Big words vs. reality

Big words vs. reality

Yall are fcking overusing the terms "narcissist," "psychopath," and "sociopath." It feels like yall are happy, you learned your new big word and now you are using it in every sentence.

Not everyone who ever hurt you is automatically a narcissist. Not everyone who made money is automatically a psychopath. Someone has to be just normal.

Law of big numbers.


(Btw... Narcissism is not a real mental disorder. Just because someone is fcking disgustingly selfish, doesn't mean you can just call it disorder. You have to have changes in the brain structure in order to call something disorder.

All of the other disorders (ADHD, Autism, the personality disorders such as psychopathy and sociopathy) all have measurable changes in the brain. What you call narcissism is just people acting in self-interest.

To my knowledge, there haven't been any proven measurable changes to the brain structure associated with narcissism that would differentiate narcissism from the other mental health disorders. Therefore, I assume what we call "narcissism" today is just a long term behavior pattern, but not a disorder)


You most likely do NOT have ADHD. Not all 9 billion people can all have ADHD.

Those are real terms from real science.

You cannot use them like that.


Just because you didn't clean your room once doesn't mean you are automatically bipolar. I don't want to ruin your...

"Look at me I have a mental disorder." trend but I just want you to know that all of the influencers are faking it. They will purposely make a mess in their room. Make a photoshoot. And then clean it all up.

Yea, I know... weird... 😅

To be fr fr. It is not that weird it is just good marketing. "Mental illness" is trendy now so they all do it. A few years back, everyone was a prankster (on YT)

Almost none of the influencer girlies have a mental disorder. They just wanna seem relatable so that they can push another fcking product that you don't need down your throat.

Yea, I know... 😅

Listen! Of course, I am not judging you. Good for you. The reason why I am calling yall out is because...

Instead of promoting "bad habits" let's promote "good habits" instead. 




If you have the papers from a real doctor conforming to you xddddddd

your own unique type of flavor...

That is a different story... 😅


We need more EMPATHY and more kindness...

with each other!


btw... just sayin


Blame shifting

You cannot justify your bad behavior by saying that it is okay because you have a mental health disorder. Real mental health disorders are actually very rare. You are most likely a normal healthy human being.

At some point in your adulthood, you have to take accountability for your actions.

That is a part of growing up and maturing.


If your therapist keeps telling you that you are this or that. Just so you know that sounds like a red flag to me. You have to understand therapists are not real doctors. There are limits to what they know and what they don't know.


There are a lot of myths going around due to a lack of knowledge.


Contradictory to the popular belief there are more hormones than just 7. There have been over 50 hormones identified in the human body. They all interact with each other. Meaning...

Spike up in one hormone might mean temporary lower levels of the other hormone or hormones. Like for example high levels of adrenaline in your bloodstream will eventually cause a spike up in noradrenaline. etc etc.


My point is a human body is a very complex machine. We are constantly discovering new fascinating stuff about it that we didn't know before. Science never sleeps.


Progress never sleeps.


The body is too complex for you to self-diagnose yourself of an online quiz.


With that being said, I do not want to minimize the importance of raising awareness about mental health. If you have real struggles, it is important for you to find appropriate professional help.




There is a new pseudo-science being pushed on American consumers. I wouldn't actually know about this, but I am following some people from the US. Otherwise, I wouldn't even know this existed.

There is this new thing called "neurodiversity" that is trying to make the connection between standing up for the mental health issues awareness and the LGBTQ+ community.


Listen now very carefully !!!


United States and New Zealand are the only two countries that allow big pharma ads on TV. The big pharma in the US has enormous budgets for marketing teams to come up with new strategies each year.

I have only seen US content creators talk about this. I haven't seen anybody else talk about "neurodiversity."

I am not trying to draw any conclusions here.

Am just telling you this is starting to raise some big red flags 🚩🚩🚩


When someone is trying to put Autism and Stuttering into the same bucket that is a huge red flag. It all screams "0 knowledge in psychology"

Instead it screams "trendy marketing"

Gargantuous red flags 🚩🚩🚩


If you google the word "neurodiversity" you will find out a lot of pictures that are similar to these. A lot of very unscientific infographics made by marketing graphic designers filled with gaybows (Gay rainbows)

Do you how during every single pride month absolutely every company that sells anything becomes all of a sudden extra extra faggot out of nowhere.

All of these pictures about the "neurodiversity" are giving the same vibe.


Huge ick Huge red flags everywhere 🚩🚩🚩


You have to understand that someone has to pay for that. Someone has to pay for these pictures. Someone has to pay for the time that it took for the marketing designer to come up with these types of infographics.

Nothing is for free.


These pictures are extremely unscientific and filled with misleading pseudoscience.


The terms like...

"neurodiversity" "neurodivergent" "neurotypical"

do not exist. These are made up fake misleading terms that do not have any real science behind them. They are more harmful than you might think.


These are powerful spells. They are basically trying to tell you...

"Hey if you are for the rights of gay people you might be part of neurodiversity. Which means you are undiagnosed and you need treatment."

