Meet the Creator 🖤

Meet the Creator 🖤

(Btw... a pre-pandemic photo. I just didn't... like... felt like it)




My name is Josef Pazderka (Joe). I have created this movement.

My passions are Financial Markets, Macro-geopolitics and taking long nap nap napies:))) xdddddddddd


Same bestie...

I don't wanna brag or anything, but I am actually pro-napper myself... 😅


Here to play for team light. Fair and square only. (Holy ofc xdd)


btw... What is this... this looks crazy cool xddddddddddd


Manifesting right now !!!


P.S. I am not an English native. There may or may not appear some grammatical mistakes. (How the fck can I know????????) xddddddddddddddd


(Listen !!! If you find a video that has been deleted or some other shit. You have to make a video about it and also fcking tell me where the shit is! I am not going back in without a map)


PEDRO PEDRO PEDRO PEDRO PE xdddddddddddddddd


Movie night with me xoxo ... so true fr fr 💔

100% Agree !!! (I read Eragon and the next one. But didn't finish the whole series)

So true !!! (Chamber of secrets is my favorite) xdddddddd




"Stand-alone" ... yes 😬 ... xddddddd

But now seriously! Self-care is very important !!!


If you love truly horrible movies, I have the perfect one for you.

(I love Dakota. She has very beautiful Holy eyes but I never really watch the Grays...

I feel like I may not be the targeted audience... 😅)


Naval Ravikant always says that if you don't like the book and don't like the overall vibe. Stop reading it. You don't have to finish all of them... 😅

(Btw I live by this rule!)


btw... if you don't do TikTok... don't even talk to me xdddd don't bother xdddddd

Negotiate! You fcking lovely people. You better not turn off my videos. xdddd


Lizzzzz I love you. I have been watching your stand ups for years now, but why are you not on TikTok like the rest of us who are not planning to die yet???? 😅

(Special coming soon - Update)


For anyone wondering technically I am in between millennials and Gen Z.

xdddddd xddddddd

I know that I am jumping from topic to topic, but everything is in context !!!


Now! This is what I call real confidence. This is a real fcking shitter for true champions!



Also I didn't know I had to say this. But I genuinely love the United States of America. I want the absolute best for the Western world which is why I am giving them so many pieces of advice (criticism) for free.

I used to be an exchange student in the US for a year and I loved it:)))

I don't know why I have to say all of this. I felt like I am shitting on (criticizing) everybody pretty much equally. I am trying to be as fair as possible. But it is better to clarify just in case.

I guess.


I love the Freedom that we have in the West.

At least the little bit we still have left... 😅


Also, I was told by my spiritual guides to shit on Miami (Average Florida person) and LA at some point. So that those disgusting little fuckers get their shit together.

Me?? Personally?? I don't really give a shit. I have never been to LA or Miami. I have only been to NYC and I loved it:))) I love big cities in general... 😅

(Agree !!! Tipping to subsidies wages is insane)

But this is something I will never understand...

My P-word just got a little wet xddddd 💦


Also, I will just say it so that we get it out of the way...


I am NOT a fcking industry plant.


Yall keep using that fcking phrase like it is a coupon to Walmart.


Listen Very Carefully !!! I am only writing about stuff that I know something about or at least a little bit about. Stuff that I have been thinking about for a long time already. Writing is much easier than talking in front of a camera.

I could do maybe a solid hour?? Maybe not?? Also, I could accidentally go conspiracy theories out of nowhere... 😅 

(Sometimes you need a little bit of that street-smartholin stuff... 😅)




Listen! I love all Jewish people and I love all Muslims.

I know that it is supposed to look like that the Middle East crisis is all about 1 religion against the other. But trust me that is just a show for the public.

Btw the reason "why to go to war?" Is never about religion.

Religion is just the excuse offered to the public.

And then you have to wait and see if they bite the hook... 😅


It is true. It is a little bit more complex.


Please don't let them divide you into "hating all Jews" or "hating all Muslims."


(It is literally called "divide and conquer" Guys, you don't have to fall for it every single time they use this tactic... 😅)






The Hasan Minhaj thingy...

Hasan plays a dangerous game.

Kinda like me a little bit not gonna lie... 😅

He roasts the greedy rich fucks on a daily basis. 

(This is so disgusting... pathetic...)

One night there was a pretty snobbish event, and he roasted a donor class and a sleepy Joe as well. Right after he was hit by hit pieces (The New Woker was the first one I think) All paid by the donor class. (Btw no one gives a shit that he roasted Biden. Joe doesn't even remember that he attended)


And so...


He lost the corporate gig. 


Y'all know how it feels. Being canceled.


