Why Egypt can NOT take any refugees?

Why Egypt can NOT take any refugees?

Important Disclaimer: I have nothing but love and respect for Patrick Bet-David, the people, and the community around the PBD podcast. This blog article serves informational purposes only.


P.S. Guys! You are prioritizing money way way way too much. You need to practice being grateful for what you have in your life right now. Otherwise, you will never feel like you have enough.

That is the truth.

Doesn't matter how many million you have, you will always be looking at the guy 2 blogs down the street and being jealous of his money.

The best way to do this is to write down 3 things you are grateful for every single day. And every single day it has to be 3 different things then the day before.

"I am grateful for being able to wake up next to the love of my life every single morning." (A lot of people around the world don't have that) It can be anything. It could be the smallest little things you can think of like...

"I am grateful for being able to afford this cup of coffee every single day."


We all need to learn how to be more grateful.



Last free advice ever... 😅


P.P.S. Just because you read a lot doesn't mean you have to be unhappy. You can be happy and read books every single day. You can be happy and read NO books at all.



Happiness only comes from within you can never find happiness in 3D material possessions

Happiness can only be found within your heart ❤️


(Unless of course, you have a severe chronic depression. (Chemical dysfunction in your brain) In that case, you need to find help from a real professional (doctor))


Btw, since we are already talking about this...

Chiropractors are NOT real doctors. They don't have the same degree in medicine. All of the cracking videos of your neck. There is no scientific evidence that it helps anything. It can only hurt you.

Btw... this is not hidden knowledge. First lesson in Anatomy.

You just went to a shitty high school.




Can Egypt take refugees from Gaza in?

The short answer is NO. There are many reasons for why that is. And I will try to go over all of them in this article. So buckle-up. It is going to be a ride:)


To the northeast Egypt shares a border with two countries. Palestine (Gaza Strip) and Israel. Right now the country of Israel has been bombing the country of Palestine, and very recently Israel has even launched a ground military operation into the heart of North Gaza.

Many have been displaced from their homes as they were escaping from North Gaza to the south border with Egypt. We have all seen the horrific video of the truck full of children being targeted by IDF air strike missile.

Many have been living in horrific conditions near the Egyptian border. Basic necessities have been running low and infectious diseases have started to rise due to the lack of medical and sanitary supplies.


Why won't Egypt help them?

Egypt is helping. They are sending in trucks full of food, water, and medicine. But sadly that is not enough.


Why won't Egypt just take everyone in?

Egypt has problems with their own population. Unemployment has gone up to 7.10% in the last quarter. If you think that the housing market is bad in Canada, try to find a place to live in Egypt with the average salary. 

There has been a pretty rapid population growth over just a few decades,

(1990 - 57.21 million. 2020 - 107.5 million.)

which meant that the economy that mostly relies on tourism was slow to catch up with job opportunities for the younger generation. 

This was also one of the reasons for the Arab Spring that happened in the 2010s. According to a few sources, Arab Spring originated on dark web chatting forums. Which eventually led to the overthrow of an Egyptian government. 

Sadly, this meant that the country was seen as less "safe" for a while. This led to less tourism, which as a byproduct in the end meant, that ordinary people were hurt economically.

The United States sends financial aid to Egypt every single year. 




Egypt's wheat shortage

In 2020, Egypt imported 96.7 percent of its wheat from five countries. Egypt imports wheat primarily from: Russia ($2.44B), Romania ($853M), Ukraine ($851M), Australia ($159M), and France ($129M)… United States ($24.6M).

During the very early beginning of the war between Ukraine and Russia, there was a real worry that there would be famine in Egypt on a large scale.

Putin had to promise that he won't boycott any imports of wheat coming from Ukraine and Russia. In exchange, Egypt will apply to join BRICKS. 


"Even war has rules."


Fear of New

P.S. When we (Holy spiritual community) talk about fear. We are talking about fear of abstract concepts such as fear of upcoming events, fear of change, fear of new, etc. etc.

We are never talking about fear of 3D things (Arachnophobia, Ophidiophobia, Acrophobia, Claustrophobia, Achondrophobia, etc. etc.)


We as a human being are mostly driven by emotions. We can pretend that "Facts does not care about your feelings," but the reality is that we do. We care about our feelings first and then about the feelings of others as well.


One of the strongest low vibrational (negative) feelings is a fear. 

We saw during pandemic, that when fear takes over people, they completely lose control.


There might be a big fear amongst the Egyptian general population and Egyptian leadership from mass immigration. The same way people are afraid that massive amounts of illegal immigrants are crossing the southern US-Mexican border, that same way people in Egypt might be afraid as well.