It is just a very powerful and well funded Guerrilla marketing campaign... 😅


Yes, social media is bad for young children but that does not explain why the mental health crisis is skyrocketing only in the United States. The number one reason why kids (and younger adults) are selfidentifing with mental illnesses is because they are being constantly marketed to death.


"Do you love gay people?? Do you think they should have rights??"



"Do you struggle sometimes in school??"

"I guess"


"Then you must be neurotypical. Most likely ADHD.

Now go warm up that fcking spoon

and shoot that fcking Adderal intravenously

You fcking little beloved consumer" 


You have to understand we are not being marketed with the never-ending stream of awareness campaigns like that. Our kids in Europe are not being advertised like that.

I did not know these terms existed a few seconds ago. The only reason that I found out this whole thing even existed is because I follow some US creators.


Listen carefully !!!


I am all for all people being treated equally and with dignity, and I truly believe that if you are struggling with mental health issues you need to find professional help...

All I am trying to do in this blog article is that I am trying to warn you about the existence of these marketing campaigns that are going on.



I love Wikipedia. I truly do. You know I use them as links all the time here.

But you have to understand it is just a fcking website.

Like any other website, they need money to stay in business.

They run the business model based on voluntary donations. You can sometimes see the bar on the top part of the website where it is asking you to donate. 


Wikipedia is definitely NO stranger to big big donations from even bigger corporations.


The webpage called "Neurodiversity" on the website Wikipedia...

Is extremely vague and unscientific.


It tries to claim that if you have mental health issues that you are automatically part of a political movement.

That is simply just FALSE. 🚩🚩🚩

Whether you have mental health issues or not doesn't mean you are a part of any political movement at all. Those are completely unrelated different things.

I believe it is extremely dangerous and misleading to make any connections between mental health issues and political movements. Wikipedia should take this page down and apologize.


All of this is creating false myths and false narratives. 🚩🚩🚩



If you have an attention deficit disorder (ADHD) what it really means is that the receptors that are supposed to receive the hormone dopamine in your brain malfunction.

The treatment pharmaceutical treatment for this disorder has been stimulants. The idea behind this is that stimulants activate higher production of the hormone dopamine and that way there will be more dopamine overall in your body and hopefully more will get into the receptors.


Typical pharmacy stimulants are Methylphenidate (Ritalin), Amphetamine (Adderal), Methamphetamine (Meth), and Cocaine.


When you are taking this medication you are basically microdosing meth. It has huge negative side effects long term. One of the things that stimulants do is that they raise your heart rate (BPM) quite significantly.

A higher BPM long-term means that you have a much much higher risk of strokes, heart attacks, and heart diseases.


P.S. One of the other negative side effects is that stimulants tend to be highly addictive.

Also if you do not have ADHD. Higher levels of dopamine and higher BPM just make you more alert. Instead of feeling asleep, it makes you more alert, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you are more focused.


P.P.S. Thinking that Adderal (or any drug for that matter) makes you smarter is just absolutely retarded. Studies show no correlation between the use of adderal and any academic improvement whatsoever.

Yes, the movie limitless is fun and shit but it is just a fcking movie.

It is not a reality !!!


Prescribing this medication to kids seems absolutely insane to me. All of these drugs are psychoactive. How is it possible that these medications are allowed to be given to developing young brains is just beyond me.


All prescription-based stimulants should be 18+ only !!!


I would never give this stuff to my child, nor should you.


You have to understand that ADHD is not a severe disorder or mental illness. You can very easily function in the everyday world and you don't need any medication.


There are obviously disorders and mental illnesses where you cannot function properly without treatment. The easiest examples that came to my mind are schizophrenia and epilepsy.


If you are refusing the treatment for your schizophrenia, you are a danger to your surroundings. You are a danger to your loved ones. And you are a danger to yourself.

It is important to follow the advice and recommendations from your doctor I would never tell you to do otherwise. Doctors are real professionals they spend years learning just so that they can help you.


If you are refusing the treatment for epilepsy. You are potentially lowering your life expectancy.


All am trying to point out is that the medication for ADHD is definitely not perfect. I would personally recommend you to outweigh the pros and cons before deciding to become a long-term user of these types of drugs.

If you are diagnosed with ADHD and you find the pharmaceutical treatment suiting for you. Obviously, feel free to use these drugs. I am just trying to ring the alarm bells on this issue.


There are other drugs that are not perfect like for example the pharmaceutical treatment for depression tends to be problematic. All those drugs do is that they numb you.

They cannot make the feeling go away, they just make your brain stop recognizing the feeling. Until your body develops a natural resistance so you have to switch to a stronger different type of drug.

Also painkillers and depression pharmaceutical treatments tend to be highly addictive as well.


Now with that being said, obviously if you have a depression disorder where your brain literally functions abnormally, than you definitely should find the professional help that you need.


P.S. If you have the need to microdose something then instead of meth, I would recommend you psilocybin (mushrooms)

New studies show long-term memory improvement etc. etc.

But more importantly... 


More importantly !!!


The long-term use of psilocybin does not carry such insane negative side effects as much as the long-term use of stimulants.


Raising awareness...

Of course, raising awareness about mental health is very important especially if the effort is genuine. If the effort and intentions are coming from the bottom of your heart.


#bravementalk ❤️


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