Music 🎵

Music 🎵

Music is extremely important. It is a form of mass communication between the artist and the audience through frequencies. 

Especially the 432hz frequency is extremely important. Because it speaks directly to your soul.

That is why the labels are able make artist go viral and viral again and again. That is why some songs, you just cannot get outside of your head.


What ever you will feed your soul will affect your life.


Probably like 99.9% of music (songs) is neutral. You don't have to freak out and go hiding into the woods, just because you learned new information. 😅


Population control

432 Hz frequency is also extremely useful for propaganda. If you want people to believe something, tell it to their souls directly, and they will be way more likely to believe everything you say.



In every single genre, you can find the influence of Holy or evil energy. Even in Classical music, you have authors who used evil energy to create their music. One easy example is Paganini.

Even in Rap and Hard Rock, you can find examples of authors using Holy energy, but it is not a secret that most of Hollywood today uses Satanic evil energy to create music.




Frequencies + Intentions

In music, it is a little bit more complicated. You can NOT just say that high frequencies = good.

Sometimes the musician who uses evil energy will play a certain high frequency and he or she intends to bring you down. To make you feel low.

And obviously, the Holy musician will try to Uplift you instead. 


In the playlist on YouTube, you will find a Music that is for example 888 Hz + 8 Hz.

That is specifically, for astral projecting (sleeping) and the 8 Hz is for grounding (root chakra).

It is better to be grounded during Astral Projecting so that you have a pleasant experience. (More on that later)


Yes, I believe it is theoretically possible to heal with nothing but listening to the right frequency but...

There is no real science yet supporting any of this. Unless the US deep state decides to publish any of its official research in this field...

What I am trying to say is that there are always so many scammers trying to sell you snake oil (alternative medicine) so...

Please don't fall for it.




Listen Carefully !!!

Obviously, like 96.30% of musicians have absolutely no idea what vibrations (emotions) are they using while writing songs. They can literally be using Holy energy in one song and Evil energy in another song and put it both in the same Album.

(No one told them. They are finding out right now the same way as you are. By reading this BLOG)

I can now easily tell which side they were on (vibrationally) when writing their songs. I do it by looking into their eyes and also I get confirmation through my chakras. (Usually, all musicians go back to the same vibrations when playing the music. Like a muscle memory)


The Evil is extra sneaky... 😅

Just because it looks nice, doesn't mean it is Holy. The evil will try to like... boost your ego while subconsciously kicking you down.

If someone is flexing on you "I will steal your girl" type of stuff. Just so you know... Your subconscious doesn't make the difference between irony and facts... 😅


The Holy music is easy to spot. It will open your heart chakra.

It is not trying to flex on you xdd


P.S. Even if it is sexual, it can still be 100% Holy... Remember it is only about the vibrations (emotions) that the musician wrote it in. (And the ones you feel while listening)


Important: Please, for the love of God. Don't be yall fcking retarded about this. I just needed very clear and easy examples. As a matter of fact, both G-Eazy and Ed Sheeran have kinda like "good eyes."

At least good for Hollywood... 😅

so just fcking don't...



Quick TipIf you wanna write a song and you wanna make sure that you are on the side of the Holy... 😅 (Hopefully that will be all of you)

Just write one first verse of the song something like... "I love you Jesus and I am giving this song to you." And then imagine that you are giving this song to the higher power(God, Allah, El, Jesus, Universe, Creator)


Write the song lyrics and musical notes... 🎵


Then you can delete the... "I love you Jesus and I am giving this song to you." part. If you feel like it... 😅

Basically, you will trick your subconscious into using Holy energy... 😅

Also, your songs will have way more views because you are using supernatural energy in order to create them. You are kinda giving them extra flavor instead of leaving them bland.


This one is for free...


Next one I will charge the living shit out of you.


xoxo (Jerrel)





That is also why, many of the manifesting videos on my YouTube playlist, are in 432hz frequency.

Souls can manifest effortlessly and instantly. We are souls having a human experience. Our souls felt so extremely bored, that they wanted a challenge and they decided to be born as human beings on planet Earth.

We (as human beings) do not have the ability to manifest instantly. We can generate ideas of what we want and generate the following ideas, "how to get what we want."

But we cannot manifest instantly. (More on that in Rich Fucks)


You are welcome xoxo


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