How did Hamas come to power?

How did Hamas come to power?

Israel did not only have illegal settlements in the West bank, they used to have colonial settlements in Gaza too.

Bibi allegedly paid every single illegal settler 200 000 USD from the U.S. taxpayers' money in order to move them out from Gaza.

In August 2005 Bibi allegedly officially bought out all the remaining illegal colonialists who lived in Gaza at the time.

He allegedly started heavily funding Hamas, so that they could win the election against other more rational parties who were running at that time.

In 2006 Hamas won a democratically held election. Last election any Palestinians had since then.

Bibi bombarder the only airport that was in Gaza. And since then no one has been allowed to leave. He created an open-air prison. Open-air without a single airport.


The only question remains.


Why did Bibi want Hamas to win so badly?


P.S. If you want to know how real Propaganda works, then click here!


Important piece of the puzzle number #1

Important piece of the puzzle number #2

Important piece of the puzzle number #3


P.P.S. We want new leadership for both citizens of Palestine and citizens of Israel. (Done Peacefully)




Religious extremism ruins lives

A lot of beautiful and amazing lives have been lost because of Religious fanaticism and extremism.

Yes, our cultures are different around the world but our hearts beat the same. Our hearts feel the same pains, fears, moments of joy,

and moments of love.


It is our responsibility, each and every one of us to look at the things that bring us all together. To focus on the positives. To find peace together.


There are approximately 1.9 billion people worldwide who believe in Islam.

99.9% of these people live normal lives just like everybody else. They have the same worries and they celebrate the same life events (weddings, birthdays) as everybody else.


Yes, there are a few bums. But that is true for every religion out there.


The true Islam is a very beautiful religion full of love. ❤️


If we want to find true Peace, we have to look past our differences and we have to focus on what unites us! All humans together.


P.S. If you want to rather support local US (Farmingdale, NY) business...


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P.P.S. Hamas members are literally terrorists. That is what they are allegedly paid to do. That is there 9 to 5. Bibi literally paid them to do that. And is still allegedly paying them to do right now as we speak.






1956 suez crisis

This is a good fcking fat juicer...

this one has everything xdd

u will love this one xoxo


Part 2 !!! (Click here)


Also, it has been a really long time ago so I can tell you pretty much everything xdd


Did you know that during this crisis, Israel has sunk a US Navy ship?

now u know...

baby xoxo


Uncle Sam never held Israel accountable, because after this crisis, Israel officially became a big US military base (proxy) in the middle east.

Since then Israel has been receiving the... 

💲 money 💲

paid by the U.S. taxpayer. 


For some completely unknown reason to me, Bibi has been acting like he is more than just a proxy. Someone should remind him that the financial diet he has been on for 70 years could be cut down at any minute.


Who?? you may ask??


Antony Blinken

How to say this in a gentleman-like type of way... The 46th U.S. President Joe Biden has not been feeling well...



Blinken has been the shot-caller for some while.

Even the congress knows that...

They literally asked Blinken who was turning Joe Biden's mike off.




everyone who plays the game knows, that Blinken has been the man number one.


Listen !!


That is a good thing. At least that means, the United States is not a dictatorship. If the president is not able. There is someone ready to fill in the gaps and make sure everything runs smoothly.




Blinken has shown nothing, but weakness so far. You can not allow Bibi to get away with war crimes like that. Just because your wifes giggle when you meet...

does not mean he is your friend.


In the game of politics, you don't have friends. You just have a few closeships and an insane amount of enemies.

Everybody who plays the game knows that.


If it is too much for you. Then step aside and allow someone better to do that job.




Btw... Blinken is the new Kissinger xdd

if u know what i mean xdd


Yall were always yapping around (yapholin) that the government is too big and that there is no one to blame because no one takes any responsibility...


well 😅


I gave you your guy. I gave you the name.

now y'all can start pointing your fingers




P.S. Huge shout out to my homeboy Professor John Mearsheimer.


If you want to find out the truth about the Israeli lobby (AIPAC), then click here.


(Tbh... I haven't read it yet... 😅 It is on my reading bucket list but am sure it is just as amazing as John's lectures)


Btw, I love the Judge Napolitano's podcast. Everybody has such beautiful Holy eyes.


Also... back when I was still working for the Czech government. We had a fun little corporate type of hang out and I had the chance to see my home brother Professor Jeffrey Sachs perform live.


I remember the material was a little bit climate change heavy.

I wasn't the biggest fan of the premise but hey... 😅

Who am I to judge? It murdered so...


Also, it has been like more than 4 years now so...

am sure my homeboy tightened up the set since than.


But yeah... even my homebrother Thomas showed up for a bit.

Overall good hang!


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