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Being a sociopath means that you had a big head trauma and due to this accident part of your brain is dysfunctional.

Typically NFL players, when they beat the living shit out of their wives. It might be due to the head trauma (CTE) that can partly or completely turn off the emotional part of your brain.

(Btw... Creating retarded "celebration laws" will not grow the player's brains back)



The other sports are not much better (NHL, UFC, lacrosse etc. etc.) I would personally advocate for 0 physical contacts for all kids age categories up to high school. Probably like 96.30% of all high school sports players will never ever play pro.

After high school, you are an adult and if you can agree to crippling student loan debt you should be allowed participate in any sport fully with all that the sport can offer.

But until 18 years of age (High school level) Zero contact.

In fighting sports (Box, MMA)... 0 contact with the head. Heavy physical sports (Hockey, American football, etc. etc.)... 0 contact with other players.


I am serious. Most of those kids will never ever play that sport ever again after high school.


It is not fair to them. To allow them get retarded before their life even fully starts.

I feel like the last thing we need is more retarded people.

But hey, maybe that's just me... 😅


Most of you are worried that if the sport doesn't have the brutal physical contact that the fans will leave. Don't worry, the great atmosphere is created by the viewers because they wanna see their loved ones succeed. There will still be as great of an atmosphere even if none gets extra retarded during the match.

Most of the teenage girls go to the match only because the players are "kinda like idk cute or something" If you ask them what the score is... well... 😅

Don't worry your dirtbag of a teenage son will get his tiny little dick sucked for the first time anyway. Even if the sport is not as brutal as it used to be.

It is the truth fr fr





Most kids after the youth categories will never ever play the game professionally again. They might play with their friends and some of them might join Sunday leagues, but after high school, only around 0.1% of participants will continue playing the game at a professional level. (This statistic is approximately true for all popular sports)


We know for a fact that the brain scans of high schoolers showed minor brain damage already. (In some cases, even severe life-changing brain damage)

I would really try to advocate for absolutely 0 physical contact with the head in all youth categories across all popular sports. It is not fair to them. They are not consenting adults.


Obviously after the age of 18. You are an adult. You can make your own decisions for yourself. Knowing all of the pros and cons and specifically all the risks. You should be able to participate in sports with everything the sport brings to the table.


I just truly want to...


Protect the kids!



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