The return of daddy Jesus ❤️

The return of daddy Jesus ❤️

Guys listen! All of the prophecies about the return of Jesus Christ...

They are not talking about one person but rather...

About the entire humanity as a collective. 



The return of Jesus Christ Consciousness

We all are the chosen ones.

We all are part of the Christ Consciousness.

We all can achieve the same level of enlightenment as daddy Jesus did before. 


All 9 billion of us decided to reincarnate at this very moment so that we could experience this rise in consciousness together.

It is about all of us together.

Not just one person. 


Holy vs. evil

Yes, I believe that evil entities (spiritual guides) do exist as well as the Holy ones

but you have to understand... 


God created all of these entities so that he could give us the whole spectrum.


No human being is 100% Holy and...

No human being is 100% evil.


We all have flaws and we all make mistakes.

Oversimplifying everything into just good or bad is one of those mistakes.

It destroys the reason why God created us in the first place.

He wanted us to have the whole range.


We all should aspire to be more and more Holy and more and more enlightened.


My main point in this part of the article is to remind you...

Yes, there is good and bad but...


Please do NOT oversimplify the world into just these two categories.


Part of true awakening is to realize that Yes the left is right about some stuff the same way the right is right about some stuff too.

This is true about every aspect of life NOT just politics.

It is important to try to find the equilibrium in your life.


Do NOT dismiss somebody just by calling them evil.

Instead, try to find a common ground...

and try to find unconditional love for the other person ❤️


Try to share the feelings of unconditional love with all of the people around you.


And remember...


I love you.


The God loves you.


Jesus loves you ❤️


Take care:)))





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