January 6th

January 6th

P.S. Listen! I now realize how this article may seem like but trust me...


I am NOT a Trump supporter.


Trump's cabinet was the one that created political pressure and this pressure put Julian Assange behind bars.

Julian is a political prisoner who has been in prison for made-up charges without trial for years now.

That is unacceptable in a democratic western world.


Trump's cabinet started the lockdowns, not Biden's.



I don't really care who sits in the Oval Office.

I know how things actually really work. 😅


All I want is freedom and peace for the average normal people who have been tour-guided into the U.S. capitol...

And freedom for Julian Assange as well of course!




What happened on January 6th, 2021 is a multilayered story.


I can tell you one thing. The process with Donald J. Trump is allegedly deeply motivated by revenge. The process with the people who storm the capital was also allegedly deeply motivated by revenge.

This kind of revenge-seeking behavior is not acceptable in 2024. If we want to evolve into Jesus Christ consciousness, we have to do better.


17 years for a guided tour is fcking ridiculous.


The next president needs to show solidarity with all these people, and if not pardon their sentences, at least he or she should lower their sentences to months not years. And give a full presidential pardon to Julian Assange.

At this time (me writing this article) the process with Donald J. Trump is still being played out. I will not comment on it at this moment.


P.S. Ray Dalio always says that the system works like a machine. We need to oil this beautiful machine. We need to make sure that it works efficiently. There is always room for optimization. To make things better. To make things better for all people.

Breaking parts of the machine is not always the best solution moving forward. Especially if you want to continue operating the same machine.


P.P.S. If you want to know how Propaganda works, then click here.




U.S. presidency 

I am dead serious. I really personally don't give a shit if the president is Trump or Biden or RFK. Guyzzz, I don't think you realize this. But it may not matter as much as...

you think it does... 😅 (Bill during an election night xdddd)


You have to understand the job is way more complex than one person can ever do on her/his own. It requires an insane amount of...

amazing hard working people...

to make that machine function properly.


Listen! I have this feeling... 😅


Michelle Obama is not thinking about running! The reason is super ultra simple. She just really really really doesn't want to.

No one wants that fcking job... 😅

(I am like 99.9% sure she is a woman... btw... I never knew I would have to say this but it is 2k24 and yall have some wild fcking ideas... 😅)


Have you ever seen the pictures of Barack before and after?

How much he aged during his presidency...


Yeah... 😅


It is just an endless stream of the worst decisions possible that you just... kinda like... have to make regardless.


The only ones still seriously campaigning are RFK and Vivek. And that is because they just have no fcking idea... what the fck... the job is actually about... 😅


Yea I know... 😅


P.S. Yall know that Biden nor any other politician ever writes laws right?? You know that, right?? None of them actually write write them. You know that, right??

They all have a team of shadow lawyers who actually write the stuff and make it into a lawyer language. People whose names you have never heard doing the hard work every day.

It is not that the politicians don't know how to write. It is just that their time is very valuable, so they have a team of staff that helps them out.




Not a single politician from any country has ever written their own laws. It is all done by lawyers. You know that, right??

You probably do know that right??

I feel like this one is pretty well-known.


Easy Win !!!

baby xdd




TikTok Ban... 

You know the TikTok ban is just all Silicon Valley lobby, right??

(They back up the money truck xddddddddd)

You know that, right?? 😅

They wanna get rid of competition.

Ofc... Friedberg is my favorite bestie xdddddd The king of science!


The security thread is overblown because... xddddddd 😅


All of the US competitors who are pushing for this ban so much sell the user data at the back end anyway. Allegedly they all sell user data for extra profit. Usually, other companies (sometimes even governments) will allegedly buy this data to be able to scale their own AI models.

The problem is that the average age of a US representative is 144 xdddddd

They have no idea what smart phone is.

Let alone what social media is... 😅


They are all on that good stuff xddddddd On the Lazarus drug xdddddddd


Class action lawsuit?!


(P.S. There are NO real limits defined by law on who can purchase the data collected by social media companies and other companies. There are NO limits defined by law on how this data should be handled. And all of the fcking 3 letter agencies instead of advising for a bill that would sort this out.

Instead, they are trying to push this "TikTok ban" bill.

If it was just a fcking hostile takeover like advertised. It would have 3 words in it.

"Just buy it."

Instead, the language used in the second one that was now pushed through Congress is even worse. Essentially, it would give 3 letter agencies access to use the user data in front of the Jury almost limitlessly.

I am slightly concerned that if this goes through as planned we will have another Snowden in 5 to 10 years or even worse. No one will be brave enough to point this out and spying on domestic citizens will go on unnoticed.


Reality Winner ... The 60 Minutes !!!


P.S. My favorite whistleblower story must be John Kiriakou's story.

I have to be honest I am a huge fangirlie of his... 😅

At the end of the day, he was the one who caught Abu Zubaydah and then he became a CIA whistleblower. 

Where the fck is his movie?? 😅


Trump on the run xddddddddddd


P.P.S. Let's translate this video into human language. Shall we?? xddddddd


So Trump walks into the Oval Office. Hires his own private mafia. Because that is what a private intelligence is...

Basically a fancy mafia.

CIA and FBI have to follow the rule of law. There are many checks and balances. Private firms like (Wagner Group, Black Ops)

well... 😅

Let's just say... "following laws" doesn't bother them as much as it should xddddd


Then he tries to get rid of all the mafias that are competitors to his own mafia. And then he tries to drain the CIA and FBI of the brain talent that they have been able to hire.

And then he is sooooooo surprised when the 3 letter agencies don't like him... 😅


Only if there was a word that I like to use. That could perfectly describe this particular situation. Maybe a word that starts with the letter "R" xddddd


hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 🤔 What word could it be? 😅


Listen! It's not a secret. Everybody knows that. Trump is not the best politician ever. Someone (me) could argue that he is one of the worst ones in a long time. (Debatable) His lack of diplomatic skills makes him a lot of unnecessary political enemies.

It is not Trump's mistake that the DC people are against him. They are all pro-establishment and all kinda pro-liberal (left wing) Even the congressmen from the conservative party are kinda all pro-liberal and pro-establishment... 😅

(Well let's be real here. They are all mostly spineless and just agree with anyone who is paying them right now. And less concerned with political ideologies than you might think)


The people in 3 letter agencies and in the Pentagon are different. They love the president. No matter who he is. (Almost always) At least tolerate him. It is Trump's diplomatic mistake that they turned against him.


Bag of cocaine in the White House?? It's a biblical miracle... 😅

No one knows how it got there xdddddd


Look the 3 letter agencies back up almost any president unless he tries as hard as possible to turn his back on them.


With all of this being said... 😅


We fully condemn any political actions that undermine the democratic electoral system that we all know and love in the Western world.


Only if there was a better option...





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