Answering Dave's and Tucker's questions

Answering Dave's and Tucker's questions

There is a reason why a grown men want to be members of a secret societies. 


Usually just because it is a lot of FUN xdd


Most of them just probably start as a fun little joke between groups of friends. And they kinda go from there. Some of them go evil really fast.



Hazing originated from the secret societies. As a form of showing that you are worthy of being a member. It is one thing when college bros do hazing to each other on frat. (weird and pathetic)




It is little bit too much when grown men (losers) do hazing to each other.

(Please Stop. This doesn't fly. in 2024)


Martin Luther King Freemason

Being a Member

Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Maryland - Martin Luther King Jr. 

Being a member has a lot of advantages. Sometimes it is a better parking. Or in some counties, you won't get stopped by the police if you have a special symbol on your license plate. 


One advantage that no one seems to talk about is "legacy.


Basically, if you are a member, other members will make sure that no one will bad mouth you. Especially if you are already dead, other members who are still alive will make sure that in textbooks you are pictured as a Hero.

Basically, in school you only learn about members and how amazing they were. (Last 200 years approximatelyBe careful. That doesn't mean what you learn in school is not true. It only means that most of it is ego-boosting fluff.

(P.S. First-generation immigrant parents are all the same. It doesn't matter if they are Muslims, Indian or Asian, etc. etc. They all want you to do well in life. You have to understand it from their perspective. It is much harder to change the country you live in later in life. They live in much more stress and they are way more worried for you.

It has nothing to do with ethnicity. It is all because of cortisol from being in a "new environment"

I kinda felt like everybody knows that. All the kids that I have met in the US. If their parents were first-generation immigrants, they all had a pretty strict upbringing. Didn't matter what country they migrated from)


The real history is sometimes a little bit different. 😅


That is why we learn a lot about Martin Luther King and not Malcolm X. In 21st century Malcolm seems a little bit radical, but nevertheless he was very well-read and very bright.


MLK's Assassination Conspiracy (Just because you are a member of a secret society doesn't mean you can't be assassinated by the FBI... 😅)


I am only 36.90% certain about this... but it is a very interesting perspective.


That is why no one can say a bad word about Winston Churchill. He was a member. I don't remember which pathetic club was he in, but he did the hand thingy inside your coat like the rest of the losers do.


Do you know who else was a member?


Heinrich Himmler

Skulls and Bones

Himmler was a famous member of a secret society called "Skull and Bones." This particular hidden club and the Jesuit order are both secret societies for military members. It gets way way more evil whenever you involve the military.

One of many reasons why the US saved the Nazi scientist is also because they were members as well.




History is written by the winners. Winners get fluff pieces. Losers get hit pieces. You know the drill xddddd

And life goes on regardless.


P.S. You know who is cumming?? HENRY !!!

Hopefully, we will have crossbows and trebuchets...

Looks amazing so far xoxo




Guys listen!

Bohemian grove is kinda like a big party for the degenerates from LA and few politicians as well. They are too famous to get completely hammered in public. So once a year they go "camping" in the woods (They are too rich for tents. They do rooms) and get blasted. It's not that big deal that is why I didn't feel like I need to talk about it.

(Only people. No aliens. It is 2k24 am just making sure u get it right... 😅)


(No cameras. No phones. Just alcohol. Not a bad idea I have to admit... 😅)

It is basically a burning man for a fcking extra famous rich fucks.

Invites only.


The only problem I have is that those fcking hazing each other type of losers, keep doing some pagan traditions. Like burning stuff and sacrificing stuff.

Fcking pathetic at best...


From now on! Let's not fcking do that. You sick fucks.

(You can still get fcked up and finger each other's Uranus, but please stop doing the pagan shit you fcking losers)



Yea... 😅


Some of yall might be a little bit overthinking this... 😅


If you like this type of esoteric (hidden) content, then you should check out the article called "Cast a Spell." (Click here)


P.S. If you think that the political debate is heated now... 😅


Anunnaki Pyramid


Highly debatable...

P.P.S. Cleopatra had that extra chromosome type of magic xddddd 

(jesus! slow down brother... my imaginary GF is on this app xddddddddd)

Finally!! The collab that we all wanted and have been praying for xoxo



Katt Williams watches videos made by Billy Carson.