Remember, they already have massive issues with wheat supply that they pay for by US money and the general public is kinda jobless. Not a good situation to be in.


(If you want to support family from Gaza directly, then click here)





(This section has been added on 30.1.2k24)

Most politicians and members of the media will never tell you this, but there is way more than just Left and Right. There is a true singular point right in the middle. The true voice of reason. This point is called...




Why am I telling you all of this? Well, recently sleepy Joe's cabinet has been putting political pressure on the people of Texas to accept more immigrants. Of course, we should all try to help as many people as we can, but when something is too much... 

It is too much.

If the majority of people do NOT want something, you cannot force them into it. Especially if you live thousands of miles and miles away.


Joe's lack of mental focus may sleep us into something that no one wants.


P.S. Listen! Very carefully now!


Yes, no one is truly in the middle. But that does not mean that you have to agree with everything on one side and fight against everything on the other side. I am personally on some issues on the Left and on some issues on the Right.

No one is 100% on the left or 100% on the right. They just one to keep us divided, but in the end, every single human being wants just 2 simple things...


Peace and Prosperity for herself/himself and for his/her family.


yall getting an extra one xdd


Btw I bet this guy gets a lot of that horse-riding puss.

Does somebody know who he is? 😅


P.P.S. Listen! There is NOT really left vs. right.


Politics is a game.


It is like a theater for grown-ups. They only yell at each other when the camera is rolling. When the cameras are off, they just go finger each other's Uranus during a lunch break.


It is all the same people living in the same rich neighborhood in Washington DC and their kids literally go to the same school all together. You have to understand there is nothing wrong with that. At least it makes them great coworkers. At least it makes them agree on fcking something once in a while... 😅


But seriously now...


There are like 5 issues that the media likes to push on people because both sides hardcore disagree when talking about them. Which creates a conflict. Conflicts create a lot of attention. Which leads to a lot of clicks. Which leads to a lot of money for the media.


There are 10 gazillion other issues on a daily basis that the Left and the Right all find compromise pretty fast.


Yeah, I know...

Burst another bubble... 


Did yall also know... 😅


Santa is not... 😅


I am so sorry I didn't realize that yall still believe that left vs. right matters. I would have told yall like a million years ago... 😅


(a little baby fever xddddd I feeeeeeeel ya I feel ya xddddd) 

Cool party trick 🎉



Perfection?? Absolutely xddddddddddd

Holding a baby isn't as easy as it might seem xdddddddddd


Egypt again xdddddddd 

Political reasons (Back to Egypt)

What most of the Arabic world is afraid of, is the fact that, if the Palestinian citizens leave their land, they will never be allowed to return again. That is also what Bibi is secretly hoping for. 

They already have 0 basic rights. They are forced to live in a Ghetto. In an open air prison. And now they would lose the last thing they have. The only thing they have left. The land.


P.S. So, those are the main reasons why I think that Egypt cannot take any refugees in. If you liked the article, share the article. We need to spread the message of Peace and Love!


P.P.S. BlackRock does NOT own or rule the world.




I feel like my home boy Larry Fink would not mind if that was the case... 😅


P.P.P.S. Guys, listen, you have to filter out some of the information coming in xdd

Use your critical thinking (mind chakra) and your intuition (gut chakra) to guide you.


If anyone ever wanna know anything about real economics just...


Watch videos made by Patrick Boyle or made by Richard Coffin.


(Only thanx to Patrick and Richard I didn't spend all my money on disgusting Crypto scams back in 2k21)



Bitcoin is not money

Bitcoin is not a currency. You need the ability to print more. You need the ability to tighten up the supply.

(Like we are doing currently... 😅)


Bitcoin is security like gold.


I felt like everybody knew that... 😅


(This should be some kind of a new protocol that allows you to send Bitcoin even if the other person is offline. And ofc you don't have to use a broker (middle man) like FTX or Binance.

But how it actually works... that goes well beyond my level of understanding)


If you are really interested in this and you really want to know the way money really works, then watch carefully the video...

"P.S. How money actually really works! 🤑"

from Anton Kreil in Billionaires.


Agenda 2030 (SDGs)


Agenda 2030 (SDGs)

So basically the Western allies + Europe pay for a lot of shit. A lot of money flows from the 1st world countries into the 3rd world countries through financial aid.

It is NOT just Egypt, Israel, and Palestine. There are way way way more countries receiving financial aid.


There are many issues that the 3rd world countries are facing. So in order to help them the Western world came up with a guidebook. A manual on how to govern your country.

