Sacral Chakra 🧡 (Women Only)

Sacral Chakra 🧡 (Women Only)

Disclaimer: If you are a man, then this article was not written for you. If you are a man, who struggles with fully opening his sacral chakra, then listen to this song 10 times in a row.




Sacral Chakra is a second chakra, also known as Vajayjay chakra is often associated with creativity and pleasure.

It could be blocked by guilt and shame. If we want to unblock this chakra. We first have to realize that not everything is always in our control. 

Sometimes we could be experiencing shame within our own bodies. Just remember that we all are beautiful spiritual beings with unique souls. Our bodies are just temporary. Our souls are timeless. God wanted us to look a certain way, so he created us a certain way. Our job is not to criticize his creations, but to embrace them.

Guilt could be associated with our mistakes. We have to let go of the past. What happened, happened. We cannot take back time. Maybe it was meant to happen for a reason. The best way to let go of the past is to find Peace within your heart.


P.S. If you have 0 orange in your Aura field that could mean that your sacral chakra is blocked. Both men and women can have their sacral chakra blocked.

However, women might have the sacral chakra blocked more often because of body shaming and sexual stigma (guilt).


BTW... Just because someone has a "good" Aura field or a "bad" Aura field does NOT mean they are automatically a good person but...


But it is good to know... 😅


But how do we do that?

The best way to find peace within your mind and eventually even within your heart is through introspective meditation. The purpose of introspective meditation is to first listen to your thoughts while taking in deep breaths. And trying to relieve stress and build up tension while exhaling.

If you find yourself stuck, wondering how to start, I have the perfect solution for you:) I have put up a video of a guided meditation on the Home page of this website. Check it out there.

Fully unblocking the Sacral Chakra could lead to intensifying certain pleasurable experiences 😈 

P.S. Don't forget to drink enough water. Sacral Chakra is also known as water chakra xdd 


You all are powerful Goddesses. You just have to find it within you!


(Listen... I am not a psychologist focusing on women's issues which means I can only give you general advice but hey... I tried... 😅)




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