That is why he knows all of that stuff xddddd (am sorry I had to tell xdddd)


Also Jada Pinkett Smith might be watching these videos as well... 😅 (IDK... maybe xdd)


Now listen very carefully !!!


Yes, Annunakies were the first alien race that created the first-ever hybrids between primates and aliens. Yes, Annunakies might be (most likely) black. Yes, the first-ever homo sapiens had most likely (Probably. It is NOT 100%) a combination of primate DNA and DNA from a black alien race.

But you have to understand they looked nothing like today's humans. They were way way way more hairy like primates are. We evolved on our own into homo sapiens sapiens. (And other alien races, when they heard what Annunakies did. They started mixing their DNA too... 😅)

This all happened over thousands and thousands of years.

Today we all have a little bit of DNA from all sorts of different alien races. And it doesn't matter what skin color you are or what ethnic background you are, you have all of the alien DNA within your own DNA too.

Look it all sound like a cool new info, but really it doesn't change shit at all. We all still have to pay taxes and shit so... Who gives a fuck if we are monkeys or only half monkeys?? 😅


Yes, Annunakies built the pyramids (Probably. It is NOT 100%) together with the homo sapiens (first hybrids). That was literally thousands and thousands of years ago. The people who live in Egypt now (including Cleopatra) are all beige. The majority of the population is of Arabic origin (Muslim).

Let's just all chill out a little bit.


Please bear with me. Listen carefully.


All of the stories about Jesus and biblical miracles and shit are all overexaggerated. And it all happened yesterday. If you look at it from the bigger perspective of time.

Jesus walked this planet literally yesterday.


Look people overexaggerate all the time. People create urban legends all the time. Facts are boring. Facts are not fun.

Comics exaggerate their stories during stand-up.

We all know that.

Facts are not fun they are boooooooooriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing... 😅

Let's be fcking for real for a moment. If I wrote this shit.

All of this shit. In facts and facts only.

None of you would ever read this... 😅


All of the stories about Annunakies fighting and having slaves and shit like that. Guys, we have no idea if any of that is true or not. 

We don't really have any way of confirming how much of that is true or not. We have very very very old (ancient) texts on different stones and shit but other than that, it is kinda blurry from there.


please listen...


conspiracy theories are supposed to be fuuuuuuuuuuun

and light-hearted

Let's all just keep it fun. Shall we?? xddddddd


The Painter xdddddddd 

Painting lesson xoxo

Btw... fan art from the movie called "Jojo rabbit"

Absolutely brilliant movie...

Haven't seen it yet tho... 😅


P.P.P.S. The Holocaust did happen... pls don't be yall fcking retarded.


Fun little fact from history... 😅


Hitler started a Nazi party with a guy who was a bar fighter and a secretly homosexual. (It was more like an open secret in Berlin at that time. Berlin has been "secretly" pro-gay for well over 100 years now)

Very early, before even winning parliament seats he made this guy the head of the SS. (They called themselves SA first and then they did a little PR rebranding after the little birthday gig)

SA was more like a little golf club for the hardcore sympathizers of Nazism before they even did any of the extra hardcore shit.


Then Hitler won a little bit in an election and got into parliament. Become an elected representative. Then he did a military coup with the help of the SA and the gay guy as their leader. He becomes the number one guy in Germany. And then at the gay guy's birthday, he ordered to murder everyone who attended that birthday. (Red wedding style xdddd)

As a little fun surprise present or something... 😅


In Germany, they call this birthday party "Night of the Long Knives"


Hitler then turned around and said it was because he was gay. And being gay is not okay with the right-wing people, but really he just didn't need him anymore and was afraid of what he might do.

A little PR course correction... 😅


(Btw, I learned all of this in high school. This is not hidden at all xddddd I only had the advantage that I schooled in Europe where education still exists xddddd)

But to be honest... 😅

The part about Italy doing side quests xddddd

I don't remember that well either xdddddddd


The first one was nuts too... 😅


Start a political party. Publish a slightly controversial book. Get new sexy uniforms for you and your boyzzzz. Don't let anyone discourage you from pursuing your dreams... 😅😅😅




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