Contradictory to popular belief, it is not all about green energy. There are 17 Goals and only 4 of them are all about climate change.

Each goal has certain criteria and for achieving these criteria you get points (SDGs) If you have points. You can start ranking countries based on who has the most points.

This is where the fun begins... 😈


Basically, countries will jerk each other off who has the most points or whatever. Whoever has the most points is doing the most for the future of the planet.

(Funny that the first 50 is always all the Western allies. Isn't it... 😅)


Well... 😅


Let's be honest here. Let's be fr fr.


Shall we? xdddd


The main fcking reason why the Western allies come up with the guidebook is that they are fcking tired of paying for fcking everything and not much is changing for the better.

Some countries get better and some countries... well... no matter how much money you pour into them they just...

yea... 😅

The rich countries are mainly concerned with the insane level of corruption happening in the poor countries. There is literally one Goal called "Peace and Justice and strong institutions."

What the fck you think that goal is all about... 😅

(This one is my favorite by far! xdddddd)


The guidebook (Agenda 2030) is basically a form of centralization. The rich countries try to influence the governing process in the poor countries.


I could have told you all of this at the beginning of this section, but I didn't do that for one simple reason. I am trying to explain to you the intentions behind the thought process that gave birth to this guidebook. Those are not evil intentions. You will be surprised, but the people who originally came up with that book had good intentions in their hearts.


They just wanted to help the 3rd world countries.


They basically wanted to share their knowledge on how to govern successful countries and also they wanted to show them an obtainable vision. Vision of the amazing future planet that we could all live in if we really tried. (A little bit utopic but hey. I love it xoxo)


The biggest problem is that Centralization never works.


For example...


Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka

(Amazing beautiful country full of nature and stuff. Had a great time when visiting:)))

I have to be honest I am not as familiar with the whole history of Sri Lanka as my homeboy and self-proclaimed dictator Chamath Palihapitiya is, but the way I understand it is that...


Well basically...


The fcking governing leaders in Sri Lanka wanted to show how much they are fcking committed to Western values and they wanted to have as many SDG points as possible.

Their thought process (intentions) was to radically minimize the emission of C02 into the atmosphere. They wanted as many SDG points as possible. And they wanted them as fast as possible.


Sri Lanka has a big agriculture that uses a lot of fertilizer in order to grow green products faster. Fertilizer does create a lot of emissions of C02, but also it is extremely necessary in the modern day. Basically, you cannot do it without the use of fertilizer in this age.

Despite all of this, the Sri Lankan government still decided to ban all use of fertilizer. Which led to the loss of jobs. Which led to massive protests. At some point, the people of Sri Lanka actually hardcore stormed the main Palace where the leadership lived. It was a mess.



You cannot make a fcking 17 Goals and hope that they will work for all of the fcking countries in the world.


All of them???


Of course, there are also many positives that came from this. Like the fact that the fcking Americans finally stop handing out insane amounts of plastic bags with every single buy of groceries. For example... 😅

(Actually when I was in the US I was horrified by the insane amount of plastics being used on a daily basis. They are so lazy to wash dishes they eat out of paper plates... 😅 Separating? Forget about that. There are nowhere any bins for any recycling)


You can never really tell other governments how to govern even if you mean it in a good way. You have to let them govern themselves even if it means seeing them fail miserably.


The truth is...


The only true real change can come from the bottom up. It has to come from the people. Because we are all the co-creators of our collective reality.


P.S. In this particular scenario (Macro-geopolitics), you want to adopt the libertarian mindset. If you wanna find out more about what the real libertarianism is all about...

Then I would recommend you to watch the videos made by Dave Smith.


Iran AI image


Iran (Ai image)

Iran is a country in the Middle East. It is home to 87.5 million people.

In 1953 CIA funded and organized a coup that overthrown the democratically elected Mohammad Mosaddegh. And instead, they put in a Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

He creates a tyrannical dictatorship under the umbrella of a monarchy. Gives himself the title "king of the kings" and he executes anyone who disagrees with him.

After the Iranian (Islamic) Revolution, the monarchy was overthrown yet again in 1979 and the Islamic Republic of Iran was established by Ruhollah Khomeini. Alleged CIA involvement could be traced yet again.




The self-proclaimed "king of the kings" signs a deal to sell all of the oil (most of it) to US and British companies for the next 25 years.

After this contract expires...

well... 😅


Another coup (the one in 1979) allegedly backed up by the CIA. This time instead of a monarchy type of dictatorship...


wait for it... 😅




wait for it... 😅


Theocratical (religious) type of dictatorship.

