Palestine & Israel - Solution moving forward...

Palestine & Israel - Solution moving forward...

Do NOT attack any Jews or Palestinians. Do not attack any policeman. They are not responsible for the tragedy created by Hamas and the Israeli far-right zionist government.

Do not chant pro-terrorist, pro-Hamas slogans. It only hurts our movement.

Do not attack any holy places. (Mosques or synagogues)

Protest peacefully.


If we want to resolve this conflict as soon as possible, we need to stand united in our message for Peace!


We need to:

  1. Deescalate
  2. Ceasefire
  3. Negotiate



First of all, we want Food, Water and humanitarian aid allowed into Gaza immediately.

What Hamas did on October 7 is absolutely disgusting. I have nothing but love and empathy for those who have been hurt by this barbaric act. Israel has every right to defend its self, but...

We want Israel to stop bombing at all. 99% of casualties in Gaza have been civilians. The capability of IDF to target Hamas has been nothing but laughable. And therefore bombardment of Gaza should stop immediately.

We want Israel to stop using white phosphorus bombshells immediately. Please let me remind you that using such bombshells is against international law.

If Israel wants to continue the ground operations against Hamas, they have every right to do so.

If Israel wants to continue military operations that have the goal to free-up the hostages taken by Hamas, they have every right to do so.

...but they have to do so within the boundaries of international law. Even war has laws.

We want Israel to stop harassing the innocent citizens of the West Bank. They have nothing to do with the tragedy that Hamas created.

Why not Ceasefire right away?

Because these goals are actually achievable right now! We can do this. I know we can.



Eventually, Israel will realize that solving violence with even greater violence is never the answer. Look at the United States. They destroyed AL-Qaeda and created ISIS.

Have we learned nothing from history? Do we really need to repeat the same mistake twice?



We need a new government for the Palestinian citizens. A government that will advocate for peace and prosperity of their people. Ideologies like Hamas can be destroyed without firing a single bullet. Take for example the soviet union. When the Berlin wall fell, communism was destroyed without the need of violence.

We want new leadership for the Israeli people. Benjamin Netanyahu has failed. Not only did he fail to protect his own citizens he also took steps that limited the rights of Israelis. Many Jewish people who are protesting the far-right Zionist government of Benjamin Netanyahu are being suppressed on behave of Bibi.

Many young people, who refuse to join the IDF, those who refuse to participate in the slaughtering of innocent citizens, are being thrown in Jail.

That needs to stop



Do NOT boycott banks. It won't have the effect that you might think it will. Rich elites do not have money in the bank. They hold assets. It would potentially only hurt the poorest people by far.

You can consider boycotting: Disney, Starbucks and McDonald's.

Please be patient.

"Cool heads will prevail."


Common Goal

Remember dark forces are trying to divide us. Make us pick sides, but we all want one thing and one thing only.

We want



P.S. Please consider sharing this message on social media. It will help achieve Peace faster.


P.P.S. Interesting idea... Try 144 000 people and then we can talk about making a change...


Finally waking up, are we?? 😅 We have to look at the silver linings. At least this time it only took 6 months instead of 20 years and 3 million dead Iraqis.

You fcking brain dead peasants.



Freedom for Palestine


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