Why do yall keep yap-holin about such a fckin nonsense like you think like anybody like any sensible human being with at least half of a brain cares that comics keep exaggerating during stand-up shows?

Everybody fcking knows that. 

This all happened within like 1 or maybe like 2 weeks or something. How the fck did yall miss that? Yall kinda retarded no cap... 😅




I don't really like Hasan. Okay. He is a little bit too "left-wingy" for me. But just because I don't like him. Doesn't mean, he is not an amazing comic.

Just sayin...


2k24 is a karmic year baby xoxo


Guess whose corporate career might disappear next?? 😅 


As a self-proclaimed unqualified PR crisis specialist for comedians...

I have to say...

Matt, it is hard to defend you on this one... 😅


Obviously, I love you Matt. You are amazing xoxo


If you want someone other than the people of Vajuju to follow you...

Maybe put on a shirt from time to time... or something... idk 😅




The reason for self-sabotage is that people carry a shadow or shadows from the past. One of the possible shadows that can cause people to have a tendency to self-sabotage is the feeling of not being good enough.

Feeling like I am not good enough and therefore I don't deserve to be celebrated. I don't deserve to be successful because I am not worthy of success. Feeling like everybody is about to find out that I am not good enough.


These types of feelings may cause people to self-sabotage.


These types of feelings might be caused by childhood trauma.

(May or may not be... idk)


For example, when you were 7 your teacher (or a parent) might have said something like...

"You will never achieve anything in your life. You will always be a failure"

And this may have stuck with you as a form of shadow.


If anyone wants to get rid of this shadow, you have to...


You have to sit down. Start meditating. During that meditation. Go back to that moment in time. Relive the moment and allow the emotions to flow freely. All of those emotions even if those may not be the most pleasant ones.

You have to forgive the teacher/parent for causing you to feel not being good enough. You have to realize that all humans have flaws and that no one is perfect and that at the end of the day, we are all one.

You have to forgive God for allowing this experience to happen.

And you have to forgive the child version of yourself for not believing in yourself. You have to tell the child version of yourself that you love him/her unconditionally. And that despite all the flaws and mistakes he/she made that you still love him/her unconditionally and that you believe in him/her.

At the end of the day, mistakes are only moments in time that we can learn from. All of the good and bad makes us what we are today. We should be grateful and thankful for everything because mistakes are just new opportunities to improve ourselves.


Also... Welcome back to faith Chris... 😅

Pls... don't forget that faggots are people too. If they wanna marry and adopt children (if they are eligible) there is no reason for them not to do so.

(Btw I know that you know that. Am just sayin for everybody)




xdddddddddddddddd xddddddddddd


If you love stand-up comedy, as much as I do. 

(Wonka from different timeline xdddd)


I have the perfect movie for you. xddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd


Love you Tim xoxo Amazing sense of humor xddddddddd  

Tim Dillon is going on a European tour! 

Also, the book is coming soon xddddd


Tim's friend Mike Recine has a new special out.

Honestly, I haven't seen it yet, but Mike seems like a nice guy.

Good hang xoxo


Nikki been fcking murderin...
slayin like...
Kill Bill


I love you Caroline and I love your sense of humor but...

I kinda feel like... 😅

That you would probably hate me if I put your old old videos in xddddddd


btw... CONGRATZ !!! 🥳🥳🥳


I feel like the sound "why do you act like that" was made...

just for you SYD xdddddddd



This feels really scary... 😅

Kitty, you are doing absolutely amazing.

Love you both:)))


I love you with all my heart, but I have no idea what any of this means. I don't understand a single word u sayin 😅 Total gibberish. I only recognize cars by colors. I don't even do the branding. I only know BMW or Mercedes because it is basically every Rapper's first paycheck.

(You look amazing!... don't worry about it xdddd) 

(Even the best of us overthink this xddddd)

Jordan's F1 diary


Go team! Go sports! xdddddd (Shout out to the REAL football !!!)


Btw... I love you Peter but... little bit opinionated (biased) are we??? xddddddd


Michael is okay... but the Daily Wire is just way way way too much on the right for me. 


(Btw you know that they all (YouTubers, Streamers, Cable TV, Left, Right, doesn't matter) heavily exaggerate these opinions just for views right?? Right?? It is all just entertainment. It isn't real politics.

You know that, right??

Real politics is reading ultra-boring shit (like Agenda 2030) and trying to make sense of it. And writing down a super short brief for your boss (elected representative) whose ability to read is highly debatable.

Watching viral videos and commenting on them is just entertainment. Doesn't matter if it is done by a left-wing influencer or a right-wing influencer)

(CNN... in my eyes... exactly the same fr fr... 0 difference)


Btw... only asleep goyim road rage.

