Experiences with the supernatural explained...

Experiences with the supernatural explained...

This one is kinda...


Spiritually advanced... 😅


So if you wanna go along I would recommend you to first read the spiritual trilogy and then you will be able to understand all of the terms used to describe these phenomena.


Start here: Spiritual Journey


And then come back this one later...


Enjoy xoxo:)))




You don't have to be under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs in order to have a spiritual experience with the supernatural.


As a matter of fact... 😅


I would argue...


It is much safer and more overall better experience if you can get there without the use of these types of substances. All you have to do is to start your spiritual journey and after while. Slowly but surely you will be able to feel more connected and more divinely guided then ever before.



Ari Shaffir's Salvia Trip

Ari, you have poisoned your body enough with salvia that your soul left the body and went into the Astral realm. From there, you have experienced one of the quantum possibilities.


But if that quantum possibility will ever materialize as a present moment in one of the different parallel timelines (universes)

Or if that quantum possibility ever did materialized as a present moment already in one of the different parallel timelines (universes) that is unclear to us.

We do not have a way how to conduct an experiment that could verify that. 



Shane Mauss's DMT Trip

If you are Astral projecting from meditation or sleep, people usually have full control over what they can do and what they can experience. And which spiritual lesson they wanna learn next. 

If you are under the influence we can hardly talk about

any control whatsoever per se... 😅


But you have been able to ask your spirit team a question so they answered...


You have basically asked...

"Is this real?? Or is this just in my head??"


Shane, you have poisoned your body enough with DMT that your soul left the body and went into the Astral realm. You have to understand being in the Astral realm is being in the dream state.


When we are in deep REM sleep, we enter the Astral realm every night.

We just don't remember it.


Your spirit team created a dream state scenario where you are at the table having a seemingly normal day. And then all of a sudden the stage set falls down.

I believe that is a metaphor for revelation.

In movies, this is usually used as a trick to break the 4th wall.


Then you have been sucked out of reality. The symbolism is that you have left the 3D reality of normal day life and went beyond. Meaning...

That your spirit team tried to show you...

Yes, this is real. It is happening beyond the 3D reality (alive)

It is happening in the Astral realm.


(Everything you have experienced during this particular trip has happened in the Astral realm. You cannot leave into the Spirit realm. Only dead souls can go there)


After you have been sucked out of the kitchen movie set. You have met a guy. That guy is you. That guy is your spirit. That guy is your higher self. The project (job) that you are both working on that is a metaphor for your life.


You are here (like everybody else) to learn spiritual lessons. That just means that you are here to experience a variety of emotions. Heartbreaks, struggles, moments of joy, laughter with friends, feelings of unconditional love, etc. etc.

If you (or anybody else) wanna find out more about what lessons you should be learning while being here. Some of that information might be found in your birth chart. But pls take that information with fun and a little bit of healthy skepticism.



Again !!!

Souls don't care about jobs or careers or material possessions. It is all about the emotional lessons that you are here to learn. Seriously, it doesn't matter at all to your spirit (your higher self) or to your soul what car you drive. Everybody knows that.




The purple gypsy lady is a spirit.

She is most likely your spiritual guide.

She keeps an eye on you and protects you.


A lot of the people that we meet in our life and stay in our lives for longer. Those souls we lived with many many lives before. We call this in our spiritual Holy community "your soul's family"



The purple gypsy lady

Listen !! You have to understand that spiritual guides have their own FREE WILL as well as you do. They might have their own motives and intentions that may not always align with yours.


If you truly feel like that a spirit (this entity) is ruining your dating life, then you can either fire that spiritual guide or you can just destroy the soul's contract that they had offered you.


Basically, they will still be your spiritual guide...

but they won't be able to mess with your dating life. 


Nevertheless, I would always recommend you to imagine your spiritual guide during a meditation, and if you see something disturbing...

I would recommend to fire that spiritual guide.


Also... Your higher self. Your spirit always knows what is best for you.

Spirits can see the whole picture.

Try to contact him/her during a meditative state and see whatsup.



Shane Mauss's first time DMT Trip

Shane, you have poisoned your body enough with DMT that your soul left the body and went into the Astral realm. 


Again, being in an Astral realm is being in a dream. Literally.

It may feel very very familiar because every night you go to sleep. Your soul leaves and visits this realm.


The lights that talked to you. Those are spirits. Those are your spirit guides that are divinely protecting you and you know like...

They kinda hang out and shit... 😅


Let's not forget, there is no body.

There is no flesh as our Christian ancestors would say.

There is nothing physical in the Astral realm and in the Spirit realm which means that...


You can imagine your spirit guides as animals, dragons, angels or as balls of lights.

However, you feel like it. There are literally no limits.


The meaning of life is just to experience this human experience and make the most out of it. Whatever brings meaning into your life that is up to you to figure it out.

For some, it may be family, kids. For some, it may be building a career and achieving new milestones. For some, it may be romance.

For some, it may be exploration.



For some, it may be feelings of being called to adventure.


In order to figure out whatever is the thing for you...

I would recommend you to look deep within your heart.

Try to understand yourself from within.

Dive deep.



Safe use...

It may seem like I am anti-drugs but make no mistake. I truly believe that psychedelics could be very beneficial, but we have to be honest. 

The profound spiritual experience I believe is caused by a "psychedelic-induced coma"


I believe that our soul leaves the body and goes to the Astral realm during a deep deep REM sleep. If you are very very experienced, this could also happen during trance meditation.

and during a coma...


Most patients who have near-death experiences are having them while being in a coma. I would assume that the state of the "psychedelic trip" will be very very similar to that.



PTSD treatment...

If you have severe PTSD from combat or if you have trauma from abuse you may have heard that psychedelics might be beneficial as a form of treatment.


Yes, that is true but...


There are some things you need to know before starting your treatment...


Your spirit guides might highlight your shadows through symbolism and metaphors.


Meaning that you might experience unpleasant feelings.


With that being said, I still believe that psychedelics might be a great way for some to find ease and happiness in life again.


Love you





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