Prague to Great Britain


Today George is something like 144 years old or something IDK so...

His son Alexander Soros has been continuing the work and advocating for the same core values. Look at him shake hands xoxo xdddddddd

I fully understand the ideology and I know that this all comes from good intentions. But even good intentions when taken to extreme can be creating unnecessary struggles for people on day to day basis.

When it comes to political issues and political ideologies, I would personally try to advise anyone to stay away from extremism and try to be as close to equilibrium as possible.



Rich Fucks do NOT rule the world !!!


Although... 😅


Naaaaaaaahh am fcking with yall xddddddddd


Although... 🤣🤣🤣 


Take for example my homebrother Mark Zuckerberg.

He actually has a little bit of money xdddddd

Now for real. Mark is very intelligent. He is very very very hardworking. Thanx to these qualities, like many other billionaires, he has been able to achieve a lot of success in his life. Thanx to this success he has...


He has a lot of influence. Billionaires like him have a lot of different ways how to shape our society. How to influence our culture today. If it is by inventing cool new shit. Or if it is by using their fortunes to fight for noble causes or if it is simply by having a lot of business connections...

It is probably NO secret to anyone that your average billionaire has way way way more ways how to influence stuff happening in the world rather than us (the general public) And yes billionaires have many more ways how to influence politics as well but...

There are over 9 billion people in the world. I would love to remind you there are more countries than just the United States. Yes, you can try to influence people's minds by different types of propaganda but at the end of the day. We are all co-creators of this universe and we get to decide what thoughts we will pay attention to and what thoughts don't serve us.


No one rules the world. We all create the world together! ❤️


That is why I am trying to teach you how to differentiate between Holy thoughts and Evil thoughts so that you can better participate in the co-creation of this beautiful universe. 


P.S. With all of this being said. Let me tell you something.

Just because no one can really be...

the one ruler...

the one king...

the one has it all...

That doesn't mean that those rich motherfuckers don't try... 😅


The way some of them speak about themselves...


Some of yall need to find your way back to Jesus.


You need to ground yourself properly.

You need to remind yourself every day what you are grateful for.

Don't forget.

The evil goes for the ego first... 😅



Listen Carefully !!!

P.S. If you love action movies and you want to feel immerse into the world of being a true spy and work for the 3 letter agencies...

Then I have the perfect movies for you... 😅

Enjoy! xddddddd


99.9% of all agents working for the 3 letter agencies are on the side of the Holy. They are pro-humanity. (Even tho it may not always seem like it... 😅) Every day and night they work their ass off to make sure you all are safe!

So what...

they don't tell you everything...

They don't even tell each other everything. 😅

(Sleepy Joe probably just overnaped and forgot to do shit... 😅 again...)


You think you want to know everything but...

Let's be real here for a second.


You can barely handle the information that is written in this BLOG 🔥🔥🔥



Bubble Burstholin

Also all of the people who are on cable TV and talk about archangels and spirituality and Aliens. They all have in some shape or form a contract with the deep state. Usually through 3rd party etc. etc.


Btw, there are like ten gazillion people like this...

The problem is...

Not everything they put out there is the truth...


❌ There is a myth going around that they have to tell you what is really going on.


That is simply NOT true.


✔️ They don't have to do shit. They want you to know. But yall so kinda like a little bit fcking retarded, you don't believe shit no more.

The government has you so messed up that...

Some of y'all are like...

"I did believe in Aliens, but then the government started talking about disclosure and I knew something was up. They must be trying to hide some shit or something."

There is a lot of good information out there and also a lot of disinformation.

I get it... 😅


P.S. Guyzzzz and Gaaalzzzz Listen very carefully!

All of the governments all around the world always try to influence the most mainstream movies that will be seen by the general public. That is literally happening in all of the countries around the world not just US.

The movie "Doctor Strange" should have been just called "Look what are cool agents can do. They can astral project. How coolzies is that" 

+ Plus a little bit of that superhero costumes type of shit... IDK... 😅


Or something like that I don't know. I am like my babe Dakota. I don't really do the superhero childish stuff. Now listen...

I know this might be confusing for yall so...

Let me elaborate... 😅


Running around an imaginary castle in ill fitting outfits with wooden dildos in your hand, might seem a little bit childish as well but...

Do not get confused... 😅

It is a completely different thing. #TrustMeBro

It is actually a deep rotted sign of a strong healthy masculinity, for a young smart very well-read gentleman, to like Harry Potter a little tiny bit more than is considered usual xdddd

Trust me on this one... 😅


Now wait a minute...