Not only did they turn it into tyranny and murdered anyone who disagreed with them again. They also added a little extra bonus. They implemented laws that discriminate against women.

What a treat... 😅


Btw... all for oil.

All of these coup-making warmongers are so pleasant-minded. And yet their colleges literally have an infinite amount of energy from the Greys and they won't even tell them about it... 😅

Funny times we live in xddddddd

Btw... Can you imagine? After all of this, there are still warmongers who will suggest that what Iran needs is yet another coup and ideally even a full-on war so that even more civilians and soldiers can die.

For what?

For an energy source that has been outdated for almost 100 years now.

Crazy times we live in xddddddd

These warmongers are just a complete waste of oxygen fr fr xdddddddd




Iran's Quantum computer

The picture that you see. The guy holding the thingy. That is Iran's senior military personnel (general) holding a "Quantum computer." At least that is what they said is a quantum computer.


In reality...


It is just some kind of a motherboard (hardware) for like 7 hundred bucks on Amazon.


Listen... I picked this story because it perfectly illustrates my point... 😅


Iran is not the most advanced country out there. They have plenty of their own internal issues. Yes, they do have nuclear electricity. But in order to build a nuclear bomb you need a very rich uranium.

Basically, the stuff (uranium) that does the boom boom inside of a nuclear bomb is found inside of a rock. And in order to create a nuclear bomb you need a rock that has a lot of uranium inside of it. Not only is it very hard to find this rock but also no one wants to sell it to you.

That is how countries like the US, Russia, and China control who can have nuclear weapons and who doesn't? They control the supply of rich uranium. 




No one will sell rick uranium to Iran because they are afraid they might

actually use it... 😅


Nuclear weapons are only teeth. Nuclear weapons are only to scare other countries from invading you. No one actually wants to use them. Russia will not sell rich uranium to Iran because they are their neighbors of neighbors. China won't sell rich uranium to Iran because Chinese people are more business-oriented. They want to compete economically not military.


And in general...


No one will sell rich uranium to Iran because

the religious regimes are always kinda nuts... 😅

And unpredictable.

And no one really trusts them.


What am trying to say is that...

If you fall for the trick... 

"weapons of mass destruction"



You are fcking retarded fr fr xdddddddd




Cheap Heroin

The biggest issue facing Iran today is a cheap production of heroin being smuggled into Iran illegally. It has many resembling similarities to the fentanyl crisis in the United States today.

The assumption is that up to 4 million people are addicted to heroin and need their fix daily. Which makes it one of the if not the worst drug epidemic in the world happening right now.

The religious dictatorship in charge implemented a very strict ANTI-Drug laws. If you are caught with more than a certain amount of heroin in your possession, you are faced with the death penalty.

(We all know how well they work...)


Death Penalty

I have to say I am personally against any form of death penalty.

And there is a simple reason for it.

NO justice system in the world is perfect. 


There is always a tiny little chance that the justice system will convict an innocent person. There is room for human error. Therefore, I am personally against the death penalty.

Especially for drug-related charges. We know from the economy that where there is strong demand, the supply eventually always comes. If you murder a dealer, eventually someone else takes his place.

Also, it gives incentives to gangs to infiltrate the police so that the police investigate the other gangs and not them. etc. etc. 


The best solution for the drug epidemic is to take an individualized approach. With therapists and special centers. But that costs money. Sadly, certain problems are complex and achieving 100% of your goal. Having a 100% clean society from using doesn't seem realistic.


With that being said, I know what Iran doesn't need...


Another fcking coup




Bibi murdered 12 Iranians in a foreign country, including several high-ranking generals. Now Iran is firing missiles and drones against the iron dome.

Bibi's never-ending continuing war crimes and crimes against humanity. Including the prolonged starvation of 2 million kids, women, and men living in Gaza have led us into this situation.


I would personally recommend Bibi to STOP blocking the food, water, and medical supplies that are coming in from Egypt. I would also recommend Bibi to STOP murdering United Nation food aid workers. People that came from all over the world (Canada, USA, Europe) in order to help in this time of crisis.

I feel like murdering 254 of these foreign workers feels like enough...

But hey...

Maybe that is just me... 😅 


If we want to prevent world war 3 we need more leaders like Bibi xddddddd


Not less...


more... 😅


We need more theocratic borderline dictators like Bibi that will drag us into never-ending conflicts and that will spike up the death toll.

More religious fanatical aristocrats that will ignore the needs of the people and instead will try desperately anything...

Absolutely anything just so they can stay in power a few seconds longer...


What a "great" dude... 😅


This Bibi guy...


Isn't he... isn't he?? 😅 


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