Porn 😈

Porn 😈

The porn industry is destroying our youth.

Not only is it invading the minds of our youngest, but also it seriously damages the lives of young adults as well.

Most pornstars regret ever joining the industry. A lot of horrific stories are coming out about the abuse behind the scenes.

Most girls who turn to porn say they did it only because they had no money and they felt like they didn't have any other choice.

This industry specifically tends to prey on the lives of young women.



From the latest research, we know for a fact. From thousands and thousands of brain scans done over the years, we know, that the frontal cortex lobe fully develops at the age of 25.

Knowing all of this...


I do NOT understand. Why?

Why is anyone allowed to step NAKED in from of a camera before the age of 25?

I truly believe that raising up the age from 18 to 25 would solve a lot of issues that the Adult star industry is facing right now!

I have nothing against safe, healthy sexuality. I am a quite sexual person myself. But we have to be SAFE about it.

Raising up the age would mean that only those who truly want to be in that industry would join and no one else.

Please you all have to remember that yes from the age of 18 till 25 you were technically an adult already, but most of the decisions made felt like they were being made on Autopilot.

Yes, obviously there are many things that 18 year old should be allowed to do like joining the army or voting. But in my humble opinion joining the Porn industry should NOT be one of them.

Raise the age limit for joining a porn industry from 18 to 25!

Save the kids!



P.S. If you agree with my opinion about the porn industry. Please consider sharing this message on social media. It will help achieve Peace faster.

P.P.S. When I was writing this article, I was listening to this music.

I am like 3 hours in 😅 #girlboss #girlpower


Masturbation... a form of witchcra-




am just playin yall...


Although... 😅


If you have a porn addiction, you might be able to get rid of it by just simply imagining your addiction as a succubi. Then you should dissolve this demon into the quantum field the way it is described in the "Spiritual Journey"

If you have a hard time imagining succubi just try to imagine this addiction as one of your hentai testicle thingies.


Listen Very Carefully!!!


It is NOT normal to feel shame or guilt after finishing the self-deeding. I never feel any feelings of shame or guilt after I am done.

If you experience these feelings...

You have to start watching porn that is more "respectful" towards all participants (pornstars)


You are most likely watching porn that is way too graphic. Way too brutal and way too disgusting. That is usually the number one reason why you might experience feelings of shame and guilt afterward.

You don't have to go cold turkey on porn. All you have to do is start watching categories like "for women" or "solo" or anything that is just way more normal.


I personally try NOT to watch any porn at all.

The main reason is that you might accidentally get a demon attachment. This demon will then basically feed off your energy. This energy otherwise could be transmuted to manifest your dream reality.

I just don't want to fck up my blessings... 😅


P.S. Orgasm does release a supernatural energy as well. This energy could be theoretically transmuted for manifesting as well.

For example, if you are masturbating and thinking about your wife. It will deepen your soul bond. (Even if she is not physically present during the self deed)

Of course, we all know that having sex with the person that you truly unconditional love, creates a soul bond. We all know that right? 😅


P.P.S. If you are single. You can try to use self-pleasure as a form of manifestation technique. You can try to manifest your perfect partner. Just close your eyes and try to imagine your soulmate.

I have to be honest throughout my deep deep research on this topic. I have found this manifestation technique to be...

kinda like...

semi-working... 😅


If you have completely 0 sexual drive you are most likely having a hormonal dysfunction. You have to make a doctor's appointment and tell them that you want them to do a blood work.

If your hormones are in a normal balance and you still have completely 0 sexual desire. It might be due to a suppressed trauma memory. In that case, you should find a good therapist.


Hormone blockers

Guys, you cannot give young developing teenagers fcking hormone blockers. Or allow them to cut their genitals. Are you fcking nuts?

On a large scale, this is fcking happening only like in the USA and Canada but still. Are you guys fcking retarded or something? The whole world is laughing at you.

Kids cannot consent. They cannot fcking decide for themselves. You cannot do this to them. There is going to be an insane amount of regret. There will be an insane amount of lawsuits coming in. What the fck are you doing? You are truly fcking retarded if you think that kid can decide if they are different gender or not.


What the fck is wrong with you.


It is perfectly normal for 14-year-old or 16-year-old teenage girls to cry all day. It is perfectly normal for them to feel like they are in the wrong body all the time. It is all due to the release of hormones that is happening throughout puberty.

The same way, teenage boys have boners during the most inconvenient times. The same way teenage girls cry all the time for "no reason."

It is all just due to the extreme, unusual release of hormones that is happening all throughout puberty.


If not 25 at least. At least 18+


All children younger than 18 should be prohibited from using any hormone blockers or having any sex change operations. (Castrations)

Complete prohibition under federal law in all countries around the world.


Obviously... I am NOT judging anybody here.

I am just trying to protect the kids!


If you are 18 and over...

If you are allowed to join the army and go fight in a country that you or neither anyone in your family cannot find on a map, you should be allowed to do whatever you want to your body.

Including a gender transition.


Btw for all my non-American readers...

There is 0 difference between the terms "sex" and "gender"

I do not understand why those losers try to make a difference between them either.


P.S. All you have to do is have a 2 sports gender categories. One for biological women only. Those are women who have been born women and are not taking any hormones or trying to transition.

And a second category called "All inclusive" Where anyone can sign up. Doesn't matter if you are a Male, Female, Transgender male, Transgender female.

Problem solved.


(If you are that retarded, that you still have problem understanding what a biological female is. It is a person who was born with coochayjay)


All Religious People

For the love of God. STOP judging pornstars so hard!

They are only people too. Like every one of us. You all watch porn, then you feel guilty and then you go shame people that you have been lusting over 5 seconds ago.

STOP now! It is getting a little bit pathetic at this point.

Do not judge others. Even Jesus was not this judgmental when a young prostitute approached him. That is God's work. God is quite good at judging people himself.

You don't have to try to steal his job. xdd



This section is only mainly for the United States. All the other countries in the modern Western world are NOT retarded about this.


Guys, you have to find some kind of compromise. Even fcking Russia has allowed abortions in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

The complete prohibition of abortion will only hurt the poor people. No one else. The second that rich Utah's priest's daughter gets raped. They are starting the engine of a car and going to an abortion clinic in California. The only ones who will fcking get hurt by this are the women that don't have the money to do the same thing.


Abortion is just one of the issues that doesn't matter. You will never hear about the truly important issues in the news.

So all the media keeps talking about it nonstop because it makes you all riled up for no reason. They only want views so that they can make more money. They don't care either way.

The same goes for all of those losers on the internet who cannot shut the fck up about this. They just want your attention.

All of those stories of women having 5 abortions are most likely fake. You fcking idiots, you cannot believe everything you read online. No woman "enjoys" abortions. You are fcking retarded if you really think that.

Even if those stories are true. And maybe there is somewhere a woman who tries to have as many abortions as possible. (Which I highly doubt you fcking idiots) Maybe it is just God's way of protecting our collective gene pool.


The only ones who prohibit abortions are the United States and orthodox Muslim countries.




P.S. Since the last heavy eye-opening download...


!!! GOD DAMN !!!


Yall need fcking Jesus !!!


Everyone. Doesn't matter if you are a male pornstar or a female pornstar...


Y'all could use some of that spiritual healing. 


Healing First !!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't mean all Pornstars but like 96.30%... please just do something. I am literally afraid to just even look at the thumbnails on Pornhub so that I won't get psychically attacked... 😅

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