Isn't Madame Web clairvoyant?? 🤯🤯🤯


The movie Madame Web is single handedly the best argument why we should pay writers a livable wage instead of relying solely on Pentagon's stuff xdddddd


(I mean it worked. It was so unbelievably bad that it did make the headlines and it did raise the awareness about our new little party tricks that the soul has for some of us... 😅


You know.

Who am I to judge)


Also... How the fck do you think I know all this shit.

I don't have any inside information or source.

I am watching the same retarded movies as y'all do. I watch the same shitty videos online as you do. The truth is kinda all there just it is in bits and pieces... 😅

But there is also a lot of disinformation put out there so...

I get it. Not judging.

In today's age especially it might be hard to tell what is and what isn't a truth.


Mom energy xdddddddd


Aliens 👽

Don't worry I won't leave out all the sweet juicy stuff...

I will tell yall... 😅

(Btw, you don't have to believe any of this. It is totally up to you)


According to the mainstream theory we have evolved from primates.


The newest theory suggests... 😅

That we not only have a DNA from primates but...

At some point, our DNA has been altered by Extraterrestrial races (Aliens) from different planets. The most commonly known ones are...




Tall whites!

Blue Avian (Amun-Ra - you can actually work with him)

Arcturian (Channeling - Paul Miljus)

Reptilians - Yes, reptilians are one of the many alien races that we have a little bit of genes from. I know that they have a bad rep but grow up. It is just a meat vehicle.

We have all intermingled for centuries. All human beings have a little bit of reptilian DNA within. As well as other alien races. Even you reading this right now have a little bit of reptilian DNA.


I have put different music in the YT playlists so you can try to channel them. It might theoretically work, but obviously I am not promising you anything xddddd


P.S. First of all, every single human being is a "Starseed." When we usually use the term "Starseed" we are talking about a soul that had reincarnated as something other than human (alien) before.

Every single soul had that experience. When you are first separated from God's energy. You NEVER go to earth as your first reincarnation.

Because Earth is way too hardcore... 😅

You can try to find out your starseed origin (Your first incarnation ever) from your Akashic records. Although this information may not be "available" to you right away.


Sometimes when we in the spiritual community say about someone that, he or she is starseed. We mean that this is their first incarnation as a human. This means they had a previous life as a higher dimensional being (alien) before this life.


On Earth, as a human, we don't remember our previous reincarnations (lives) but other aliens that live in higher dimensions do remember. Every single newborn Pleiadian remembers his or her previous lives.

Just so you know xddddddd


Also, as we are evolving into the 5th dimension some of the newborn kids will remember their previous lives automatically as well. I saw the other day TikTok of a 4-year-old old who remembers her brother from her previous life, but the mom said that she is an only child.

Just so you know that is perfectly normal. Don't worry about it.

Kinda like Dorothy, but you won't have to hit your head.

(P.S. Blue, Purple, and Grey in this instance means a type of soul family that your soul is originally from. These several channeled messages don't talk about aliens at all. It is about our human soul families. I just wanted to clarify)


I almost forgot to tell you that the Aliens know that they should be here right at this moment, because they work with the same Spiritual Guides, as we do. Aliens from the 5th dimension (Alive) have spiritual guides from the 5th density (Dead).

But you can work with spiritual guides from the 5th density (dead) too...

If you wanna.


Yeah... 😅


We are all kinda like...




All connected through Jesus... 😅 (God, Allah, El, David, Universe, Creator, etc. etc)


Why I am telling you all of this?


(Btw... my third eye "extra extra" opened when I was looking at both of these pictures. I guess they both wanted to be in... 😅)


This one will welcome you xoxo


For all my Holy Avengers

We are evolving as Humans all together. We are all shifting from the 3D into the 5th dimension. All of the Alien races that are already in the 5th dimension (Tall whites, Pleadiens, etc., etc.) are orbiting Earth right now. 

You cannot see them because they are literally living in a different dimension. In the 5th dimension. They will make first contact this year 2k24 or the early 2k25.




Well basically...


When you go to sleep, your soul leaves the body and goes to the Astral Real. That is 100% true, you just don't remember that. The aliens have technology that picks up the soul.


Kinda like a dream Uber !!!


We all lightworkers will be picked up and we will hang out in the Alien spaceship during our sleep. We will have hang outs and chill outs all happing during our sleep. 


I felt like you might wanna know about it... 😅


So that you won't freak out... 😅


Also as we are slowly but surely approaching a 5th dimension. You can already sometimes see the aliens travel in the sky and pick up the souls. Don't worry about it. If they really wanted you fcking dead. You would be dead yesterday. They are all super peaceful.