It's a combination of satanic music and 0 self-control.

I don't road rage.



Little bit of everything. Little bit of everyone. (The flower of life)






me everyday xdd 





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Respect historii nepíše... xddddddddd xdddddddddddddddddd xddddddd

Pls dej to tam bez toho score... To je hroznej spoiler !!!


True HP fangirlie xoxo (facts) xddddddd xddd Oliver Wood Gang xddddddd xdddd

Congratz xddddddd xdddd


Dude. It's glitter and cinnamon !!! Such a rookie mistake... 😅


Listen! This is for all my lovely beautiful gorgeous angels out there.

I am actually starting a little commune. A tiny little gathering and stuff. We will be praying and we will have a lot of fun fun xddddd

We will have a good time. Not a long time.

Obviously all consensual and stuff.

True modern gentleman/feminist here.





We will do a lot of spiritual stuff and hanging out and exchanging bodily fluids.


Yall welcome to join in xddddddd


#YouHaveToBeReasonablyFuckable xddddddddddd


Well it is still kinda cringe, but at least you both look way more fuckable now.

#NoHomo just homie sexual xddddddd


P.S. I am an average, ordinary Joe, if I learned all of this so can you.

Remember! Our souls chose this time and space to be here for a reason.

They wanted to have a little bit of fun. 😅


Yes fun, we are having fun I guess 😅


P.P.S. Huge shout out to Jesus within my heart. He created all of this not me xdd


Yes, it is true. This entire page is just super cool amazing videos xddddd from people that I love and didn't know where else to put them. But you still read it xdddddddd xoxo xddddddd

my home brother Monte xdddddddd




Real life is not fcking LOTR, but...

very funny xdddddddd


Btw... Lex is a little bit jealous... 😅 that he was not the first one to interview Putin.

Tucker beat him to it xddddddd

Don't worry babe.

The first thing I will do. Literally the first thing. I will dial up the hot line to Moscow...

"Vlodimiir" "Yes" "Braťa Braťa"

"Vlodimiir my comrade"

"Listen first of all, beautiful ring. Love it. You all shining and shit.

Congratz on making it.

My homebrother Lex would love to just give you a few little questions. You know what I mean. A little round 2 you know what I mean. 2 for 2 baby!"

(Don't worry, I will ask for the selfie too xdddddddd)




Johnny, I love you with all my heart ❤️

Don't worry I didn't forget about you!

You are the real deal.

I know.

You have to understand the millions of people who watch your videos are completely different millions who watch Rogan.

Yes, that is possible... 😅

You live in 2 completely different "online bubbles."

Don't you worry babe xoxo.

I will talk to him on your behalf. I am sure he would love to have you on:))))


(Listen before you get any retarded ideas... No one wants to fight over Taiwan anymore. That is why they had a little chit-chat with Xi Jinping and the Chinese delegation. If they still wanted to fight. There would be no official chit-chat

But if there is a "plan" (Agenda) there is a way to spend taxpayers money. And let me tell you something. They really don't mind spending a little extra here and there. Especially if it is on humanitarian, pro-society stuff like nuclear powered submarines xdddddddd)




Attention Please!

I have decided that I will endorse a candidate after all...

I am endorsing Vermin Supreme for the US president in the 2k24 

(or 2k34 xddddddd) election battle.

Thank you.


Now fr fr like extra extra fr fr like dead ass...

I personally liked Chris Christie the most. I saw an interview with him on All-in podcast and he seemed reasonable. I didn't dig deep enough to find out more about him but, he seemed like I said really reasonable.

Sadly, at some point, he accepted a dono from the military-industrial complex and refused to say a bad word about the donor class or the Pentagon for the rest of his campaign.

I probably wouldn't vote for him because of that but...

To be fair, 99.99% of elected representatives do the same so... 😅
You know xdddddddd


Honorable mention goes to David Sacks...

The only bestie that always truly speaks his mind xoxo




Shout out to my homeboy Dick Cheney and his front man... 😅






It is 2k24 and u can't even make a fcking yt video...


Now this may seem like I am angry...

but no no no...

Don't get confused... 😅

I am just mildly disappointed...





Yes, it is true. I may or may not have been a little bit...




While writing this whole thing.



there is...


a little bit...

spicier tone...

of language...


used here.


Listen... Aren't we all a little bit retarded sometimes... 😅 


(Btw. I don't think you are stupid or anything like that. I was literally kinda like told most of this by supernatural powers. I just kept healing and healing stuff got better and better. IDK)


I just want everybody to know...


That I don't...

really like...


give a shit or something.


Just sayin


I Love you all







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