lvl 💯 mafia boss...

lvl 💯 mafia boss...


Listen !!!


The guy in the suit. Sitting behind a desk and smoking a cigar. 




He is not real.


He never existed.


It is all fake. The whole character is fake.


It is all Hollywood baby.


You are fetishizing something that never existed.


You are cosplaying a movie character...


That never existed in a first place.



It is all fcking fake... 

There is absolutely NO honor in being part of the criminal life. There is absolutely no such thing as gang code or anything like that.


They all snitch.


Absolutely all of them narc on each other. That is literally the first thing they do after being caught. They all fcking snitch. 


All of the movies about...


"If you are part of the mafia. You are part of the family."


The cigar-smoking 50s thought guys...


They all fcking snitch.


Literally, the first thing they do is make a deal and inform on all of the other "family members"


Why would you ever think it was something else??


People that murder and torture and terrorize neighborhoods...


Why would you ever think that they will have some kind of a moral codex??

And won't rat out their gang members??

They all snitch.



It is literally the first thing they do. They all snitch.


If there is a big boss. If there is a big big name for years...

That is because he has a deal with the FEDs.

He rats on literally everybody else, and in exchange, he gets "get away free" jail card.


That's it.


Why would you ever think it was something else??


All of these guys that are choking on a tobacco cocks...

They all rat


P.S. Also most of them cry when being caught.

Just so you know.


Prison system

The truth is that most of the people in prisons and jails are there for petty crimes and while being incarcerated they turn into professional criminals.


A lot of criminals come from rough backgrounds and have been in juvenile programs from early on. Their list of crimes is usually longer than some people's CVs.


My point is that...


Pls don't be fcking retarded.


There is nothing glamorous about thug life.


People don't turn to crime as their profesh because they have other options in life.


People won't turn down 6 figures paying job because they wanna sell crack.


That is kinda like... something that like... never happens in real life.




Just pls don't be retarded that's all.




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