It is a party up there... 🥂


If you have a problem remembering your dreams, you can buy what is called "Dream crystal." It is a type of crystal that remembers your dreams. 

You just have to kinda like hold it right after you wake up and you will remember your dream. (Lightworker meeting) Then you might wanna write it down.

You also have to wash the dream crystal with water each day so that it can remember new dreams. (Or put it in the sunlight)

(More about crystals in Rich Fucks soon)


P.S. I don't know who (All of you) needs to hear this.


Just because you are a Lightworker does NOT mean you are better than others.

All it means is that your soul agreed to come here "just to help others" before you were even born. That is it. Don't overthink it.


Remember! The evil will go for your Ego first.

Stay Humble!



The Greys 

The Greys 🛸

There are several different alien species that have grey skin color. The US deep state allegedly registers up to 70 different species of aliens. Several of them are grey.




The greys that you are all familiar with, those are not aliens, they are human beings from different timeline. Basically, imagine the same universe that you live in but...


The whole Big Bang thingy happened 1 million years earlier.


That is the parallel universe that the greys are from. They are human beings from Earth...

but an Earth with different earlier timeline.

(More about timelines later)


They have completely merged with robots and AI, so now they are 99.9% wires and shit. And only like 00.1% carbon (organic matter). So they have to hang out with us. 


They need us. We do NOT need them.


They have been literally living with us for decades. They used to have a base on Antarctica. But then in the 1920s, we become a global civilization. Meaning we truly dominated the whole planet, so they relocated to the dark side of the moon.

(Don't worry babezzz. We Western allies won't let you have that shit anyways xddddd)


Guys, they are boring as shit...

They are literally just robots.

I honestly don't know why the governments don't want you to know about them. They are kinda just like robots literally. The aliens that are orbiting our planet in 5th dimension are much cooler trust me on this one xdddd


The Greys did NOT learn the lesson about patience so...


They are not happy with how slow we have been at evolving into the 5th dimension and so...

They like to come down from the moon and creep out little kids in African villages or something. They tell them not to merge with robots and neuro links and also that they don't have to be afraid.

"The Greys just wanna help."

That is what they... kinda like... like to do for fun or something... IDK... 😅


(Have ever tried to calm someone down by telling them "CALM DOWN"

yep... 😅 That helps xdddddddd)


Roswell 1947 was also these same Greys. And in 1954 Dwight D. Eisenhower made officially a deal with them but how do you really negotiate with a civilization that is 1 million years ahead of us? It is kinda hard... 😅

Basically, they gave us some of their cool technology and cool crafts to study and since then we have been able to make our own UFO.

99.9% of all UFOs that you will ever see are US deep-state crafts or the greys. It is kinda hard to tell which one is which, but according to the research of Dr. Steven Greer our (US deep state) crafts have like wires hanging and overall look much more shitier.


I almost forgot. All of the crop circles are made by the Greys. Every time there is like a supernova BUM-BUM (or something like that) they will like draw it out. Just to remind us they are still here to help.

It is like when you get flowers and it is just a random Tuesday. 🌹

No big event (birthday etc. etc.) Just they remembered... 

Kinda cute:))) when you think about it... 🌻



Moon landing crew


Moon landing 1969

Contradictory to popular belief, there is more than just one deep state. Every single country that really wants to matter has its own deep state and because in the second half of the previous century, we all have nukes and could no longer murder the shit out of each other for no reason...

We just wanted to flex on each other in different ways and so...

We started to race with the taxpayer's money...

(Slightly better then murdering taxpayers with their own money)

Who will be the one that visits the greys as the first one...

Tour de Moon


(OMG don't overthink this. It is literally a giant space station full of aliens that have nothing better to do with their lives other than, watching a bunch of monkeys trying to figure out their own existence. That is it. It is not complicated at all. It is super simple... 😅

Also, they keep sending us messages (Downloads) through frequencies.

What is so hard to understand about this? Such a simple...



type of stuff... 😅)


"Coincidence" Right?? Right !! 😅😅😅


(P.S. I am not sure about this at all so don't take this as 100% but the Greys are technically not aliens. They are cyber humans from different timelines so they are not allowed inside the moon.

(Or maybe they just do not want to live inside... 😅 IDK... I didn't have the chance to ask about their feelings or about their choice of pronouns for that matter xddddd) 

But the Greys they have a base on the moon not inside. They have a base on the dark side of the moon.

