What is God? 💯

What is God? 💯

What is God according to the modern way of spirituality?


Click here and watch the video from Gabi. She perfectly describes it on her YouTube channel.


P.S. I really love this song. I want you to listen to it.


P.P.S. This song about God is absolutely amazing as well.


Why didn't I write it myself? Because I was lazy as fuck. Plus she already did the work. Why would I do the work twice? Makes no sense.

Piss Yall ☮️ (???)


lungs vs treee


Biological Patterns

You can see patterns in nature everywhere. Some people say that God left them there so that people can find them. I say he was lazy as fuck and used the same blueprints everywhere Xdddd

I am a God (within). I can make fun of myself. You are God (within). You can also make fun of yourself sometimes. It is healthy to make fun of yourself a little bit. Keeps the ego in check.




Tesla's 369

369 is just another version of the Holy Trinity. But it is in mathematics. It does a cool thingy when you draw it out. Basically, if you like draw it out it will reveal itself as a Holy Trinity.

6 points up so it represents the body.

9 points down, so it represents the soul that fills the body.

3 all together is a God. God that is within every single one of us.


Thank you for reading this:)





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