DNA test in Israel ✡️

DNA test in Israel ✡️

In Israel, you cannot take a DNA test right now. Why is that? I will try to answer all your questions in this article.


Khazar Empire

Khazar Empire

Just to go over the history super briefly, the Khazar Empire was the original empire whose leaders were all practicing Judaism. 

Due to wars, this empire split and a lot of people had to migrate. 

The people who migrated into today's Israel, converted to Islam. In that region, the number one religion is Islam for most people. The people who migrated to Europe preserved their religion. Today 80% of all Jews are Ashkenazi Jews.

The reasons

The first reason why the DNA test is not allowed in Israel is because 80% of living Jews today never lived in the territory that we call the country of Israel or the country of Palestine. 

The second main reason is because, if you go far enough you will find out that all Palestinians and Israelis are related. They all kinda look the same. They have big noses and they are beige.

In the same way Ukrainians and Russians, Palestinians and Israelis are brothers and sisters too.



Holy trinity

This symbol is a Jewish version of a holy trinity.

Amun-Ra = body of Jesus. It is a symbol of the human body and all its limitations.

Isis = holy spirit. It is the symbol of the soul that came down to fill the body.

El = God. It is the symbol of the god that is within every single one of us. If you want to call him Allah or El or any other name that is totally up to you.


Together = Is + Ra + El (Israel)


It is a truly holy symbol for holy people. (Specially in 3D - The Merkaba)

Sadly. The people living in Israel have been kinda racist lately. Did you notice?


Bibi made them. 


Bibi made them hate their own brothers and sisters. He casted a curse.


P.S. Let us all pray for the Freedom of the citizens living in the country of Palestine and the country of Israel. 




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