Just so you know... 😅

It's good to know)


(P.P.S. The conspiracy theory that the moon is a giant spaceship is kinda out there. I get it. It is one of my personal favorite conspiracies so I wanted to include it in, but with that being said it is highly debatable.

I would personally recommend you to approach all conspiracies with a lot of skepticism and even more lightheartedness, fun...

and a lot of jokes... 🤣🤣🤣


But everything said about the greys am actually pretty certain about...

almost like 96.30%)


So we have landed on the moon in 1969 but for some unknown fcking reason to me...

They never bothered to tell the Apollo 11 crew that there will be a super advanced cyberhuman race from a different timeline waiting for them after they land.


When you really think about it. That is just fcking hilarious xdddddddddd

Have ever seen the press conference after they come back to Earth xdddddd

How creeped tf out they are xdddddd




Funny as fuck xdddddddd


and always will be xdd 


All of the footage??

Fake as shit.

They created all of the footage somewhere in Nevada's desert or something like that... IDK where exactly to be honest with y'all.


First of all, they didn't want to show the Greys...


And they wanted to make it look pretty so that the Russians are jealous as fuck.

Pretty by 1960s standards ofc xdd 

Ugly as shit by today's... 😅


Well... 😅 I am claiming it as a confirmation synchronicity xddddddddd


Listen! No one is making me watch the black-and-white old fart movies. You have to understand I am young. I can still get erections on command. I grew up on something else. There are only two exceptions. My badie Marilyn Monroe and the good old Front Page.

Yes, it is in color. Yes, it is the newer one.

In my defense...

that is still fcking old for me...

And I genuinely thought it was black and white... 😅



India's Space Program

Like I said there is way more than just one deep state. For simplicity of this article, I will intentionally not mention certain key players. (France, Israel, Switzerland, Brussels, Germany, Japan xoxo, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands - science)


There are 3 Major deep states:

1) Western Allies (United States, United Kingdom, Australia xddddd, New Zeland)

A lot of Freemasonic lounges xdd Just sayin... 😅

Btw no one fcks with (a little bit) Canada. They pretend like they do but not really xdd


2) Russia (used to be USSR)

First of all, Russia is a different Planet. Not just culture-wise xdd

Also, they have a lot of smart talent, but they are kinda low on budget compared to others.


3) China

Well, they have money...

At least they used to before they started central planning and building stupid shit.

P.S. Before you get yall crazy ideas !!!



P.P.S. Just so you know I am like 96.30% sure that we (human beings) don't clone anybody. Not because we are saints or anything like that but because there is an insane amount of bad karma as a punishment for "playing a God."

That is the reason why any research in the cloning field gets shut down pretty fast.




Basically, all of the key members of all of these 3 major deep states are fully aware. Contradictory to popular belief, they are on "good" terms. Western allies fully cooperate and share pretty much everything. They don't "work" with the other 2 major players, but they have communication channels fully open.

I mean they have to. Everyone has nukes nowadays. You have to be able to communicate. And so if any state wants to land on the moon. (Visit the greys) They have to first get approval from the US deep state and at least like acknowledgment from the other 2 major deep states.


So basically if India is allowed to land on the dark side of the moon that means that the US deep state fucks with them. You know what I mean.

They cool.

They in a situationship now... 😅


P.S. Listen. They all have been to the dark side of the moon like gazillion times. If someone visits "officially"

That is just for the headlines. That is just for us (the goyim).

So that we clap:)))

yea I know... 😅


(Keeeeeeen xddddddd Whacha doin?? xddddddd) (P.S. The movie "Dumb Money" is Hollywood fiction. It has nothing to do with reality. Citadel doesn't own Robinhood. And they never did. The movie is just a "spanking from Big MAMA" xddddddd)




Varginha (Brazil) 1996

(Am like 96.30% sure it was aliens and not greys but...)

Listen very carefully! I don't know if that was the greys (cyberhumans) or any other alien race. It is hard to know, but I know one thing for sure...


Don't fucking touch them... 😅


I don't know if you... like... remember...

Like a... you know like... we had this thingy... like...

you know...

few years back... we had this thingy... like...

this... you know like...

Covid thingy...


You remember?? 😅


The lockdowns. The mandatory masks. The wash your hands type of shit??


We wash our hands so that we get rid of the parasites and viruses. Not because someone said it on TV. We wash our hands because it saves lives. When the first Europeans landed in America. They infected most of the native tribes with Spanish flu. Millions and millions of people died because of that. They had no natural immunity. And the Spanish brought back Syphilis...

