Gaia 💚 (Mother Nature)

Gaia 💚 (Mother Nature)

P.S. This one is a little bit advanced so If you haven't read "Spiritual Journey" yet

then click here... 



Gaia is a Spirit.

That means that she lives in the Spirit realm. We (human beings) have a spirit too. We call this spirit your higher self. No matter what happens, your higher self lives forever in the Spirit realm.

You have a soul within your body and a Spirit that lives in the spirit realm. Earth only has a Spirit. Meaning...

There is NO supernatural energy (Soul is a tiny part of God's energy) that lives within the earth. There is only a supernatural energy (Spirit is a tiny part of God's energy) that lives outside of the 3D.

Gaia only lives in the Spirit realm (After life)


(Listen! This is what I have been told through downloads. I don't have an actual 3rd party source for this one. This information is broad to you by...

my spiritual guides... 😅)


Gaia is a spiritual guide. She basically guides and protects Earth from the outside. When I asked from which density she is. My spiritual guides refuse to tell me. She is the only one that I don't know how high ranking in the afterlife she is.


Gaaaalz and Guuuyz please don't sacrifice anything to Gaia thinking she will bless your fields, farm, etc. etc. She doesn't need your sacrifices.

Again any type of prayer (manifestation) in which you are trying to offer something in 3D. Sacrificing it. Those are mostly likely answered by evil spiritual guides (demons) Gaia doesn't need you to waste your food. She doesn't need your fruits and vegies.

I would personally recommend you to stay away from rituals that include any sacrifices!



Gaia's Journey

If you finish healing and stabilizing at least a little bit, you will have an empty mind. While having an empty mind, it is easy to communicate with your spiritual guides. You can ask them to talk to Gaia on your behave.

You can ask Gaia to take you on a journey into the unknown.


Well, that sounds a little bit too dramatic, but basically, you can ask Gaia to show you around in her kingdom (nature). Usually journey starts with... like a... appearance of an animal.

For me, it was usually a bird or something. It signals the start of the journey. And then at the end when you are coming back home and you are leaving nature and approaching civilization...

She will like...

possess a bird or something and make a sound...

Basically, to say her bye byes


Possess in a good way... 😅

But yes it is true. Gaia possesses animals and shit and can give you signals and shit. She can send you different types of synchronicities and shit like that.

She is coolzies.

She is chill like that xdddddddd


I would personally advise you to spend time in nature as much as possible. It is a great way to destress, talk to your higher self, talk to your spiritual guides, and overall enjoy life.


Go hiking... Go camping... Go explore the true beauty of nature!


Also, this goes without saying, but if you keep polluting nature with trash and if you keep throwing away plastics in nature you are earning bad karma. You cannot manifest your dream reality while trashing nature that is just not how that works.


Sometimes Gaia will ask me to pick up some trash if I am in the forest. I almost always try to pick up as much as I can. It is good for the karma. When I say ask me, I mean like she will like suggest it through synchronicities.


(P.S. Yes, there is a tribe in Africa which members of can channel aliens (alive)

or spiritual guides (dead)


Boooooriiiiiing... 😅😅😅


It is not that hard to do. You can learn it too. All you have to do is read this tophollin fcking BLOG 🔥🔥🔥 and start practicing the stuff written in a spiritual journey.


But yes, it is true. It is much easier to listen while meditating in the nature. Without the external sounds of society like cars...

and you know...

other shit (I couldn't think of any... 😅)


But... My point is that you don't have to give up society and move to the woods. Everything is within. Everything is happening within.

That is where your soul is... BTW)



Black don't crack because of melanin.


Not because of lotion... 😅😅😅


The lotion thing is such a huge fcking myth xdddddddddd


Yes, lotion might help a little bit in the long run but...


The number one reason why your skin ages is because of sun exposure.


btw... Every dermatologist knows this...



If you are white as a ghost.

Don't forget to put on some sunscreen when going out.




Animal Kingdom

I love animals. xddddd

I also love to eat animals.

Both are true.

Both are true simultaneously.


Yes, each animal has a unique soul but don't worry.

They know what to expect... 😅

They are perfectly fine with being the source of food for humans. Seriously, you don't have to worry about it. That is perfectly fine. I asked my spiritual guides and they said it is literally part of nature.

It is a part of nature to be a food source for each other in the Animal kingdom. Don't get your mind twisted. The predators such as lions and tigers and shit.

They will murder you and eat you if you give them the chance. That is just how animals work. Just because you learn new cool shit about spirituality doesn't mean you have to go vegan and doesn't mean you can never eat animals again.

With that being said, you can do whatever your heart desires. I would personally recommend you to eat normally. Just eat normally everything. It is the best way to make sure you are not deficient in some key minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats, and sugars etc. etc.


Now listen!


As we are evolving and approaching the 5th dimension, you can learn new party tricks. One of these party tricks is that if you deepen your relationship with a particular species of animals like horses for example. You might be able to slowly but surely start understanding their intentions better and better to the point that it almost feels like you are reading their mind.


Life of a horse xdddddddddddd


Please for the love of God, don't be fcking retarded about this.


Wild animals are wild animals.


You cannot just approach them thinking that it is going to be all fine, and that you are a spiritual being, and that everything is going to work out. They will eat you alive if you give them the chance. They are animals.


Please do not put yourself in any unnecessary danger.