But that is a whole different type of tea... 😅


The Aliens have parasites and viruses that we have never encountered in our lifetimes. We don't have immunity against that. They literally live on different planets. If something like the "Varginha (Brazil) 1996" UFO crash happened again. Please do not approach the aliens on your own and don't fcking touch them. You might die.


You might die similarly like the driver who drove them to the hospital.

Don't worry his soul lives literally forever anyway.

Like yours does as well:)))


If you are a professional (medical, service duty) and you are called on the site (UFO crash). I would personally recommend you to wear appropriate protective clothing. Just in case.



Listen Carefully !!!

Yes, the Aliens and the Greys have super cool advanced technology but...

If you have nukes and then anything better than nukes. There are only two things that will happen...

1) The people inside the civilization just murder the shit out of each other. Basically back into the Stone Age or...

2) The civilization evolves into the higher 5th dimension and becomes like super extra peaceful.

We are literally about to enter the 5th dimension and all the Aliens are here to welcome us...


Well let's be honest here for a second okay...


It is kinda boring to be a super peaceful civilization all the time so the Aliens literally want to watch us because Earth is "where the shit is happening."


They literally have nothing better to do than watch us.


Some of the Aliens literally hope to fcking die just so they can reincarnate as humans so that they can be here while we are shifting into the 5th dimension.


I am dead ass fr fr


That is how cool it is to be a fcking human right now fr fr. So let's just all appreciate that we are the ones who will actually have the chance to experience this amazing time in our civilization's history. 




Yapholin about life

I have had several different jobs and also a few different carriers.

(Not that many... 😅)

Doing a few little gigs here and there. Makes u meet interesting cool cats. xdddd


I used to work as something like a door dasher on a bike in London.

(Btw... Tim thinks we are not real human beings xddddd 😅)


Also when I was in London before I got a job. I had to go around and hand out a CV that I had printed. To be honest that is not the most successful strategy... 😅

I have been a waiter at many different restaurants.


Also, during the pandemic, I volunteered in an Emergency room. That was really wild. We had a heliport, and we would get patients delivered by helicopter daily.


I also used to work in a Czech statistical office. Very junior low-tier level job. Making sure that the data sent to the official collecting place for Agenda 2030 are correct. It sounds good on paper, CV maybe, but in reality, the most fcking boring thing I have ever done in my entire life.


I also worked at a razor factory on an assembly line.

Putting razors into boxes and shit. (etc. etc.)


(P.S. Now listen! The best way to find out what job might interest you is to find out what personality you have (OCEAN)


For example comedians tend to be more disagreeable. Which makes them more risk-takers.


On the absolute opposite are nurses. They tend to be way more agreeable. Which makes them way more caring and interested in helping others.

Taking risks with your patience's health isn't an ideal personality trait for a nurse per say... 😅


From Soul's perspective doesn't matter if you want to be a "self-made big-boy businessman" or if you love your 9 to 5. Just do whatever makes you happy in a long run:)))


Different jobs and professions attract people with different personalities and interests.


You just see on your screen mostly people with the same personalities. Being a celebrity usually means you want to be seen. You want to be in the spotlight. Generally, almost always tends to be a highly extroverted people. That does not mean it is the best path in life for you)


From a soul perspective...

None of this fcking matter...

Doesn't matter at all...


You have to understand your soul doesn't give a shit at all what you do for work. The only reason your soul came here is to experience the full range of emotions. Good and bad.

Souls don't give a shit if you are a rich politician or garbageman. From a soul's perspective, it is the same thing. If your soul really wants to she/he can choose a completely different life path next time.


It is all about the tiny little moments. Those moments that you will never forget.


Being with your loved ones. Being with your family. Being with your kids. etc. etc.


You have to understand that even overcoming tragedy in life and heartbreak is all that your soul wanted to experience. All that your soul really signed up for. Everything that life has to offer. The good and the bad.


I know that the life of a celebrity looks amazing and shit. But behind the cameras...

They don't live better lives than us. Yes, they live richer lives but they still go through the same emotions and struggles as we all do.

Good and bad.

"Same shit different toilet."


If there is only one single thing that you would take from reading all of this. Just please stop comparing your life to the life of others. Jealousy is the biggest killer of happiness.

What a "shocker"

Almost as if it is all just a facade... 😅


It is important to be authentic.

Not lying to yourself.

Staying true to yourself.

Makes a big diff !!!




I love you.


The God loves you.


The aliens love you and hope to meet you soon... 😅


Have a good one:)))




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