P.S. I didn't know...

that there was such a big beef between the milk people... 😅




Of course, it is important to make sure that animals do not live in horrible conditions. And that they are not being tortured but with that being said. I would personally advise you to eat normally. I said it many times and I will say it once again...

Sticking to crazy diets is not healthy either. You have to supplement the vitamins, proteins and minerals that you would be otherwise getting from an overall balanced diet.

Of course, you should try to eat healthy. And not eat too much but eating only meat or eating only greenery is not considered a healthy balance either.


But that is just my opinion... 😅


Please be reasonable






I don't categorize birds into groups. I don't see color. I don't see size.

That's how progressive I am... 😅

Naaaaaah am just playin with yall xddddd


But I do call them all pterodactyls xdddddddd


Pterodactyls are amazing for sending synchronicities from the "outside." That is because they have tiny little brains and are easy to possess for spiritual guides.

I have to be honest with you I am seeing synchronicities almost nonstop. There isn't a moment that I would look at the clock and the time is like 23:45, or 21:22, or 11:01, and stuff like that.

When it comes to birds it is even more insane than that. I see birds basically nonstop. They are everywhere. It is actually quite insane.


My last synchronicity was 3 little butterflies in the most amazing way possible:)))

P.S. I saw 2 but... sadly none of them were real u were right 😅


(Sometimes the birds might seem almost like they are stuck in a glitch or something. But don't worry that is just your spiritual guides trying to communicate with you)


For legal purposes: The next part of this article is a satire.

It is NOT meant to encourage any action.

It is a Joke.

Jokie Jokie Joke... 



Tiny Little Shitters 💩

Listen I love dogs.


They have to die.


The Dog economy is down, and we need more turnover. The dog stock is low so we have to start mass murdering more of these tiny little shitters (and cats as well = we do not discriminate. We are a very inclusive and progressive movement)

and start buying new puppies instead so that we pump up the dog/cat market again.

I have watched Finfluencers online so you know am right... 😅

#NotaFinancialAdvice #BuyMyCryptoShitcoin #IscamYouImakeMoney


So what I am trying to say is that I need you to turn dogs... 😅

(and cats = we do not discriminate. We are a very inclusive and progressive movement)

into consumer products xdddddddddd

+ Plus everybody loves a new puppy 🐶


Gaaaaaaaaaalz and Guuuuuuuuyz listen! I am obviously joking!


I don't want you to kill your dog/cat.


I want you to go to the nearest vet and ask for the "good vaccine"

And the pet doc will ask...

"The good vaccine??"

And you will go...

"Yes, the one. The one that ends all illnesses."


"Forever" 💀💀💀


"The one that ends it all."

"The good one."


You might think this is still just a bit. But am baaaallz deep on this one.


If you have a 17-year-old dog. A fcking little shitter. Don't feel ashamed by society and just get him the "good vaccine." It will help him release the pain and suffering.

It is perfectly fine.

Her/His soul will thank you for that. Maybe if you wait a little bit, he/she can reincarnate as your new pup!


Dogs and Cats are just animals. They are not humans.


I don't know who needs to hear this, but dogs and cats are just animals. They are kinda retarded. All they want to do is eat, sleep, and shit. That is the max.


If you have a dog that is on meds and operations and shit.

Maybe it is time to let her/him go...


Am I telling you to murder your dog? Obviously not. This is a joke article.


P.S. If you allow your dogs or cats to sleep with you in your bed or if you keep making out with your dogs. Tongue-on-tongue action.

That is just disgusting.

So weird.


I dot know who needs to hear this but dogs and cats are both just animals.

They are not particularly keen on...

Hygiene... 😅

per say


I don't want to be explicit here. After all, this is a family-friendly BLOG but... 😅

Please STOP treating animals like humans.

They are not.

Am not gonna lie, it is kinda weird.


Btw... did you know that if you die in your house/apartment...

The pets will just eat you. Cats will even start while you are still warm.

Good night, sleep tight:)))



Also, this may seem like I am only picking on those fcking little rats.

But that is not true. I want you to murder your big dogs too.

Just to clarify... 😅



Picture this...

Your son or daughter is growing up with their beloved dog. The pet has been there for them since day one. Your child is now 10 years old. But the dog is getting sick.

It's time. Instead of pulling the good old classic...

"It moved to the farmland." "We gave it to Uncle Tommy." 

I say...


Spice it up a little... 🔥🔥🔥


One day just break your dog's neck right in front of your child.

Or even better... Make the kid do it !!!

Kinda like Jojo rabbit... 😅


Will it scar the kid for the rest of her/his life? Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaah maybe a little. But those are shadows that he/she can then work through during her/his awakening.


Obviously, these are all jokes. We do funny funny here... 😅😅😅


But imagine this. You got one of those "save the relationship" types of tiny little shitters, in the beginning of the pandemic. 

It has been 4 years now. You cannot even remember how his cum tasted like. 

The ex-boyfriend's not the dog's xdddddddd

And now the summer is starting. Babe! You know what that means right?


Hot girl summer is here !!!


But how can you whore around while having to take care of this tiny little shitter that lives with you in the shoe box that no one even tries to call an apartment?


It is time for the "good vaccine" 😅




Disclaimer: This entire article is a satire. It should not be taken seriously. This article does not encourage any action. Please don't be offended.

Or be... I don't care.


"Go! ... Cry about it"


You fcking little cunts.




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